Prepare to mash the System Update button, A100 owners: the promised update to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, or ICS) has apparently been rolling out since yesterday. Word came to us last night from Canadian reader Graham, who provided a handy-dandy picture as proof:


An XDA thread confirms Graham's update wasn't a fluke, with users all around the world receiving the update. So far the thread is 10 pages long but contains little by way of comments on the user experience after the update, but it does look like the ICS update is preceeded by a smaller 17MB update. Other than that, we have little by way of details at the moment.

Update: You can get build 1.014.00 right here, which is the same as the OTA.

[Source: XDA. Thanks for the tip, Graham!]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://www.facebook.com/contest.chris Contest Chris

    Still cannot believe no word of an update for the Tab 10.1. This is really sad...the best Android tab from last year still without an update in sight!

    • Stephen

      I read about Samsung's poor post sales updates prior to getting my own Android tablet, now I see those stories were true. It was why I decided to buy an Asus Transformer tablet instead, plus it was cheaper. They had a few hiccups with their ICS update that was released in early March, but overall happy now. Hopefully you won't have to wait much longer, we need to keep the Android peeps happy!

  • falconator

    Now they need to start pushing ICS for A500! Come on Acer!!!

    • http://twitter.com/atari_guy atari_guy

       I just received it this morning on my A500.

    • Chuck

      I received the ISC update on my A500 Friday night. So far no problems. 

  • Graham

    Just toying around with it a bit this morning. It's ICS, though so far I haven't had the chance to put it through any ICS-only enhancements, with the exception of screen-capture which doesn't seem to work. Also, there is no Acer Ring interface so far (or at least I haven't figured out how to enable it if it's there).

    Tablet runs much more smoothly, with page changes/transitions gliding seamlessly. Very nice so far. Running apps can now be killed by swiping them to the right after hitting the task switch button (3rd from left at bottom), and clearing all notifications can be done with one screen press instead of having to address each individually. All old hat to anyone who has used ICS before, but pretty exciting for those of us who have been stuck on HC.

    The other caveat I should include is that my tablet doesn't currently have many apps on it, so I'll be curious to see how smooth other's tablets run the update with more apps installed.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      I flashed an update from XDA yesterday, which ended up being this build. I don't use my A100 all that much, but it's definitely a whole new tablet with ICS installed. Much, much better. 

    • Viper89ea

      screenshots do works is backward to the galaxy nexus mine works by pressing power + volume up hold both for a few sec and you'll see on, other tablets I try and on the nexus is power + volume down at the same time hope this help

  • Grp901

    I want my Ice Cream Acer,for my A 500,am hungry!!!!!!!

  • Lordzilo92

    Acer has made A500 customers wait far too long, Im in the mood for some dessert Acer, make it an Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • Gerard Samija

    Rather shockingly, though the updates went without a hitch, there is no sound now either through speakers or headphones. My Acer Iconia A100 can't make a peep, in games, movies, my own videos, wherever. It buzzes, that's all. Hope they deliver a fix soon... or my little boy is going to have a tantrum.

    • Kg 4 Mail

      My A100 was the same after the update, but I tried the volume up and down a few times and saw that the speakers were switched off. I clicked on the icon that appears when you use the volume buttons, it had a cross thro the speaker, and the speakers startd working

      • Gerard Samija

         Thank you very much Kg 4 Mail. Though my sound icon did not appear switched off - it was just the normal sound icon and the slider was acting normally as well - tapping this icon a couple of times somehow re-activated sound on my son's A100. Several forced power-off cycles and regular power-off cycles had failed to do this, as had any number of tries with the volume buttons. Weird, but at least it works now.

        Unfortunately my earlier sense that the rapid cycling between apps and settings dialogues on power-on was fixed was mistaken. It looks prettier now with ICS animations, which seem to slow down the rapidity of jumping through these nonsensical hoops, but it's still happening at least a couple of times per day. Sigh.

        I got an answer back from Acer Support (yeah, right). The solution? Hard reset to factory specs. I've been there, done that a couple of times. Seems it's got to be a hardware issue, as no amount of rebuilding from factory specs solves the problem. And I've yet to find anyone online sharing this issue with their Acer A100, or any other Android tablet.

    • Rikvan58

      My A100 just upgraded to Ice Cream (Android 4.0) and no problems.  Everything works great including sound.  My wife has the same Tablet but it won't upgrade.  The system update button states the tablet is up to date which is not true.  Why one upgrades not the other?  This frustrating for my wife since Kobo E-reader App in Honeycomb has problems but in Ice cream it works perfectly so far.

  • Vegabass

    I got ICS for my A500 today..works great!

  • Jiaku

     is there any Acer_A500_7.014.15_041.203.01_COM_GEN1 update?

  • http://twitter.com/DanAntonson Dan Antonson

    Just did the update. Totally screwed up the tab unfortunately. It would work for 30 seconds and shut down, over and over and over again. Tried a hard reset (Power + Volume Up + Screen lock) with no luck. I finally got to the Factory Restore setting before it shut down, and wiped it clean. Fired back up and it still has ICS. Has been working perfectly since (or at least it isn't shutting down every 30 seconds) I'm guessing one of my apps or widgets or something was making it do it, I'd recommend backing everything up before doing the update.

  • Manfred29

    LMFAO... this is a fluke... been checking my damn a100 since Friday morning and no update. All it says is "no new update"... dissapointing...

    • Coolasspro

      Me too..this is crazy... I keep look at the thing to see if there is an update yet.. nothing.. this is sick.. no freaking coordination. 

      • Robertlee

        Did anyone get an update to 4.0 yet? We all updated on 3.21

        • Debra

          Just got it in Houston Texas (a100)

  • Dutchman

    Now Saturday Morning, no update in sight

  • http://twitter.com/jkh68 Joel Hacker

    I have not yet received the ICS update. I had been getting the msg "No New Update". Now I am getting a msg, "Network coverage is currently poor. Please move to a location with better coverage to continue." I know that's not the issue, as I have excellent wireless signal on my other devices, and the A100 is right next to the router.

    • Jiří Horák

       I have this message too. I hope that is problem with Acer server-too busy.

    • Eemm

      Getting the same issue. And I'm on a college campus so I know I have good coverage.

  • Comm

    Updated a100 and now cannot turn tablet on.  Tried hard reset, but even that won't work.  Anyone have any idea how to get tablet to turn on?

  • Alaskc

    I got both the small and final ICS updates on Friday. 

  • Ssp520

    Mine is updating as I type this... Woo!

  • kz

    If you own  Acer A100 GEN2 with Android 3.2, must upgrade to 3.21 first, then will receive the ICS 4.0 OTA upgrade. I did it today, works great.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=641314687 Dennis Staysniak

    Well, after almost a week of this ICS update being available, my A100 is still telling me that version 3.2 is the most current version.  As frustrating as the 2.5 hr. battery life on this tablet.

  • J_bonner62

    I got ICS today on my Acer A100 gen2

  • Kalibruh

    I just got my Acer A100 iconica ice cream sandwich today, and its nice!

  • Scott Henderson

     Karen C: Are you located in the US or Canada? Scott Henderson: Canada Karen C: ICS updates for the A100 for Canada (PA_CA) are temporarily on hold due to an issue that was found.  Scott Henderson: Is there a posting of the issue, so that I can determine if my wife's A100 is experiencing the problem?  Is there a scheduled ETA for updates to be restarted? Karen C: They are currently working on the issue but we do not have an eta on when it will start again  Scott Henderson: Is it just an updating issue or a function with the update that has been released that causes a problem with the tablet?  I'd like to be able to determine if my wife's tablet is having the problem. Scott Henderson: You may also want to notify level 1 support of this, as I mentioned Canada in my second comment. Karen C: It is an issue with the language setting and that is all the information that I have Scott Henderson: Ok.  Is this posted somewhere online, so that I can check back to see when the issue is fixed? Karen C: No, I don't think this information is online they are working to try to fix this asap