If you use an anti-spyware/anti-malware client on your device, then there's little doubt that you've tried Lookout at one time or another. While it is definitely one of the most well-known and popular anti-malware clients for Android, it has always had one huge shortcoming, in my opinion: lack of SD card scanning and real-time application monitoring for side-loaded apps.

That changes today, however, as the Lookout team has finally added these two crucial features to the array of others that Lookout is capable of. File System Monitor keeps a watchful eye on incoming files to your SD card in real-time, so it can catch potential "infections" before they can cause any real damage. Also, for those worried about how this will affect battery life, don't. Lookout claims it has "designed [the file system monitor] in a way that won't impact battery life," which is a good thing.

Also new in the Lookout app is Install Monitoring, which scans side-loaded apps as they're installed. Since Lookout has always scanned apps from the Play Store as they're installed, this is just an added layer of protection for frequent side-loaders.

The update is available now for both free and premium users, so hit the widget to grab it.

[Lookout Blog]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Zomby2D

    When opening an APK, I've had the opportunity for a while now to get it to pass through Lookout before installation or to simply install it. Glad to see they're beefing up that part.

  • Christopher Orr

    I'm surprised there's a difference being noted between side-loaded and Market-loaded APKs -- both get installed in the same way via the package manager, and broadcast (presumably) much the same intents.
    I wonder what the difference actually is.