Giving T-Mo customers a few things to look forward to in the coming months, a roadmap of planned release/update dates leaked earlier today, revealing the proposed dates for several new device launches, as well as dates on which users can expect updates to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Before we take a look at the leaked screenshot, though, it's worth noting that these dates are of course subject to change, especially considering this chart wasn't meant for public viewing.


As you can see, T-Mo's Galaxy SII is looking to catch up to its global counterpart with an update to Ice Cream Sandwich on May 14th, while HTC's Amaze and Sensation 4G will be waiting till June 16th. Users of the Amaze 4G, as you may remember, were treated to an ICS leak a few days ago.

As for new devices, it looks like T-Mobile is planning to release the Huawei Astro (a low-end handset) on May 9th, with the Huawei Buddy and Phoenix, along with a new colored version of the Samsung Gravity TXT all landing on July 11th. The Samsung Cacao (T159) will be landing August 1st with the Apex Q coming along on the 15th, though we're not sure what kind of device it will be.

The HTC One X and Galaxy SIII are conspicuously absent from the chart, but perhaps most surprising is the lack of any mention of a T-Mo bound Galaxy Note, which we have seen in photos already. It's worth reiterating though that these charts are never quite considered final or 100% reliable, but we'll be here to cover any new details that emerge.

Source: TmoNews

Liam Spradlin
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  • Alvin B.

    Okay on the VERY LEFT EDGE... the words G2X appear and below it "ch"..... I would expect it to say "EOL" but.... it is also listed IN APRIL so it is obvious it can't be Ice Cream Sandwich.. and it's in red... 

  • xnifex

    Wow another month & a half? Ridiculous!

  • Sjoblom

    Doesn't the chart say May 14th for the Samsung Galaxy S II, and NOT May 9th?

  • Wakkablitzballs

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Apex Q?

  • Simon Belmont

    Neat. I'd like to see a Sprint ICS update roadmap leak.

    I'm guessing my EVO 3D won't see ICS until after the EVO 4G LTE drops. So June or July.

  • Cedric

    No One X, no SGSIII, and no Note and I will most definitely leave Tmo!

  • damobius

    Already sporting the TMOUS ROM on my Amaze 4G (leaked version). It's very nice!

    • GazaIan

      is it Sense 3.6? 

  • GazaIan

    T-Mobile is such a fuck up.. June for the ICS update for the Sensation and and Amaze 4G, when the Amaze update was leaked with releasekeys and the Sensation update has already been coming out gradually by HTC.... This is all because T-Mobile wants more One S sales. id leave T-Mobile in a heartbeat if their plans werent so cheap. Definitely wont be buying another T-mo branded handset, Expansys is my friend.

  • JacobinTexas

    I just left the Tmobile Corp ran store (Frisco, TX) and was told July for Galaxy S II ICS update. This was from their Manager.

  • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

    Everybody needs to stop freaking out.  I'm very sure this is not anywhere near complete list of devices for this year, this is probably just a very small list of a lower end category chart.  Be very assured there are many high end devices coming.  I love how every hater out there flies off the handle because they think they have concrete proof to do so, typical.

  • Saltjeneel1

    Why are you people getting so mad lol...

  • http://www.facebook.com/rauel.crespo Rauel Crespo

    If the Tegra 3 powered One X comes out for T-Mobile, I'll be their cash in hand.