Dolphin Browser has always been one of the better browser alternatives on Android, and with version 8.0, it's about to get a bit better. In addition to a nice even version number, the update adds a menu bar along the bottom of the browser, an improved Add-on sidebar that's not confusing to look at, and a shiny new Dolphin button for easy access to the Dolphin Sonar and Gesture features.

dolphin1 dolphin2 dolphin3

The new menu bar is more than a little reminiscent of Android's Action Bar, however this one is still only triggered when you press the menu button, so it's not quite as handy. The Add-on sidebar has also been improved with both icons and names, so you won't be tapping blindly anymore. The Gesture button that lies in the bottom left corner of the screen has now shape-shifted to a Dolphin Button that also gives you access to Dolphin Sonar which lets you navigate underwater with your voice.

The update is available on the Play Store now. Once you update, Dolphin will somewhat frustratingly add a shortcut to Sonar on your homescreen. You can remove it, but replacing it seems impossible as it's not in the widget or app list. Weird. Also, It looks like the update is only available for Dolphin Browser HD, so those of you on the stripped down version for less powerful phones, or the Dolphin for Pad beta: sorry guys. You're gonna have to sit this one out.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Hitch

    it also forcibly added a desktop icon without asking.
    so guess who's going to start looking for a new browser...
    (if I eventually get ICS I'm just going to chrome...)

    • Blerg

      Yep. Seeya. All it had to do was ask.

      • Ortho Novum

        yeah... because removing the icon would require too much finger muscle movement... :P

    • Tee

      +1 That's really annoying.

      And what happened to the 'save link as...' -option? I'm not sure this version is a step ahead...

  • Colin

    How does the new Dolphin compare to Chrome?

  • Chris

    Desperately needs an ICS theme.
    The Blue theme is all the wrong colours.

  • Cribology

    Now that I have Chrome installed on my SGS2, all other third party browsers have been uninstalled. Admittedly Dolphin still has the best way of accessing bookmarks.

  • Awesome Sauce

    wow i bet the people at dolphin were pissed once chrome launched. absolutely no reason to use something other than chrome at this point. oh well.

    • Ortho Novum

      ok 1%

      you people with your ICS and Chrome... *sigh*

  • rg

    How to remove the quarter circle doplphin at the bottom left corner??

    • jc

      Uninstall the Dolphin Browser HD...

  • les

    They have removed the refresh button from the menu, which means you have to scroll to the top of the page before you can refresh it. This is a very bad move as it means you can't stay on the same part of a page and refresh

  • lance

    The icon added to desktop was simple enough to remove, but to remove the dolphin button on lower left: select it, then select the settings gear at the top

    • Tom Black

      No you dumb piece of shit, you can't remove it from settings.

      • Tom Black’s a moron

        Actually you can, and he's correct. asshole

        • http://www.facebook.com/cambriax Cambria Mraz

          How? I looked in the settings but didn't see an option to hide the dolphin icon.

          • Kesse

            in the gear menu of sonar. go to gestures. there is a position option at the buttom of the options. there is also a hide option