galaxy note 3

It's pretty clear that many consumers are interested in the gargantuan Galaxy Note. Unfortunately, it hasn't seen the same kind of mainstream success as the Galaxy S2 because only AT&T has had access to the device. But according to FCC filings and a user agent string obtained by TmoNews, T-Mobile is preparing a device that multiple pieces of evidence point to being the Galaxy Note.

First off, we have the screen resolution: 800 x 1280. It's possible that this could be a refreshed version of the Galaxy Tab, which features the same resolution, but it is most likely still the Note because it is listed in portrait orientation and is listed in other documents as a phone rather than a tablet.

user agent string

Second, the model number: SGH-T879. The format SGH-Txx9 has historically been used as a Samsung device on T-Mobile's network, and on a Bluetooth document the SGH-T879 was listed as a "variant" of the SGH-i717, the model number of AT&T's Galaxy Note (this reference has since been removed).

Finally, the user agent string (shown above) is the same as AT&T's version of the Galaxy Note. While none of this is an actual confirmation that T-Mobile will be carrying the Galaxy Note, it does give us a lot of evidence to believe it will be. The only question is, will anyone be interested in the Note when the Galaxy S III (or whatever Samsung decides to call it) hits?

Source: TmoNews

  • Philip Courtois

    "...will anyone be interested in the Note when the Galaxy S III (or whatever Samsung decides to call it) hits?"

    ABSOLUTELY!!! The developers at XDA are working hard at hacking the i717 and the N7000 (international version) to be able to use T-Mobile's data network to reliably get speeds better than 2G. However, even with only 2G speeds guaranteed, I'm still going to buy one of the two. But now that we might be getting a dedicated T-Mobile version there's no doubt that my next phone will be a Note... There really is nothing that compares to this phone so no matter how cool the S III is going to be it will NOT be a Note. 5.3" and S-pen FTW!!!

  • Down8

    This is the only phone that I might grab to replace my Galaxy Nexus.


  • http://twitter.com/joedb1 joedb1

    hell yes

  • spydie

    Oh yeah... The Galaxy S III will be just another nice phone... but the size of the Note puts it in a class all its own.  I have the international model and I hope the devs at XDA do get it hacked so I can use TMO 3G speeds.

  • L boogie

    So there's possibility of a T-Mobile version of the note yet there was rumors of a Verizon version and nothing beyond that. Wonders never cease

    • L boogie

      Funny though, there's no need for a petition to get the phone on any other carrier except big red...

  • http://gadgetstip.com/ aatif

    i think yes 

  • k8sh

    Can't wait

    • http://twitter.com/SParKlngCyaNide SparklingCyanide

      I agree with you.  I love Magenta, but they need to focus on more killer devices and not super-frivolous ads that has almost nothing to do with its devices or service.  I have a feeling they'll be offering some really great devices again this year.  They had started to but then talks of the merger came and stopped all that progress, time for them to recollect themselves and start focusing on the devices once again. This is a Fantastic start, Bravo T-Mobile. keep it up! - D

  • siypion

    Where's this phone for sprint? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmm!

    • DavidKSims

      Personally, Sprint is pissing me off. They are always LAST when it comes to new hardware. Thats why the company is going under! I can only pray Verzion swallows them up!!

  • ins0mn1a

    wait, arm11? that looks fishy.

    on the other hand, a t-mo hspa+ capable galaxy note already exists, it's called i717. it would take next to no effort to release the damn thing on t-mobile, so i really don't know what they are waiting for (maybe ics? but that sounds way too reasonable.).

    if they do release it i am totally getting one, though the idea of dealing with touchwiz after years of stock android bliss gives me a mild panic attack.