Samsung first unveiled its newest duo of Galaxy Tabs back in February at Mobile World Congress, but left one key element out: pricing and availability. That final veil of mystery has now been removed, as the pair are now officially official.


The Tab 2 7.0 is the replacement for the Tab 7 Plus, but doesn't offer a whole lot in way of upgrade:

  • 7-inch 1024x600 TFT display
  • 1GHz dual-core TI processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB built-in storage, microSD card slot
  • 3.2MP rear shooter, VGA front camera
  • Android 4.0 with Touchwiz UX

What the Tab 2 7.0 does do, however, is hit a pretty nice price point: $250. At just $50 more than the Kindle Fire, you can now have a completely full-featured Android tablet. Pre-orders for the Tab 2 7.0 begin today and it should hit retail channels on April 22.


Also announced today is the pricing and release date for the Tab 2 10.1. It basically packs identical specs to its smaller sibling, save for a 10.1-inch 1280x800 display, 16GB of built-in storage (with microSD card slot). The Tab 2 10.1 will be available for $400, with pre-order beginning on May 4th and retail availability on May 13th.


Because two devices is apparently not enough for one PR, Sammy went ahead and announced a couple new Galaxy Players, as well. The Gingerbread-powered Galaxy Player 3.6 ($149) and 4.2 ($199) will be also available on April 22 and May 13th, respectively.

If you're into press releases, pay special attention to the very end of this one - sounds like Sammy is starting to drop some hints for that other tablet we're all waiting on.

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J., April 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today unveils the latest additions to the popular Samsung Galaxy line of handheld and portable devices. The two new Galaxy Tab 2™ products and two new Galaxy Players™ continue to showcase Samsung's commitment to providing users with choice, flexibility and connectivity to the full Samsung ecosystem of products, apps and services.

Galaxy Tab 2 – Powerful, Smart, Easy to Use

The Galaxy Tab 2 Series, available in both 10.1" and 7.0" screen sizes, are powerful dual-core tablets running the latest version of Android - Ice Cream Sandwich. The devices feature an integrated IR blaster for universal remote capabilities, as well as an easily accessible memory card slot for convenient loading of multimedia files in a range of supported file formats.

The new tablets offer endless content access in a sleek design that can maximize the home entertainment experience. The Smart Remote App and built-in IR Blaster turns the Tab 2 into a universal smart remote, helping users easily find their favorite shows. Users can choose from more than 450,000 apps, access favorite movies and TV shows from Google Play or Media Hub, and surf millions of web pages with Adobe® Flash™ support.

In addition, the Galaxy Tab 2 products are fully Google certified for complete access to Google Play (formerly Android Marketplace) and competitively priced at $399.99 and $249.99, respectively – so consumers no longer need to compromise when selecting a tablet.

"These new Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Player devices deliver what consumers have come to expect from all Samsung products – exceptional design, impressive connectivity options and a selection of choices for each type of person and user scenario," said Tim Baxter, President, Samsung Electronics America. "A one size fits all solution is just not sufficient."

Galaxy Players put Android in the Hand – without Service Contracts

With the two new Galaxy Players, available in 4.2 inch WVGA screen or 3.6 inch HVGA screen variants, gaming, videos and music are more fun than ever.

Easily connect to Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere to get instant access to the latest content. Users also can play their own video and music in a variety of formats, connect to other devices using USB 2.0 or Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, or simply load the device via a micro SD card. Because the device runs on Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread, a world of apps is a touch away.

Plus, dual-stereo speakers (on the Galaxy Player 4.2) deliver an incredible music, video or gaming experience – anywhere.

The new Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Players will be available for purchase at a variety of retailers including Best Buy, Amazon, Tiger Direct and others. The Galaxy Player 3.6 is available now for $149.99 exclusively at Best Buy and soon at other retailers. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 will be available for preorder today at $249.99, and for purchase on April 22. The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Galaxy Player 4.2 will both be available for pre-order on May 4 and for purchase on May 13, at $399.99 and $199.99 respectively.

Take Note...

Stay tuned for more information on other additions to the Galaxy Family.

Take note...

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://nope Double

    Wow, that's a really neat price. Especially if that would convert nicely to euro's :D
    Probably becomes something like 300 euro here tough.

  • jeff donuts

    please no more 7in toy tablets

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 which I really like (except for the crappy pixel density, which Samsung decided to keep for the new model, wtf), but I've also got a Blackberry Playbook and Kindle Fire (nearly identical 7" tablets) which are good for some purposes too (if they didn't have such poor software).

      What have you got against people having options? Some people want smaller tablets that will be more portable and convenient. Speaking from experience, in an airplane the 10.1 tab isn't easy to pull out of a bag, but a 7" is perfect. For reading, watching video in bed, or for certain types of applications you just don't need the larger screens.

    • scott

      If you don't like the 7in tablet don't get it, it's about choices. Go to Apple if you don't to make decisions for yourself.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

      Speak for yourself, I've been waiting for a decent 7" tablet that was priced reasonably.

      10" is way too big for me, I'd never take it anywhere because it would be too cumbersome.

  • zohan

    tab 2 7.0 price $250 for wifi or 3g?

    • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

      I'm sure WiFi only at that point, which is fine with me I carry around 2 different phones (work & personal) I could tether off of I have no need to spend more for a data plan for my tablet.

  • http://www.geekchoice.com Dagmar Schnietz

    That's a good price. I'm just glad it's a good size, now that some companies are making bigger and bulkier tablets, for some reason.

  • marius

    And i still waiting for an update with ICS for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ..

    • andreezy

      Tell me about it! My 10.1 wifi is 4 weeks old and no update in sight!

  • brizey

    Hmmm. Not sure I would trade the KF's IPS display and $50 for the SD card slot and cameras. I have pretty much made up my mind to never buy another TFT display.

  • Ken

    If TouchWiz wasn't so damn ugly, this would be an immediate purchase for me.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

      I'm with you but most of TouchWiz can be banished easily by using a different launcher.

  • Magnus100

    Where are the ICS updates for Samsung devices from last year and where the heck is Samsung's flagship tablet for this year? And where is the SGSIII and the sequel to the Galaxy note?

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

      Agreed on the ICS stuff. Samsung should be embarrassed that they haven't released updates. I'm just glad that CM9 is solving that particular pain point.

      I think Samsung is holding back a flagship tablet and S-Pen tablet until they flush this stuff out of their pipeline. We all know the SGS III will come when they are ready. It's becoming clear that Samsung doesn't consider the phones and tablets as part of the same strategy.

      • andreezy

        I cannot for the life of me get the cyanogenmod ics to load on my 16gb wifi tabby. I get the "assert failed" p4wifi error. By all accounts it "looks like" my tablet should be able to flash it.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          Lol, it's hard to follow, but you can look at the comments on this Android Police post where I helped another guy through his issues. Warning, he wasn't used to the 4-levels-deep for comments issue, so he hopped around a LOT throughout the thread, it's best to look at the date and time of comments to figure out the order of some stuff.

          Seriously, 9 times out of 10, the problem is that you're using a version of recovery that has a known and documented bug in it.

          Download this Recovery image. Flash this recovery with ODIN on Windows (do not use Heimdall, supposedly it doesn't work, and I wouldn't recommend using WINE wrapped versions of ODIN either). Make sure it's the PDA field that's pointed to the this image and the tablet is in Download Mode. That should fix the error the next time to try flashing CM9.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          Andreezy brought up a point that it looks like the recovery image I posted my have uploaded with a bad CRC (at least ODIN will warn you first). I'm just about to run out for the night but I'm taking it down for now and I'll upload a new one when I get a chance. Sorry to inconvenience anybody. If you're looking for the file in the mean time, Google for andrewrecov.tar.md5, I simply renamed it for my own storage (I'm already considering ODIN may not have liked the name I gave it).

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

      Seriously? Some people are so impatient. How are we supposed to enjoy the tech of today if something new is always coming out tomorrow?

      People don't buy a new computer every year, so why do they need a new phone/tablet/etc every year? It's like throwing money away.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

        Seriously? What's wrong with releasing new and updated products each year??? Arguing against progress isn't going to win many points. If you want to argue against constant micro-iterations like Samsung is doing, then I think people will rally behind that ;)

        Also worth saying...speak for yourself. There are people who buy new stuff each year, sometimes it's justified, sometimes it's not. I'm ordering a new phone today (my first Windows Phone) and I'll be getting either the SGS III or HTC One X later this year (after Samsung makes that decision for me, if ya know what I mean). Of course, I can justify this because I'm going to be developing for these phones...

        As for computers, it's true that very few people upgrade each year, but that's also because the 30+ year old industry doesn't go through huge and rapid changes anymore. Considering how wildly different some gadgets will be compared to just last year, the rules are different for phones and tablets. Besides, a lot of people resell their stuff to people who can't afford the brand new stuff, so it's not throwing away money for them.

  • Russel

    Also I am still waiting for an update with ICS for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 .. No more sammy for me

  • jrb

    I like the price, but I'm waiting for the Galaxy Note 10.1 to hit. The rumoured specs and s-pen software make it exactly the kind of tablet I've been waiting for.

  • Sergio Fernando Cebrián Aguirre

    At least is not "The New" Galaxy Tab :P

  • Richard Néveri

    Anyone knows what kind of a CPU and GPU will the Tab2 7" with?

  • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

    I'm thrilled by this, I've been waiting for the rumored Nexus tablet but based on the rumors I fear it will be stripped down features wise to the point where it's not even useful in order to be priced lower than the Kindle Fire

    This seems to be a perfect combination of features and price. I'd guess I'm 90% that this will be my first tablet.

    • L boogie

      Looking forward to see the official Nexus tablet and considering it's being made by Asus for Google, not sure about the stripped down features but I'm going to reserve judgment until the final product. Now the quartet here is interesting considering Samsung doesn't always release price points of this nature for launching new products i.e the 7.7 cost as much as both the new 7.0 & 10.1 here.

      • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

        Well being a Nexus device it very likely won't have a MicroSD card slot, if they want to price the tablet at $150 (rumored) or even $199 they will have to scrimp on the memory, so I'd expect it to have 8GB of storage if not less.

        Will it have bluetooth? GPS, a FFC? All of these things cost money.

        I could be wrong and the Nexus tablet could have similar capabilities to this for a lower price but I don't see how.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          Blackberry Playbook retails for $199, 7" screen, 16 gig storage, 1 gig ram, bluetooth (why was that even mentioned, it costs almost nothing to add). They say they are making a profit at that price...how in the world was Amazon supposedly losing money on a lower spec'ed (less storage and less ram) version of otherwise identical hardware (same screen and SoC)?

          GPS would be nice, but I could understand if it was left out. I hold that an SD slot should be mandatory. I also think NFC should be mandatory, but I'm not holding my breath.

          I wish Google would treat the Nexus Program devices the way that the G1 and Nexus One originally did it. At the time, the plan was to create devices that had as many of the sensors and components as they expected to be on anything for a while, that way a developer could get the device and write apps and have hardware to test all of the features without having to buy multiple phones for testing. If a Nexus tablet comes out, I will be very disappointed if it is lacking GPS and NFC.

        • Freak4Dell

          I'd be fine without NFC, but if it doesn't have microSD or GPS, it won't be on my radar. If I could live with those shortcomings, I'd have already bought a Kindle Fire.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          Lol, not for me, I care about NFC way more than GPS. It might sound stupid but I want to be able to "Beam" web pages and other stuff from my phone to my tablet (and back). To me that's potentially a massive speed boost to workflow.

        • Freak4Dell

          Different strokes for different folks. I'm looking for something to use in the car, so GPS is a must.

          Hey, at least if you need NFC, you could get one of those new SD cards that have NFC built in...assuming the thing will have an SD slot. That's not really an option for GPS.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          I do the same with my tablet, a huge screen is incredible for Navigation (I demonstrated that point to a buddy just 2 days ago). I feel I could live with letting the tablet acquire the GPS through my phone...but I'm with you, no matter what it should just be built-in. That's kinda my whole point...even if the average tablet might not have a feature, I want a Nexus tablet to have it.

          I've thought for months about the best use case ever. Imagine picking a destination in the Maps app while you're walking to your car, beam it to your tablet for Navigation the moment you sit down, and you're driving a second later and watching a huge screen for directions. If that's not good enough, I can't tell you how many times people have been sitting next to me with locations stored on their phone and they have to hand their phone to me with Nav running so I can follow it...Navigation would be so much more awesome if you can just beam destinations around.

          Hmm, so who is going to tell us we shouldn't be playing with tablets while driving? :)

        • Freak4Dell

          That's a good point. It's not something I would go out of my way to use, but I probably would do it if I had NFC built into both my phone and tablet. Right now, I don't have an NFC phone, though, and I don't really plan on getting one soon, so NFC is just not something that's important to me.

          Having a passenger beam it to the tablet would be awesome. You can't have people complaining about you using a phone or tablet while driving if you never actually touch the phone or tablet.

          There's a lot of things that Android devices could be useful for in cars. I've always wanted a CarPC in my car, but the cost and reliability (or lack thereof) have kept that from happening. With a tablet, both of those issues pretty much disappear. Somebody who is a genius with electronics could do so much with a tablet in a car. I have a lot of things I'd like to do, but realistically probably never will, just because I don't have the expertise to do so.

  • rubejb

    How would this be for mid to high level gaming? Something like FPSE or N64oid?

  • anoosh

    the next world tablet without any update!!! :)) Samsung tab 10.1 sucks ;)

    • anoosh

      Like! Me too... :-|

  • Freak4Dell

    Hmm...keep my View, get the Tab 2 7.0, or keep waiting for the Nexus Tablet? Decisions, decisions...

    • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

      Yeah I'm in the same boat, I wish we knew more about the Nexus tablet, such as what features it will have.

      • Freak4Dell

        Yeah, I think I'm going to wait it out for that reason. If the Nexus tablet is decently specced, (I don't need something super high end), I think it will be the best choice.

        I know I'll end up losing money if/when I sell my View, so if somebody gets ICS onto it, I'll probably just keep it, but right now, I'm going to keep my options open.

  • Madmadworld

    Does ics support app2sd?

  • Rob

    So you can get a brand new GTab 2 10.1 for LESS THAN what the original GTab is retailing for?