A few days ago, LG made available the V21y update for owners of the G2x. Users were delighted - though the update wasn't major, it did seem to bring some notable additions, according to this unofficial changelog:

  • Update to Android 2.3.4
  • Built-in Google Plus capabilities
  • Swype 3.26.92
  • New RIL and baseband (dated March 11, 2012)
  • Improved battery life

However, the update was pulled shortly after, though those who'd managed to grab it found it quite stable.

Fortunately for other G2x owners, T-Mobile and LG made the 30.5MB update officially available again this morning, along with a changelog of improvements they thought were worthy of a mention:

  • Random reboot/power off fixed  
  • Device stability improvements  
  • Wifi calling improvements  
  • Boot-up fixes

The V21y update is rolling out OTA until May 14th, at which point it'll migrate to LG's website as a manual download for those who haven't received it for some reason.

    Happy updating!

    Source: T-Mobile Support

    Jaroslav Stekl
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    • fixxmyhead

      i always hate seeing those "improved battery life" in the change log. what like an extra 10 min of juice.

    • Oasad92

      I can't believe they roll out with and update and it's not freaking ice cream sandwich, like WTF man no one wants an updated gingerbread 

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Well, if they aren't going to release ICS for the G2x, might as well make what it's running now more stable. I don't see harm in that - it's better than no updates.

        I get that G2x owners want ICS, but it's a pretty old device by now, and I doubt it'll get it, when even newer devices aren't.

        • Dee

          I'm pretty sure LG has promised ICS for the LGP990

          • jonathan3579

            They did make an alleged promise but let's face it - They're all subject to change at any point.

        • laplander

          That's exactly the reason why Apple owners still Apple owners and buying more and more devices from Apple, while those who spend money on Korean toys once, will never come back to this vendor. You buy new shiny toy with great potential, but half-baked software, than they failed to give you a decent update for a year, than they mark it "old" and ask you to buy "new" one with exactly same hardware and new software.
          Since when 1Ghz dual core tegra2 called old? Tegra3 phones started to sell only this month, and previous generation one core devices received ICS several month ago, because they are supported by Google and not by shitty/greedy Korean manufactures. I stepped in this shit twice. Once with Samsung before they become manufacturer for Google and now with LG.

    • http://twitter.com/homncruse Aaron Burke

      FYI, if this includes a new RIL and baseband - and if we assume that the new baseband is, indeed, better - this means that for those of you (myself included) running a custom ROM such as CM7, it's worthwhile to make a full backup of your existing ROM, revert everything to stock, receive the OTA (primarily for the baseband), then restore your custom recovery and ROM.

      Unless some genius at XDA or RootzWiki comes up with a method to extract the baseband from the OTA and provide us with an alternative means of flashing it.

      • Boris Shaulov

         yeah, just to let you know, LG did some changes to the this baseband preventing the use of any alternative ROMS. Attempting to install cm7 or alternative ROM will result in no "in call audio" (cant use the phone to make phone calls) You can only use a modded version of the LG's 2.3.4, so unless you want/willing to mess with it, you may be stuck using last years baseband.

        Source: Personal Attempt (Updated through LG Mobile Support Tool)
        Below is what the update provided me with, but I thought if it requires Android 2.3.4 maybe I can install a stock based Custom ROM such as Tsugi 2.3.4 Android Version, but after installing it I tried to make a phone call and all I could hear were clicks. Installed stock back on, and phone calls worked fine. if anyone knows of fix,  please let me know at my xda-developers PM or on their forum. user bshaulov


        Model: LG-P999
        Android Version: 2.3.4
        Baseband Version: M6600A-SCAUTNZ-2.0.9720T 1 [MAR 11 2012 10:00:00] MP:TRULGE_08.09.02R_MDM
        Kernel Version:
        Build Number: GRJ22
        Software Version: LG-P999-V21y