In order to further take advantage of its customers "continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect," Verizon will be adding a $30 "upgrade fee" to all new devices purchased with a two-year agreement after April 22, 2012.

Big Red is quick to remind users that other carriers also charge a similar fee, but I'd like to remind it that the lack of a ridiculous upgrade fee is one of the reasons that many customers choose Verizon as their mobile provider.

As if LTE devices aren't already expensive enough - that $300 handset just turned into a $330 handset. All for no justifiable reason. Thanks, Verizon.

[Verizon News Center]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Justin Moore

    They're making the argument against non-subsidized handsets better all the time.

  • Justin Moore

    I meant to say: They're making the argument FOR non-subsidized handsets and against CONTRACTS better all the time.

  • Rudejamaican

    Verizon keeps sticking it to their customers, you guys keeps getting raped. These company really do not know how to keep customers.

  • Olof

    Lol @ America

    Sucking up your money.

  • Silver Fang
  • Phil

    Boooo hisssss
    When will these companies figure out that they can lose their "top dog" status by doing crap like this??

  • Jason

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Ron Parish

    As far as I'm concerned, there won't be any more contracts from my house for Big Red. They should at least throw in unlimited texting for everyone in the family for that amount.

  • sriracha

    where's my goddamn pitchfork and torch?

    they going to introduce a "delivery fee" for data too? like the power companies do for your electricity? why not, start a new trend.

    i can't wait for the world to be WiFi connected. good bye data packages. let's just hope we see Christmas this year..

  • me

    And my rep just got done telling me how Verizon has the advantage if no upgrade fees.

  • irish_iiii

    Why I switched to Sprint last year. Tired of the limits, with no real way of protecting you from going over, and now this?

    The grass really is greener on this side!

  • Chris

    I will gladly take a less powerful handset if it's paid in full. I will never sign another contract again. Prepaid phones just keep looking better all the time.

  • jeff donuts

    ahahahaha that first line made me bust out laughing good one AP. on a serious note verizon customers shut up about it u know damn well ur gonna cough it up slaves. i know how important that LTE is to u guys

  • Jim

    continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect?

    Uhh...... isn't that we write a check to Verizon every month? What are they blowing the money on so that they'd need an extra $30?

    • Cameron Summerson


  • Nicholas.Foote

    Arg!!! My upgrade is April 24th! Curse you Verizon!

  • lortay78

    Absolutely paying full price for next device.

  • http://www.facebook.com/asgkjnlkjdgd Eddie

    Lmao @ all the idiots who are like "Fuck that I'm just going to pay full retail for the phone!"
    You do that. You pay $600 or more for a new smartphone, instead of just paying an extra $30. rofl
    Maybe that's why you need a smartphone, because you obviously aren't smart.

    • ryan z

      You might pay 600 out the door but when you look at the money you will be saving going through a prepaid carrier versus Verizon you will actually be spending less over the course of a year. This is how most of the world does it. I suggest you educate yourself next time to avoid looking like such a jackass.

      • http://www.facebook.com/asgkjnlkjdgd Eddie

        No one is talking about prepaid?
        The upgrade fee is for new two-year activations.
        Meaning, contract not prepaid. Derp.
        I suggest you educate yourself next time to avoid looking like such a jackass. :]

        • Nerdy Desi

          At least if I buy the phone at full-price, I can easily leave without any ETF. Besides, you can easily save at least $100 off the price of a phone by buying elsewhere like Ebay. I got my Rezound for only $220 without extending my contract. I didn't get the Beats headphones, but who cares for that price!?

        • ryan z

          yo your so fucking dumb, you still dont get what im talking about. listen closely you fucking fool. you buy a phone off contract, go with straight talk or virgin mobile or any of the other BYOD providers, and end up spending much less than buying a subsidized phone and essentially being a slave to these cell phone companies that do not give a shit about you. Open your fucking eyes and read dumbass.

  • Kathryn

    I was already planning to leave them when my contract ends in June, unless they were willing to work to keep me. Now I just became a Sprint customer for certain.

  • Mike

    So, now I can stay with Verizon for $30 or pay a new "activation" fee with another carrier? There just went my last reason to have any carrier loyalty. If you don't show me loyalty, I won't give it.

    • spydie

      unfortunately, sprint sucks for most of the country. Poor service or no service, and no 4G. So they are cheaper than the rest? but they have nothing to offer. Reminds me of the old joke about the guy that goes into the grocery store and asks "how much are your eggs?" The grocer says, "$2 a dozen." The guy says, "the grocer across the street is only 75 cents a dozen." The grocer says, "then buy your eggs there." The guy says, "he's all out." The grocer says, "when I'm all out, they are only 50 cents a dozen."

      • Freak4Dell

        Well put.

        Honestly, unless you need data on several smartphones, Sprint isn't even cheaper anymore.

    • spydie

      you can get most carriers to waive the activation fee. I never pay one.

  • Chris

    Greedy pigs, what else is new?

  • mgamerz

    Soon it'll be cheaper just to buy the handset

  • Horse

    So... if I walk into a Verizon store and say to a rep "I'm going to cancel my contract if you charge me a $30 fee for my upgrade" are they really going to tell me to stick my contract up my ass? That makes absolutely no sense from a profit standpoint. They will make a hell of a lot more off of my 2 year contract than the $30 fee that I'm walking away from. I highly doubt that this will be difficult to get waived. It's like an activation fee. They want your contract first and foremost and will in all likelihood be willing to forego their $30 cashgrab.

  • Freak4Dell

    It's still $6 cheaper than what Dan Hesse asks for.

  • daVinster

    Well, you can drop Verizon and move to a smaller carrier if you're willing to accept a provider with less coverage and slower data. AT&T jacked their fee up earlier this year. The big dogs with the best coverage and the best features have us by the short hairs unless we're willing to settle for mediocre. Depends on what you're willing to live with.

  • landon lewnes

    The issue here is that they are already charging a $35 activation fee when you get a new device. While this is easy to get waived, we now will have another $30 fee. I'm betting it will be dang hard to get them to waive their now $65 fees. You will definitely end up paying for one or the other. Unlimited data is the only thing keeping me here...might not even be worth it.

  • Bolski

    Well, the threat of "I'm going to a different carrier that doesn't charge this fee" has become "I'm going to a different carrier that doesn't charge this fee ... uh, never mind. They do too."

    The only thing to do is stick with your old phone until it dies. Don't give in and pay the fee until you absolutely have to.

  • Flappy

    So you're leaving Verizon, and going to Sprint to sign a contract? Well you will pay a $36 activation fee, then when you renew in 2 years, you pay $36 again? Don't understand that logic?!?!?!?!

    • Jordsimp

      All credit union members (free 2 join) have a great perk... 10% off primary plans and waived activation and upgrade fees!

  • VertigoKeyz

    Sprint need to do a hostile takeover of Verizon. I mean really hostile. I want bloodshed! It is what they deserve with the way they bleed their customers dry!

    • Freak4Dell

      Sprint's not in the financial position to take over a box of donuts, much less a real company. No way those clowns even think about taking over Verizon.