Facebook for Android has been making some progress lately - just a few short days ago, version 1.9 of the app was made available, bringing some fairly major improvements. Now the app has been updated again, and while it's far from a full makeover, it has received one change that some users will surely appreciate.


Namely, the update includes revised icons for the bundled "Camera" and "Messenger" applications. While in all likelihood most of us will hardly even notice the change, it may still prove beneficial in the long term, as the "Camera" and "Messenger" icons included in the original version of Facebook 1.9 looked quite similar to Android's stock "Camera" and "Messenger" applications; the update makes them easier to tell apart.

As always, you can find all the info you'll need to obtain the update below.

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • http://www.facebook.com/kam.w.siu Kam Siu

    Unfortunately you can block the camera app addition in ICS....

    • matt

       can or can't block it?

  • http://gamingblather.com/ Drak

    I for one am getting tired of app makers deciding this is a good idea. Think if every app had three or four or five different icons in your app drawer for each feature.
    If they are going to insist on splitting things up they should at least make it optional.
    Just two more things I have to hide from my app drawer.

    • leoingle


  • leoingle

    I'm at least glad they changed the icons to put their stupid lil "F" on it.  I am not on FB anymore but the stupid app is on my phone.  I saw the new camera icon before they changed it and was like WTF is that??

  • Mark Arpon

    They could at least give us the option to remove the extra icons...

  • Robert Oliveira

    I have the pre-update FB Messenger and have never confused it with the stock Android app. The additional FB camera app is just nonsense, just trigger the default camera app instead of reinventing the wheel. It's about time for some of the most-used apps (FB, 4SQ, GetGlue, G+, Twitter, etc) to start interacting via APIs rather than filling up the Android app ecosystem with redundancy. 

  • Whargharbl

    This is such bullshit. Shortcuts should be optional. I'm so happy I'm using a launcher that lets me hide icons in the drawer. 

  • Robert Oliveira

    I just installed the FB update and quite honestly there's still room for confusion. The FB camera doesn't show the FB logo in the app drawer (on CM7, at least) until you launch the app for the first time (that's sort of silly, right?), so I'm a little confused as to how most people will be able to easily recognize this application.

    As for the Messenger app, it gets even better. Because I previously installed the FB Messenger app as a standalone, the new app is installed right next to it instead of replacing it. That's brilliant! And it appears to be nothing more than a shortcut to the Messages page/thread on the Facebook app. :(

    Either way, I think these app developers (particularly those "most-frequently-used" apps like Facebook, Foursquare, GetGlue, Google+ (giggle), Twitter, etc) need to start seriously thinking about API deployment rather than filling up the Google Play ecosystem with a whole bunch of needless redundancy.

    • Goldenpins

      The original messenger that was separate is better.. its instant..but since the new update the camera and FB message shortcut have a FB logo right next to it.  Im running blackwings build of ICS and it updated correctly. I do have apps set to auto update but occasionally i enter the market and see some needing to be approved before updating. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000606900884 Viral Patel

    A better idea would be to get rid of the icons altogether and have better integration of the camera and messages within the app.

  • http://www.facebook.com/contest.chris Contest Chris

    To be honest, I actually thought I got a malware when I saw another 'camera' in my app drawer the other day. I didn't realize the earlier FB update would bring this. Besides, how is it possible for one app to install two other apps on your device without explicitly asking for your permissions?

    Then I deleted the camera app, and next thing I knew Fb was deleted too. I then put 2 and 2 together. Seriously, for a moment I thought I was fried with malware...

  • Chris Hardewig

    "It has received one change that some users will surely appreciate"

    Apparently Androidpolice doesn't know their audience

  • Charliercruz

    They could have made widgets but that requires that their devs actually do work but no they have to make shortcuts cause it saves them time instead of doing something more practical like building the shortcut right onto the facebook app and they know we will not mind cause we just love cluttering our app list with more redundancy than we really need

  • Seanzky

    I smell Instagram-esque merging into the camera app very soon. Very soon.

    • Seanzky

      Features, that is. Not Instagram itself, but its features.

  • Cvsean

    But yet still do not have the ability to "SHARE" posts.  Why is it so hard to add this feature???

  • Goldenpins

    I think most are looking at it from there own perspective and not those who are not as tech savvy as others. I know plenty of girls and older woman who find Facebook uploading difficult. This is a blessing to them. They hate going threw steps just to upload pictures. I dont have any issues with. All they did was simplify it. I haven't used it, but i will eventually since its there.

    • 1turns Around

      I'm one of those "older women" & I find the changes complete crap!!!!!!!

      • Goldenpins

        your one of the few.. many others already are bragging on there FB post on how easy its become. Camera for FB= direct upload vs gallery, choose picture, find share icon, select FB, tag or create new folder than press to upload. the last step varies per phone on Sense the last steps has a few more.

  • Brandy89

    its retarded, its not even real chat, it goes into a msg. i want to chat with them not b like emailing back n forth. 

  • Joe Menard

    i dont like the new icons 

  • Fany Hernandez

    i have the lg marquee & i hate the new facebook, i am unable to post pix into my albums.

  • falconator

    The "F" addition is great...but what was wrong with clicking on the share icon after taking a picture? Also...I don't use Facebook Messenger so why install more bloatware on my phone?

  • Lilyaqha

    Am i the only one whose upset facebook loaded somethong so invasive on my phone? This os NOT ok. Give me a way to delete or i will delete my account. This is crap.

  • 1turns Around

    I have removed Facebook from my phone because of the camera & message apps. These are not needed!!! I can siply log on with regular Facebook. More hassle, but that's ok!!! Figure out how they can be removed PLEASE!!!

  • winkshow

    Thank you Fast for Facebook and Titanium for allowing me to remove this garbage.

  • Evan

    Uninstalled. Just on principle: i don't appreciate when app developers add bs like this...you didn't even give me the option to uninstall the crap you forced on my phone! BOOOOO! 

  • Pia2taco

    Dislike this update! Can't upload pics to a new album i created. Help

  • Ndm42406

    I am not happy with facebook automatically installing camera and messenger on my phone

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  • Robert Colorsmith

    I noticed an update ask permission for anytime access to cam and mic. Instant deletion of app. Screw that. I'll use my browser.