Update: We've gotten official word from Sprint - the EVO 3D is officially on the way out:

The award-winning HTC EVO 3D is no longer available through Sprint.com. Quantities are limited, but customer can still get HTC EVO 3D at Sprint Stores nationwide.

Sprint PR

So here's an interesting little fact: if you go to Sprint's site right now and look for the EVO 3D, you won't find it. Really. Go look for yourself, we'll wait.

Back? Told you it was gone. The bigger question here, though, is why. And for that, we don't quite have a good answer. Perhaps Sprint said "you know what, we don't like this thing anymore. Plus, the EVO 4G LTE is coming soon. Let's get rid of it." Or maybe not. Maybe it's just some weird thing and they took it off the site to see if anyone would notice. Well, you know what, Sprint? We noticed. So if that's your game, put it back. We won.

2012-04-20 12h15_16

It should be there. Where'd ya go, little guy?

Or maybe it's none of the above. It could be a mistake. We've reached out to our Sprint contact to see what's going on, but until then, we urge everyone to keep an eye out for this missing device. It's about 4.3-inches and has two cameras. If you see it, let us know. We'll be assembling a search and rescue team shortly.


Thanks, Cody!

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

    Wouldn't surprise me. I got one on launch day, and enjoyed it for a while. Traded up to an E4GT, which is a much superior phone in my opinion, but the Evo 3D was a nice little phone. It just never caught on, and should not have been released/marketed as "the next Evo!". 

    Hopefully owners will still get that ICS update that HTC has said they will be getting.

    • Jramo3000

      I have the rezound now but the evo 3d was a tight ass phone the best one on sprint 

  • Tommy Thompson

    Maybe it's headed to Virgin Mobile before the big EVO LTE push? Virgin Mobile EVO 3D was rumored.

    • NemaCystX

      As the EVO V 4G.  This was reported to be part of an EVO 3D refresh for "smaller" carriers.  Europe will likely get it too, the refresh will run ICS and Sense 4.0 according to the info given by a rep at MWC this year.

      Regional carriers are likely to get last years models with slightly upgraded specs to make up for that "obsolete" tech period to make it todays standards. (hence the inclusion of ICS and Sense 4.0)

      • cashd00d

        Europe has had the EVO 3D since last summer...

        • Raziqijr

          when i close my main camera on my htc evo 3d there is a tick sound when closed enough , is it normal ???????? did any one of u experiences it? 

  • Guest

    I work as a third party retailer for sprint, and I can confirm from my rep that at least the white EVO 3D is EOL.

  • http://twitter.com/Rage06 RaY

    They may be updating the actual Evo 3D page? Just hope the reason why ICS has not been released on EVO 3D yet is because they're (HTC) implementing more features into it and enhancing the 3D experience. As they did say that the EVO 3D would get 3D updates in the near future when it launched, but it never happened :(

  • Guest

    I noticed that yesterday as well

  • Jim Mincey

    Scary, the Hero is back on the site and the 3D is gone.  Does this mean I have to go back to using my Hero?

  • Dmyloveal5

    it actually has 3 cameras 

    • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

      Speaking of which, how come the EVO 3D did not come with an app to make those vibrating 3D animated GIFs?

      After I switched off of my 3D, I was left with a whole bunch of unusable 3D pictures that I cannot open without some ridiculous program.

  • http://meatcastle.com/ bwbloom

    Had three of these. They processors kept burning out on me. No joke, I did not overclock and I would routinely get CPU temps in the 180 degree range. It would be in my pocket and all of a sudden feel like it was on fire.

    Swapped that for a bad ass Photon, and then swapped that for my Epic 4G Touch.

    EVO 4G LTE anybody?

    • Simon Belmont

      Wow, sorry to hear that. That's a bad spate of luck there.

      I've been a member of the EVO 3D community on several forums and I never heard of this issue. There was an noticeably increased heating while charging issue, but it was never proven to be a defect as only a few early adopters had the issue.

      • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

        I hardly think it is bad luck. I have built a relationship at the Sprint store, and now any time a new flagship phone comes out I just go swap my phone for it.

        I have had the top of the line Sprint phone for over six months in a row. Now I just need to decide whether I want the Galaxy Note or The new EVO.

        Kids, remember to tell the people at the phone store that you are a developer!

        • Simon Belmont

          I see. Well, I've had mine overclocked anywhere from 1.5 Ghz to 1.7 Ghz without issue.

          I'll stick with my EVO 3D until EVO 4G LTE 4D Hologram Edition comes out in 2013. By the way, I'm also a developer. :)

          • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

            Haha, I guess I just don't have a loyal bone in my body.

            Also, to be clear I only say I'm a developer because I like the way people treat me when they think I am one.

            I have only made one app... it was called Hello World.

          • Simon Belmont

            Haha! Well, at least you're being honest now. :P

            I think I've done Hello World on about sixteen different programming platforms throughout my life. Cheers! :D

        • Mindy

          I am wai ting for the note. Can't seem to find a firm answer. Are we going to get it?

  • Justin

    Why does this have Amber Alert in it? Its a phone not a missing child. :/ its not clever or funny. Android Alert is more like it.

    • Crazy4love79

      I agree on that one

  • cashd00d

    The EVO 3D, like the EVO 4G before it, has been put out to pasture. It made the EOL list and is gone. This has been reported multiple times in the recent past. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Sprint no longer sells it.

  • NemaCystX

    According to the "Mobile Panda" the EVO 3D wasn't a success like the EVO 4G.  The EVO 4G LTE is the true successor to the EVO 4G, built to avoid that same failure in mind.

    Not my facts, just what I was told.

    • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

      I wouldn't doubt it. Many people shy'd away from the evo 3D simply because of the 3D. I guess they didn't want to feel like they were paying for something they weren't going to use

  • William Riyanto

    Well, this is completely unrelated, but did i just see an ad for an ios app on this page? seriously? or is it just me?

  • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

    I'm not all that surprised that this is happening Sprint is discontinuing WiMax. And while it is sad to see it reach EOL already (I own one) I've already been given an update to upgrade to the new Evo so I have no issues.

    • Info

      Where did you get the update from? Is your two years up? I don't see how it could be unless yougot the 3D as a replacement for a bad (earlier) EVO....

      • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

        I dunno how I got the update, but I renewed my contract after a year with my Evo because it broke and I had a renewal anyway (silver plan that got discontinued). But now I have yet another renewal and that confuses me since it hasn't even been a year yet....but that works for me

        • Info

          Well I'd be glad to take it off your hands:)

  • XzinteR

    I've found one but it's the GSM version. Currently using it to type

  • http://twitter.com/one4thegooddays Jason Schupper

    Can you please remove the Amber Alert from the title? It's a bit insensitive and kinda nasty.

    • Lol

      No its not. Youre just a pussy.

      • ibike2much

        Hey Lol. As a firefighter it is very irresponsible to use Amber Alert in this context. Now go ask your mommy if breakfast is ready and let the grown ups talk ok little buddy.

        • Guyver

          Seriously? I understand what you're saying about the Amber alert bit I don't see why you're getting on his case. We've built a country of over sensitive people. Telling everyone what's right and what's wrong. What you should and shouldn't do. He didn't take anyone's kid. All the people that have something to say are the same ones that wanted to look good to everyone by donating to haidi instead I'd the the people in your own town that need help. You just talk to look good but you're all selfish lime light hogs that are about nothing

      • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

        I can see how you earned your name.

        Thank you good sir.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      There's nothing nasty about it - it's clearly a play on words, not used in its direct sense. Just because it has something to do with children doesn't mean it's some sacred topic that nobody is allowed to use in its non-literal sense.

    • http://jinkle.org/ Christopher Jenkins

      Calm down princess

  • http://www.nerdshowandtell.com nerdshowandtell.com

    AS long as it gets ICS I wont care.. It's a great phone, and with testing it with ICS roms its like a whole new device!  Just need official update/ROM so we can get some camera support, etc.

  • John O’Connor

    Oh no!!  maybe they are ramping up a 3DVO LTE

  • http://twitter.com/80TheHammer Chris Webster

    I for one think its sad that its better than the other 3 phones in the picture, yet its disconnected. I could care less about it, but I wish they would just release the damned libraries for the cameras and the 4G. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=640471453 Brandon Clark

    It's because they're updating the infoo page for android 4.0. I hope. If not i've realized i really hate phone companies...

  • theSHIFTingWIG113

    I swear to god if the E3D doesn't get ICS i will piss Dan Hesse's eye. Mark my words!!!!

  • ibike2much

    One. posting using Amber Alert is just stupid. As a first responder we take that serious and using that for a phone eol is even more stupid and irresponsible.
    Two. The phone sucks. Crap cameras, worse battery life. Just plain ugly and fat.

    Good riddance Evo 3D

    • ibike2much

      And I have owned it.

      • brandon

        I still own it and don't regret purchasing it. It will recieve Jelly Bean through mod work, so it doesn't bother me any.

    • Simon Belmont

      LOL, you mad. Funny, the pictures I've taken with my EVO 3D have always looked great. The battery life has been outstanding, easily lasting one - two days with moderate to heavy usage. ;)

      If you thought it was ugly and fat, why did you buy it in the first place knowing the E4GT was around the bend? Dude, calm down. :)

    • Mike Smith

      I agree. This needs to be changed immediately. Amber Alerts are a serious issue and should only be used for a missing child only. There is no humor in this at all. EMT-Basic. 

      • James Soroe

         Get Over it.

    • Jrb531

      I loved my EVO 4G but the 3d is a ton faster, much better graphics, higher resolution, double the RAM and storage. The only thing I hate is the quiet speaker. The 3d cameras, while not for everyone, still is a marvel and fun.

      So how can a phone that is much better in almost every respect over the famous 4G suck?

    • Hjw77

      Get a life asshole....first responder. I'm betting your a loser . What kind of dumbfuck whines because someone uses Amber alert in an internet article ??? Stupid,pathetic moron !!

  • Simon Belmont

    Haha. It's kind of ironic that I still see my first Android handset on sale on Sprint's website (The Sprint HTC Hero, which is 2.5 years old now), but the Sprint HTC EVO 3D that I am using now is gone.

    I guess they're phasing it out in preparation for the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE, which makes sense. I hope that Sprint/HTC are still committed to delivering Android 4.0 to us in a timely manner.

    • brandon

      As do i. I bought the device off contract at 5 Benjamins, so I have been in love with it not only by choice, but by fear. Haha. But it is the best phone i have ever owned. Such an overlooked gem that hyped 3D too much.

  • thisguy

    Oh, cool. EOLing my phone after just a year after never updating it.

    Next time, I'm getting an iPhone. Fuck you, Android.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      They're not EOLing support for it, I'm still expecting Ice Cream Sandwich to arrive soon. Just because a phone is no longer sold doesn't mean its support is withdrawn as well.


    Disappointed my Motorola Photon from Sprint will not be able to update for the LTE 4G when it rolls out. The wimax 4G is spotty at best in Colorado Springs..... :((

  • Rumblefish_454

    curious how this will affect the long-rumored android ICS release for the EVO
    3D.  Sprint may put a stop to that as it could reduce sales for the new
    Evo 4G LTE.  Effectively, that would force 3D owners to buy the LTE if
    they want ICS, even though they are likely less than one year into their


    would infuriate me.  I have owned the 3D for 9 months.  I don't
    expect to buy a top of the line phone and then have support removed (after less
    than a year) because they want to push a new technology.


    And don't even get me started on their marketing of the 4G wimax
    phones and never delivering on the promise of 4G data speeds.  I live near
    Detroit.  I would consider this a major market. Detroit never got 4G.

    think that Sprint should offer heavy discounts for Evo 3D owners who would like
    to upgrade to the Evo 4G LTE!  And they had better actually build out the
    network this time! They dangled the (Wimax) 4G carrot for years and never
    delivered in many major markets.  Shameful really, and damned near

    • Guest

      Don't forget that last year (June?), right before the Evo 3D was launched Sprint put out the OTA Gingerbread update for the Evo 4G.  That's NOT the action of a company that wants to kill the previous phone to get everyone to step up to the new one.  I thought that was very cool of Sprint to do that; hopefully they will do a repeat and release an OTA ICS update for the 3D right before the 4G LTE comes out officially on May 18th, i.e. any day now.

    • Raziqijr

      buddy u have to read htc blog first then discuss , htc evo 3d will get ics between june-july for sure

  • Moises

    Great work. We can't let allow this phone to disappear.

  • Raziqijr

    when i close my main camera on my htc evo 3d there is a tick sound when closed enough , is it normal ???????? did any one of u experiences it? 

  • James Soroe

    If I had to guess I'd say it was discontinued because of the poor hardwear it was built with. The screen responsiveness issues are WELL documented. The biggest question is, what will the phone replacement be, I'm ready to turn this junker in. I used to love this phone.

  • Nwkristina

    The microphones don't work.