How's this for amazing? You see a piece of sheet music, but you can't read it because you're a plebian, or perhaps you can read it but you want to hear it. SnapNPlay is an app that lets you take a picture of a line of sheet music and then plays back the notes on the page. This is amazing.

The app itself looks a little rough around the edges right now, but the concept is wonderful. The world of the future has already brought us some amazing things, but this app helps highlight something romantic about the nature of creative thought. Music is one of the most poignant forms of human expression, and yet here notes on a page are transformed into sound purely by technology.

notes2 notes1

Of course, while your favorite song may be, at its heart, a 4 million digit number, technology hasn't quite reached the point where it can replace human expression. It's still amazing to see technology and art come together in such a previously unheard-of way.

It looks like the app might still need some polish to be regularly useful, but the concept is there and it looks sweet. You can grab the demo from the Play Store for free, or support the developer with the $4 paid version if you really like it.