Update 4/23/12: This update is now rolling out OTA (thanks, Kristopher and others).

It's been a bit of a disappointing ride for the Droid RAZR and its beefier brother over the last few weeks - first, we were told that the ICS update was to start rolling out on April 4th, but that didn't happen. Instead, Moto was going to start a soak test of a new enhancement build, but... that didn't happen either.

Now, though, it looks like an OTA is finally set to start rolling out to the RAZR and MAXX. While it may not be ICS, it will bring quite a few bug fixes and enhancements to the device(s):


As always, the update is identical for both the RAZR and MAXX. There's no word as to when it could start rolling out, but we expect it to be any day now - make sure to let us know in the comments or on the tip line as soon as it hits your device.

[Verizon: RAZR, MAXX]

Cameron Summerson
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  • 1972vr4

    BS......don't need it! The ICS leak I installed was easy and works great!

  • Max_X

    My friend with a MAXX tried to install 6.12.181 and it fried her SIM card. No Service. WTF. 

    • KRS_Won

      ooh nooees.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1331050660 Jim Callahan

        Mine just updated fine. No issues. I don't see many, or great, changes. WHen ICS? Until then, I don't care.

  • Captainbc52

    Downloading it now :) hope ICS is up soon after...I've been waiting awhile...

  • Donniehayes44

    I received the update but I cant tell any change! Ready for ICS

  • Sandwichislander

    I'm stuck in endless re-boot cycle :(

  • scott

    Mine is installing now. we shall see...

  • Thorbecke

    Installing now. Went to About Phone - System Updates and it said it was available. Have only had this phone for a week, find it pretty decent so far. Looking forward to ICS though.

  • Rncars

    Got it today, 4/25/12, 7am, so far so good but it sucks that its not ICS.

  • Rye

    Just received and installed this update at Noon on 04/26/12.