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Say what you will about Verizon's data plan costs (and we all will), but at least the company works for that money. The LTE rollout continues as Verizon announces expansions to what professionals are calling "a whole lot" of California markets, as well as Reno, Nevada. Most have already had LTE, but if you've ever yelled in frustration when you lose that precious LTE signal while driving down Highway 99 in Fresno, your commute is about to get easier.

The list of markets that are getting expanded coverage areas include:

Additionally, Reno is receiving some expanded coverage. You can hit up any of the press releases above for more info on what areas in the respective markets are getting enhancements. The details are pretty specific (congrats, Waterloo, near Stockton, California!) and should hopefully help plenty of you Californians sleep easier tonight.

While we wait for AT&T's LTE to network to catch up, and Sprint's LTE network to launch, Verizon isn't showing any signs of slowing, thankfully.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    SF Bay Area improvements - hell yeah! Oh wait, I have Sprint and AT&T LTE hotspot (which is admittedly really good in the Bay Area). Doh.

  • http://profiles.google.com/ISantop Ian

    Any word on when these are getting switched on? I have a big conference in Oakland early next month, and keeping my LTE enabled on that trip would be sweet.

  • Disgruntled

    Thanks for continuing to forget about the entire County of Ventura, Big Red! Sure hope the truckers along the 99 appreciate the LTE coverage. /sarcasm.

  • VertigoKeyz

    Nice. Now more Californians can know what it is like to get cornholed by corporate America. Don't forget the Vaseline!

  • http://www.unwiredmedic.com Christopher Matthews

    Just in time for my new employer to have bought me an iPhone 4S, which is only 3G.

    My Android is on Virgin Mobile, so I'll NEVER have a reliable or speedy connection, but hey, it's unlimited data for $25/mo (when you can use it).

  • Michael Kilar

    Sitting at home in Reno yesterday and where I normally see 1-2 bars of 4G, I was seeing 4! It was only for a few minutes but got me excited.

    Any date on the official launch of the expansion?

  • anthrax

    Reno needs more 4G coverage. The bay hadn't been too bad at leas here in Fremont and into San Jose.

  • djkoz78

    Great news for the people in those areas... Now Verizon needs to get off their slow assess & start pushing out the HTC Rezound, Thunderbolt, & RAZR's ICS! I think sometime please correct me if I'm wrong the only carrier yet to push the update out to at least 1 of their devices.. AT&T sent out a slew OTA updates including ICS to HTC Vivid. Sprint sent it to the Nexus S & I believe that TMobile sent it out to the HTC Sensation variant... But Verizon as usual fucking sucks when it comes to their terrible update rate. They hold onto updates so people get frustrated & either pay to cancel contract or pay to upgrade early. I am starting to HATE VZW. So if I'm right every carrier in the USA has started rolling them except VZW as usual. Hey the heralded Samsung Galaxy SII is coming VZW no we will pass get the so called bullshit exclusive the Nexus that want exclusive at all. Then also again passing up the much anticipated HTC One series that so far I've read nothing but great things about the lineup for the yep you guess it the completely again what all the blogs are saying LACKLUSTER HTC Incredible 4g instead. Like I swear VZW has a team of retarded apes in their decision making & in their device selection. Yeah Bob I really think our consumer base would prefer this Incredible 4g I mean look at the specs they suck, but we will charge the same price as the much more powerful & better specked device on other carriers. Well Tom how do you know our consumers would rather have this device? Bob we did extensive research asked millions of our customers this question gathered the data & our research suggests that we ignore them. MUAH HA HA HA. Excuse me Tom I need to fling some poop. I mean look they were ok that we passed up the Galaxy SII in favor of the Nexus when we told them it would be"Exclusive" & now it's not & the idiots bought it. If they'd go to another carrier they could choose from the Nexus, Galaxy SII, or the HTC One series for roughly the same price. But we've got LTE which eats your battery in an hour so a long as we add 4g most people don't care how their phones are speced.

  • eric

    pismo beach, CA has 4G LTE barely, and is so spotty and terrible, mind as well do pismo if you do san luis obispo....

  • david

    Reno speeds not bad, love the 4G only 3g in Chico,ca i heard june, so lets get a rush on it