It looks like owners of Acer's Iconia Tab A500 have something to be excited about today – according to various reports, an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich has begun rolling out. Users began reporting the update just this afternoon, indicating that Acer is pushing ICS to A500 owners a full two days ahead of the official start date.


Photo courtesy of XDA user indukwe

You may remember that the A100 also saw an early update to ICS, with rollout beginning three days ahead of schedule. Users from around the world are reporting success with today's rollout, though there is some debate as to whether the "Gen2" variant of the Iconia Tab A500 is yet able to grab the update.

Those interested can track the situation at the source link, or let us know whether your A500 has successfully updated to Ice Cream Sandwich in the comments below.

Source: XDA

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  • Artcrescini

    Not yet for me. California here

  • Abe

    Nothing for me either. California as well.

  • Brad L Drake

    BC Canada and updated 4 hrs ago

  • Jeff Songster

    Mine is a gen2 model.. and also in California... Nothing available yet.

  • Octavius Burney

    the reason why people in the united states doesn't have the icecream sandwich update yet is because it was release early for the acer iconia tab a100 for latin american and brazil not for the acer iconia tab a500. people with the acer iconia tab a500 will get it starting april 27, 2012. I dont know why people like to put false information there to get there hopes up. i got this information off acer website itself under the support tab

    • Adam

      Yes, on the Acer site is the release schedule. The point of this "article" is saying that it's AHEAD of schedule. Which means obviously people are aware of said schedule...making your post moot.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The A100 update also came early, and not just in Latin America and Brazil. Just because you didn't get it yet doesn't mean it's not true.

    • Nghthawk47

      Not true at all....I received my update yesterday in NV (04/25) on my Gen 1 tablet, so you might want to read the full article before opening mouth and inserting foot.

  • Lordzilo92

    In West Viriginia, Gen 2, nothing yet :/

  • Octavius Burney

    go on acer website go up under the support tab click on tablet find your model than click on top questions and click the link asking when will you receive the ice cream update and it gives the dates of each tablet model who will be receiving the update.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Yes, we're aware. This webpage is linked in the post.

  • Jeff Songster

    No sweat... My machine is very stable now... so while I was willing to check to see if ICS was yet ready... I am not distraught that it is not... 2 days from now... If I don't have it yet... then I will blow a gasket!@#!$^%@  (just kidding) Cheers!

  • gilgamish

    iconia a500 in Texas....nothing yet and waiting patiently. Does anyone know if the tethering issues will be resolved once and for all?

    • gilgamish

      ....I feel so alone...( sniffle)

  • Pimpbob

    Winnipeg Canada.. Updated

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1341934507 Jeff Songster

      So howz it look? Running smooth... or a bit bumpy?

      • Jsongster

        California is updated and running smooth so far!:-)

  • Robval

    Mexico - updated

  • Ll

    México .... Updated

  • Chase Vandiver

    A500 Gen2 Texas not updated.  Here's a list of the schedule> 

  • http://www.bobbyphillipps.net/ Bobby Phillipps

    My A500 is downloading an update as I type this. Cheyenne, WY, USA.

    • http://www.bobbyphillipps.net/ Bobby Phillipps

      Aaaand boom. Updated. Android 4.0.3 on an Acer Iconia A500 Gen1. :)

  • Cainedenyer

    a500 gen1 australia nothing yet and just checked for updates and nothing

  • Adam

    Ha! I rooted mine ages ago. My A500 is running ICS 4.0.4 already :) Boom shakalakalaka boom.

  • http://twitter.com/Jonkarra Jonkarra

    No sign of ICS here in the UK yet :( Given the amount of annoying bugs with 3.X and the fact the device isnt even a year old I will not be impressed if Acer don't do an official upgrade for the UK

  • Tyler Chappell

    How can you tell whether its a Gen1 or Gen2? Whats the difference in model name or software build etc?

    • Tyler Chappell

      Nevermind, just read the XDA thread, its in the build number.

    • Billgates

      Click on settings, then click on About Tablet , then look for Build Number.......it will say Gen1 or Gen2


  • Rich

    Gen2 in California as well...nothing...

    Then again I never got the GC update so I'm still on 3.2 - no idea why ACER keeps ignoring Gen2 devices....

  • Richard

    Personally I'm excited about seeing the rumoured extra hour in battery length...but less keen on experiencing all the Flash issues people have with this ICS release.

  • Kenneth Beaudry

    Omaha a500 just downloaded ice, its freaking sweet, good job Acer two days early

    • Kenneth Beaudry

      stupid word correction

  • Cainedenyer

    in australia gen1 a500 still nothing here if there are any aussies who have recieved would like to know

    • Nplaters

      I'm in Syd and no update yet either :(
      I thought it was just me...wish they would mention if us Aussies are getting this update as well...

  • Richard

    3 x Gen 1 in Australia and no update as yet

  • falconator

    NJ - Nothing yet

    • falconator

      Android Version: 3.2.1
      Build: Acer_A500_7.014.15_COM_GEN1

  • guyfromtrinidad

    Got it yesterday as I came home from work, 
    Trinidad in the Caribbean

  • Jstuber69

    Nothing in Illinois.. Whats the holdup?

  • http://twitter.com/dconvery David Convery

    Still no joy in NJ. Mine took a couple of days for the original Honeycomb to show up too.
    Android Version: 3.2.1Build: Acer_A500_7.014.02_COM_GEN2

  • OwenFinn

    Us poor A501 users...!

  • Noemail

    Nothing in NY Gen2

  • Mrsolo13

    No ICS in Colorado Yet

  • Freakystepz

    My A500 GEN 2 is downloading the update right now (something like 356 MB) - deffinitely ICS =] Finally!!! Europe - Bulgaria

  • Jvaliga

    Available now in indiana. Waiting to see what issues others have before updating. Is it possible to go back if I have issues?

  • http://twitter.com/dconvery David Convery

    Got mine this morning! Ho-hum really. No "Acer Circle"?

  • Aaron

    i have update mine a500 to 4.0.3 but much of mine apps don't work or don't work properly,.. screens getting black, color are off the shard etc.... i wish i didnt update it.....

  • Jeff Songster

    So far so good... got it just before midnight last night... and is running great... except for the usa today news app...  everything else... so far so good...

  • GuidedByVoices76

    NJ - Gen2   still waiting
    Anyone know what the application update on the support/download acer site for the a500 is for?

  • Shawn Elliott

    Ontario ... Nothing as yet. Sigh.

    Android 3.2.1

  • Hey Its Tobu

    Nothing in North Queensland, Australia. Also, no information to be found about when? 

  • Dave

    Any news on the UK version?

  • Caine

    still nothing in oz does anyone have any idea when were supposed to get the update according to acer it was supposed to be the 27th but its now the 29th and nothing.... ive been checking for updates and i get the frustrating " youre system is up to date"

  • Er

    Argentina updated 2 days ago. Overal runs fine. I m experiencing minor issue with video, but probably is because the rom says RC.

  • WWKiwi

    Still waiting for ICS in New Zealand. Soon I hope.

    • gilgamish

      Recieved update in Houston on Friday...have yet to see a difference and STILL having tethering issues. BTW, went to Wellington last summer, the wife wants to move there asap. great place.

  • Richard

    I have just spoken to Acer Support through the Australian contact point and they have advised that for Australia and New Zealand that ICS 4.0.3 will be available on May 17.

    Would be nice to get it earlier but at least it's a date and hopefully we have it then.

    • WWKiwi

      Acer NZ says ICS 4.0.3 will be released in NZ for Iconia A501 on 09 July 2012, so quite a wait yet!

  • Genedeliso

    I just received the new updade to ice cream sandwich. The Time Warner live TV app will not work.My system is not rooted. what is the problem?

  • Richard

    NOTE: If you have an ACER TAB A100 running GEN2 3.2 - you will NOT get the ICS update OTA. You will have to do it yourself. Good thing: You can do it right now and it takes about 10 mins: 

  • Ravenz51

    NZ - May 25 and still waiting ........ waiting .................waiting ..................