If you like to spend your free time hacking around on your Android device, you've no doubt felt the sting of switching back and forth from the terminal. Now with AirTerm you can leave the terminal floating on top of whatever you're doing. This app comes from the same folks that brought you OverSkeen and AirCalc.

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This is a true floating window that you can move, resize, and minimize while you work. You can run multiple instances of AirTerm on the screen, and the interface is tabbed for easier management. AirTerm can also install busybox, ssh, vim, rsync, and more on your device if they're not already present.

Root is not necessary to run AirTerm, but there's really not a whole lot you can do in the terminal with an un-rooted device. If you are in search of a more desktop-like experience, this app can be yours for $1.99.