If you're on the Sprint network, and you're thinking about upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus, you might want to hold off for a bit. Some users in Sprint's forums are reporting that they are unable to connect to Sprint's 3G data network, instead only able to get data via WiFi. Ouch.


Said one user, who attached the above screenshot:

I've attached a screen shot from RF Signal Tracker.

It shows EVDO-A is available and a "Network State" of "CONNECTING"

Every now and then it will get a data connection and the network state changes to CONNECTED, but that will only last for a few seconds.  It doesn't matter if I'm in an area with 2bars or 5 bars, same results.  I've tried toggling all of the differnt options under Mobile Networks.

This is unfortunate news for Galaxy Nexus owners. For starters, Sprint's LTE network is not live yet. While the Galaxy Nexus is capable of connecting to Sprint's LTE network once it's up and running, the Now Network hasn't actually activated any LTE markets as of...um...Now. These connection issues, however, are concerning Sprint's 3G data, which makes things worse for these users.

A Sprint admin on the boards had this to say:

Sprint/Samsung are aware of this problem and will be releasing a software update to resolve the issue.   Can't commit to a date yet, but they are trying really hard to get it released early next week.  Sorry for your troubles.

Well, at least they're working on it? Hopefully affected Galaxy Nexus owners won't be without data for longer than the weekend, but in the meantime: do you have a Galaxy Nexus on Sprint and, if so, are you having network connectivity problems?

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  • mbrumlow

    Here in Houston, I have had no problems! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/rmcelvenny Robert A. Mcelvenny

      i live in las vegas never really have any problems, just wait till network vision is rolled out completely.

  • http://cassidyjames.com Cassidy James

    Had the Galaxy Nexus since (before) launch day, never seen this issue. The phone actually seems to have a much better signal than my previous ones. :)

  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

    I am sure they will do the right thing, and make sure the update rolls out in a timely manner.

    Just look at how well Sprint and Samsung coordinated on the Nexus S 4G updates.

  • Chris Webster

    Not having a signal may look bad for those on other networks, but for us on Sprint its not far off from what we normally get. I consistently get .1 mbps speeds if I'm lucky, and I live in a decent sized town.

  • Avrohom Eliezer Friedman

    I have no issue either (South Florida)

    Totally loving my new Galaxy Nexus - btw - anyone want to buy a Nexus S 4G lol :)

  • Northstar17

    Related to the recent kernal update? Maybe these Sprint phones don't have it?

  • Tony Allen

    Well there you have it.. 4.0.4 doesn't fix all the things.

  • http://twitter.com/smurph2891 Ben Murphy

    i pre-order mine, got it friday but by monday my 3g speed was down to about 120 kb with full signal and then after driving across the state of nc for work I lost 3g all together and it did not come back until i got back home. I have to leave again so i will be losing my data very soon. I concerns me that they think that it is a software issue that no one at custom service knows about. wonder if i should take it back and get a new one or wait to see if this magic update fixes it. Hope it is some good fairy dust.

  • Waynewichern1

    Its not just galaxy nexus.seems all samsungs cell have this problem.ive hD same problem.on my s2 since I got it months ago and still not fixed

  • Waynewichern1

    Also Samsung cells have really bad connectivity any ways lol

  • Flash281

    I get good 3g speeds. Good enough to watch Netflix.. Always have. I'll never understand why ppl talk about how they hate sprint, but are still on it. If you don't like it, you are very free to switch. Go to Vzn and pay 150 a month n have limited data still. I've had to let a friend of mine use my Sprint phone a few times and he has Vzn. It's all where you are located. Love my phones. :)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Well, that's exactly why people complain but don't want to jump off, due to unlimited data. I am one of those people - I get 100kbps-300kbps with ping of 1000+ but I've been with Sprint for 12 years and don't want to leave them. I'm waiting it out till 2013 to see how good the new LTE network is. Right now, it's pure masochism though.

  • Jesse Cooper

    Bought my Galaxy Nexus over 24 hours ago, I have had 3G connectivity for a total of 2 minutes total since buying it yesterday from the Sprint Store. I've only been able to do anything with data through wifi so far because 3G disappears almost as soon as it shows up

  • C236

    returned my, they took it back as defective. Fort worth tx btw

  • csandsiam

    I had this problem on my first GN that I got from Sprint. I had it replaced with another one and I've had a constant 3+ bars of 3G since.

  • RomeSC

    I switched to sprint on Galaxy Nexus launch day, coming from TMobile in the Buffalo, NY area.

    My T-Mible 3G download speeds were typically around 3.0 mbps on my Nexus One. On Sprint in the same area I get an average of 0.15 mbps. Thats slower than T-Mobiles 2G data.

    Can't watch netflix, and when I can it doesn't snap into "HD" it stays all pixelated until on wifi, Pandora songs take 15 seconds to buffer... and thats when I have bars at all. Supposedly in Niagara Falls NY there is solid on-network 3g coverage. I don't even get any bars for voice coverage let alone data...

    I never lose the 3g logo, so it doesnt seem I have this problem, its just terrible service all around to far.

    • fixxmyhead

      terrible terrible decision u made. u should of got an unlocked one

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Welcome to Sprint, where as I say you are naturally capped. Unlimited doesn't do any good until LTE rolls out.

  • http://www.myjourneytomillions.com Evan@MyJourneytoMillions

    Preordered First date it was available got it on 4/20 didn't work...they overnighted me another one got it on Tuesday  4/24...DIDN'T WORK! Went to a Sprint Corp store returned both and they sold me one that worked. 

    LOVE THE PHONE now that it is working

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    And this is different from other samsung devices how?

  • delta echoe

    No, no, its a feature designed to discourage people from having a terrible experience while on sprint's 3g which is definitely a sub optimal network.  Make them use wifi, then they can have fast data speeds

    • Larryacetac

      My Sprint data on cellular runs at 300MB. It slows when I leave apps open. Now I have 3 apps open and I show 128MB. I'm a happy Sprint customer. I use my service from Yuma to Seattle and have never had an issue. It works everywhere fine.

      • Freak4Dell

         300MB, huh? Man, Sprint must have rolled out some LTE-Advanced-Super-Deluxe-Uber-Advanced without anybody knowing.

  • http://www.sleepless-tech.com/ Robert deJuana-Matthews

    I'm not having any issues (NJ/PA) I've actually seen an improvement in load times. I feel bad for the people with problems, but I'm hoping that in fixing it for those with issues, they don't mess up those of us who are not experiencing trouble.

  • fixxmyhead

    there having signal problems cuz sprints data network is a joke so it times out with those dial up speeds lol

  • Angrymanhands

    this is all to common from what ive read,its also not necessarly software related, rather hardware. i dont know for sure, either way ive heard people needing 3, 4, and even 5 replacements befor they got one to work properly. Ok, cool, now you have one that works, what happens f you need that one replaced sometime in the future? go through the same procedjure? no thanks. i will never buy a phone with the name samsung on it, even if that means i cannot buy a nexus device i want so badly. if the rumors are true, which i hope they arent, i wont be buying the next nexus either.

  • bjn714

    Want the newest Sprint phone? Please enjoy the loss of wimax and use our fantastically slow 3g that may or may not work at all network while we take 5 years to roll out LTE. Awesome deal, Sprint.

  • Freak4Dell

    Don't worry. Nothing is wrong with your Nexus. You're experiencing data connectivity problems because Sprint's data network is almost non-existent. 

  • Quake2k7

    No issues here in Cincinnati Ohio...LOVE MY GNEX!!! 

  • ScottColbert

    Sprint connection issues? I'm shocked!

  • Robert Oliveira

    I haven't hopped on the Galaxy Nexus bandwagon yet, but my re-up date is quickly approaching. That said, I don't find this surprising at all, since my HTC EVO 4G routinely has been having difficulty with data connections on Sprint's 3G network lately. There will be periods when my 3G slows to a crawl (e.g. 1X speeds) and times when it drops the connection altogether. For my issue, toggle Airplane mode on/off usually resolves it. I'm told there have been recent network upgrades, but I've yet to see any benefit from it.

  • Matthewcarter645

    Here in Denver, CO I have no issues. Rooted and everything. Came from an iPhone.

  • Seth Daniel

    I have the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint and have had no problems connecting to data or with anything on the phone at all.  I was slightly hesitant and thought about waiting for the evo 4g LTE, but I'm glad I went with the Nexus.  None of the force close problems I read about online, none of the battery life issues I read about online, really no issues at all here.

    I even rooted and installed a verizon galaxy nexus ROM (AOKP) just to see what would happen and everything worked wonderfully, except of course, connecting to sprint's network.  I've since restored my backup (stock rooted) and am using the phone for my daily driver and loving it.

  • Eric

    I'm having the issue, they filled a ticket out and told me they would get back to me within 72 hours.  I hope they fix it soon, weekdays I have pretty constant access to wifi, weekends not so much.  

  • Mrwolf6969

    I have the same problem with my gs2 on sprint.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alan.tucker1 Alan Tucker

    I wonder if this is a similar issue that the GSM version had with the 4.0.4 OTA?

  • Johndeo83

    I'm in Houston tx and I am connected to lte as we speak

  • Samuelmendo

    I got one on Tuesday, and sometimes when im trying to download an app it says connection time out. So yeah .....view love the phone though

  • NBC

    What about my damn Slow Ass IPhone !!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr

  • GGG

    I'm in Maryland, just got the phone today and am having the problem.  The Sprint rep I spoke with had NO idea about this at all.  Spoke with her supervisor, who doesn't seem to know much more.  He is researching it and "will call me back in 5 minutes".

    I do love the phone and hope they fix this issue.

  • Patrick C

    I haven't had issues where my 3G is gone and i can only connect via wifi BUT i have noticed that my 3G signal seems to be allot weaker then on my EVO 4G that i just upgraded from. I have a feeling that issue is related.

  • The Hoff

    I have one of the bad phones.  I'm curious about how this could be a
    software problem unless this is an example of some GNEX phone having
    different hardware inside.  I remember a while back that the EVO 4G had
    some hardware variations (mostly the screen).  So this could be a
    driver-related problem.  If not, I'm frightened by the prospect of a
    half-baked software fix "solving" the problem.  I think I'm going to
    swap for a new one anyway.  It seems most of the custom rom folks still have the issue.

  • blacklisted

    No issues, Dayton beach

  • boe_d

    So let me get this straight - Verizon's had data and voice issues with their nexus since release but Sprint got someone to help them with the issue?   WTF?   Those overseas GSMs got a fix for it too.  

    What did Verizon do to piss off the powers that be?

  • http://twitter.com/TOMQK64 Antonio H.

    No issues here in utah , i know i get slow 3G speeds but enough for streaming HQ music from Google Play 8 hours a day at my job and around 45 mins of Netflix during lunch and still get almost 50 % of battery life ...I'm loving my GNexus and cant wait for some 4G LTE speeds

  • Shaunt

    I am definitely seeing this issue...in chico, CA. I switched from the HTC hero and now have no data except via wifi.

  • Shoffhei

    Heres my experience, not in the mood to fix grammar, typing from someone elses phone. I got the Nexus on April 27. Data connectivity has been nonexistent if not using wifi. Sprint has told me theyve been aware of the network issues since April 24, but did not disclose this "known event" at the time I purchased the phone. A Sprint rep/supervisor stated that Samsung and Google are working on a fix. The only thing Sprint has done wrong is fail to disclose the problem. I may do some research to find if this is criminal. Same time, the connectivity issue is on Samsung and Google....

  • mingju

    Has Sprint heard of beta testing?

  • Caleb

    Glad they recognized it. Waiting for the fix. Just switched to sprint and not a good way to kick things off...

  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

    What are the odds that they mistakenly shipped some of the sample devices meant to go to Republic Wireless for their next round of Beta?

  • http://twitter.com/Alanxenos ChiDev

    We all remember the NS4G
    Didn't connect to 4g anywhere in Chicago with more than one bar, and in downtown evanston could only get 1x. Replaced it with a Shift, and never looked back.
    Same thing happening here?

  • naish

    I'm bringing mine into the Sprint store tomorrow before it's too late. This is ridiculous.

  • Tgagnebin

    Major issues here.

    Called Sprint and they deny everything, "no problem here, I show a 98% in your area (puff puff pass)"

    I'm in downtown Seattle and I can't even stream Pandora unless I'm on wifi!  And 1 in 4 calls are dropped.  Text messages sometimes don't get delivered, or seriously delayed (uncommon, but has happened a few times)

    That's a 98% to you?  Its not like I'm in the middle of Siberia.  This is bullshit.  DO NOT BUY SPRINT.  Tried to tell them let me out of my contract because this is a joke, won't do it.  "The Now Network" huh?  Should be "Doesn't netWORK" 

    Please do everyone a favor and just sell your spectrum off.  Your company isn't worth shit and you continue to prove it in your tech and care alike.  Shit or get off the pot.

  • Panos

    So, I have had this problem for the last couple of weeks. After 3 exchanges in 3 weeks, I found a fix/hack. I have had every Sprint tech tell me the same thing, "Its the network and we are working on it." BTW, not true. Sprint actually has a pretty dang good network.

    So on to the fix. Good news, this does not require a ROOT-ing of your device.

    Step 1: update your PRL (settings -- about this phone -- sprint settings -- update PRL)
    Step 2: Immediately power off your nexus
    Step 3: boot to FAST MODE (hold vol+ and vol- and push and hold the power button, when the phone vibrates, release the power but hold the volume buttons. That will boot you to a pretty basic android screen, make sure "Fast mode" is red at the bottom, and make sure "Start" is selected then push the powerbutton once.

    That will start your phone like normal, but WOW, suddenly you are seeing 300-1500mb/sec



    PS. I will try and get some screen shots in here shortly.

    • Freak4Dell

      " Sprint actually has a pretty dang good network."

      Hahahahahahahaha...good one.

      But man...1500mb/sec. That's better than Google Fiber!

  • mreal124

    Since I had my Galaxy nexus it has been not thing but problems with shutting off when in sprint store more than 4times whatever you do don't buy one you will regret it.