Dropbox has been the reigning king of cloud storage and syncing for a few years now, but the competition is getting intense. LogMeIn, which is best known for its remote access apps, has just launched a cloud storage solution of its own called Cubby. Not only does Cubby come with 5GB of free storage to Dropbox's 2GB, but it also implements a peer-to-peer sharing system that will help you get around that limit.


Dropbox requires you to specify a single folder on your desktop to be the synced folder. Cubby, however, takes a page from other apps like SugarSync and lets you choose multiple folders and designate them as "Cubbys." The 5GB limit applies only to what is stored in the cloud at any given time. You can still use Cubby to push files to multiple computers without leaving them on the LogMeIn servers to eat up your space. You won't have access to those files from the web, but you do get unlimited syncing out of the deal.

Cubby is rolling out slowly in beta, so you're going to have to sign up and wait for an invite. An Android app is already in the Play Store, but it's useless until you have an account. Desktop clients for PC and Mac are out as well. I can't wait to see how it stacks up against my longtime favorite, Dropbox.

[Cubby via The Verge]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • NCX

    Is there an upload limit? I liked BOX until I found out the hard way they have a very strict 100mb upload file limit

    I use dropbox to sync files across all my devices, not to mention the nifty instant camera upload feature comes in handy when I want to share that picture I just took across all my devices

  • http://www.todosobreandroid.com.ar Leonardo

    I have like 20gb on dropbox already, so I don't think I'll change that until Google Drive...

    • http://meatcastle.com bwbloom

      My sentiments exactly.

  • Adam

    Worth checking out. LogMeIn are innovative with how they implement their products/services. Worth checking out at least...

  • Adam


  • jnt

    If they offer p2p in addition to cloud, I'll gladly check them out. I have LMI on all my computers, and family members that I help as well, already...

  • http://ajs2677.tumblr.com/ Andrew Simeroth

    I most frequently use Dropbox, but I can't help trying all of these out. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Diarrhea Splatter

    You know MPAA will shut this down.

  • Danzig

    What about additional storage prices?
    Cheaper than insynchq.com, which uses google storage, it is essentially google drive (at 1/8 of the price of dropbox!)

  • Rafael

    25gb in dropbox, 50gb in box, and now possible 5gb in cubby.... I won't get hurt... And for free!! Plus google drive in waiting. That's like having your pc hard drive tagging along whenever you are.

  • John

    Does it suffer from iPhone stupidity or can you actually sync folders on an Android device as well?

    I tried Dropbox for Android, you can share files to the app and download files but not actually specify a folder to keep synced with the cloud. It's more than a bit pointless.

  • Pclind

    Just downloaded and the app asks me for my LogMeIn ID, which I do not have, so yes, quite a bit pointless!

  • Eugene

    This is also good.
    Works well, doesn't require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN. http://www.ammyy.com/en/solutions.html