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Bringing the "world's best-selling Football management game" to Android users everywhere, SEGA recently introduced Football Manager Handheld 2012 to the Play Store recently, giving players the opportunity to "take the hot-seat at any club" including leagues in 12 countries (across several continents), with full control over team management from training to tactics to live management during matchdays.

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Besides offering a lengthy career mode in which players can experience a full career in a given country's league, Football Manager Handheld 2012 allows for quick play via Challenge Mode, in which players will complete "a particular short-term scenario with a clear goal to be achieved."

The game utilizes Sports Interactive's "huge global scouting network" for accurate real-life research, offering players realistic situations with actual players.

Overall, the game seems to offer a unique experience, and have interesting gameplay options both for those with time to spare and those looking for a relatively quick playing experience. Additionally, FMH 2012 can be played in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

If you've been dreaming of managing a football team, now's your chance – just hit the widget below to grab the game.

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    It's mind boggling that something like this is actually uber popular in Europe, or anywhere. And yet, apparently it is.

    Someone care to explain to me why? And why it is worth $10?

    • Ridwan


      I'm a FM fan. FM has been popular for so long now. I remember playing the game when it was still called Championship Manager. The game wasn't as complex as it was now, but many of the elements are still there.

      I think it's popular in Europe becoz of the sheer amount of clubs you can manage and football fans (not handegg) are crazy about managing their clubs (Surely i can do better than our current shitty manager, for example)

    • doobus

      The concept's not that big a departure from Fantasy Football.

      And about popularity - hell I don't get why golf, baseball and cricket are so popular with so many people either???

    • Thom Schröder

      Football is way more popular in general over here in Europe I think. I think it's a dream of every football player to play in the Champions League, so most play in Europe if they get the opportunity.

      That said I think almost every football fan thinks he knows better than the decisions made by the manager. From what I know this game is playable to the extend of detail anyone likes to play, very detailed and time consuming, or quick and dirty. So I think it's appealing to a lot of footy fans, and yep there are a lot of them ;)

    • http://www.sigames.com Marc Vaughan


      I'm to 'blame' for the app - I love management simulation games so much I joined the company 15 years ago to help make them.

      They're generally seen as a 'love or hate' style of product - if you like a sport and think that your favorite team could do so much better if only the person in charge of it would listen to what you think should be done ... then you'd like sports management sims.

      The app allows you to play out what would happen if your decisions were put into practice and see if your team would fare better with you in charge (or not as the case may be ;) ).

      These games are very popular in Europe - but are still a niche title in America.

      There are however quite a few around for American sports, if anyone reading is interested in the concept but not into soccer I'd suggest taking a look at:

      Out of the Park Baseball (iOS and PC/Mac)
      Front Office Football (PC)
      Bowl Bound College Football (PC)
      Fast Break College Basketball (PC)

      Hope this helps,

      Marc Vaughan - Sports Interactive Ltd

      • Bjarts

        I am considering buying this but I do have one concern, will this game bring updates to include more country's?
        Love from (and maybe some love for) Norway.

        • MarcVaughan

          I'll be actively supporting the game and updating it - with regards to adding new leagues into it; I'd love to in the long term (most yearly FMH updates have introduced at least one new league) ... but I can't promise it'll happen in an update to this years version, simply put there are LOTS of factors which go into adding leagues - not just the coding of them, ie. licencing etc.

      • John A Chapman

        Marc i know this is a long shot.

        I do love the FM stuff and going to get the one too but i want to ask as a big rugby fan and having been only a few in the past will there ever be a rugby manager game from SI as the game is really grow not just in europe and southern hem but in the US Canada and Asia?

    • mcstraun69

      For Americans to understand it you guys first have to forget that is is a soccer/football game cause the sport is not as popular in America as it is in europe. Imagine it being an NFL simulation game. Every fan of any sport, particularly if you strongly support a team, feel that there is something you would do better if you was the manager. Whether it id financially or tactically. So if it was an NFL sim game you would want to do a move like bringing tebow to the NE Patriots or something and manage/coach the team to a title. Thats what FM does it makes you live out your fantasy and do things your way. This game is super addictive and well worth the money.

  • arunasena

    Hell yeah I am going to spend on this.

    Artem it's not just popular in Europe but in Asia as well ;argely due to the influence of football/soccer here.

  • Himmat

    Lol I remeber being totally hooked on LMA Manager 06/07. Overall, I played, 30 game seasons in total, probably equivalent to at least a thousand real life hours.

    Anyways, from the in game shots, this doesn't look too promising.

    But Artem, reason people like playing this is because it puts them in the hotseat of a manager, and they can buy players/manage the team etc.

    Although, yes, on hindsight, I must agree it's pretty stupid because really, there is only so much you can do in managing a virtual team. The rest is just computational luck.

    • http://www.sigames.com Marc Vaughan

      Out of interest - what about the screenshots doesn't appeal to you?

      The design was intended to be clean and slightly brighter than our usual FM PC/Mac products .... but most importantly to display things as cleanly and easily to control/read as possible bearing in mind the size of a mobile phone screen.

      PS - Everything in life has an element of luck imho, its how you manage that which determines your success generally .... playing a management sim is no different in that regard.
      Or as my son reminds me when he beats me at COD for the umpteenth time in a row, "consistent luck is called skill" ;)

      • William Heath

        Criticism is criticism and I suppose it's needed in order to move forward and improve ideas, but genuinely, I LOVE this game. I used to play CM98/99 - 00/01 and then seemed to stop using it as I grew older, but without doubt, this is by far the greatest franchise if one likes football.

        Compare this game to ALL other managing games on Android and it puts them ALL to shame as CM/FM did in its heyday... And still does.

        Great work Marc. I don't mind paying £6.99 considering the depth and pure enjoyment this game brings. It was a blast from the past playing this and I'm back addicted again!

        Thank you for bringing HOURS of fun back into my life!!

  • heldros

    I love Football Manager.
    The prize is a bit high but in the end will not resist :-)

  • VertigoKeyz

    That is not FOOTBALL! It's SOCCER!! GET IT RIGHT!!!

    • VertigoKeyz

      [end pompous american rant]

      • http://twitter.com/sketaful Mikael Guggenheim

         You do know that it's called Football outside of the US? :P

  • OFI

    Wow.. really.. £6.99 LOL

    When you can get most proper games in full 3D for <£3 really what are they thinking.

    • http://www.sigames.com Marc Vaughan

      When you can get most proper games in full 3D for <£3 really what are they thinking.

      I believe its good value for money myself - this isn't a game which most people will play only for a few minutes, its something which will often be played for long periods frequently.

      Outside of that reason we pay to licence the teams and players etc. shown in the game - this means that the price has to be above a certain point or we'd simply lose money on each copy sold (and imho the game wouldn't be the same without real data in it).

      Its also worth bearing in mind that the same codebase is used to create the PSP version of Football Manager Handheld which has a RRP of 29.99 UKP ...

      You're correct the game doesn't use flashy 3d, but the depth of the simulation involved is fairly advanced and accurate and theres a heck of a lot of love and tlc gone into making it ...

      (but yeah I'm biased and obviously its up to everyone to decide if this is a game for them and whether they think its worth it - I do, but then I would I help create it ;) )

      • http://twitter.com/sketaful Mikael Guggenheim

         THis game has never been about the graphics anyway. Great game and well worth the money! ;D

  • ZombieCow

    I didnt expect a SI dev to respond here :)

    I cant tell much to the people complaining about the graphics and the price of the game... You should really play the PC equivalent version in order to understand why the graphics are being done that way and why the game is at that price point. There is a proprietary engine that calculates all the possible possibilities when it comes to transfers/pitch behaviour/coach AI/player AI etc etc which is a work of many many years back... Plus the scouting team of SI which gives the most accurate virtual representation of player skills ever made in a football game...

    Glad to see the game released on our beloved smartphones/tablets... Now if only you had all the leagues you have on the "big" versions and I would buy it in an instant :)

    *hint* Bring the Greek football league soon please :D

    • http://www.sigames.com Marc Vaughan

      "I didnt expect a SI dev to respond here :)"

      I get around ;)

      "Glad to see the game released on our beloved smartphones/tablets... "

      To be honest getting it onto Android was largely a 'labour of love' for me, I wrote the prototype for it in my spare time to prove it could be done and then SEGA/SI were kind enough to support full production for the product.

      I'm really hoping that we get enough support from people to warrant future versions on the platform, tbh after investing a LOT of my own time in this version I'll feel a tad silly if we don't ;)

      "*hint* Bring the Greek football league soon please :D"

      The list of leagues in FMH is slowly expanding with time, I'm hope one day we'll bring that league over ...

  • swanbot

    Marc Vaughan, Great to see you on here!

    Been playing Championship Manager/Football Manager since Championship Manager 2.

    Really impressed with this first version of the game for Android. reminds me quite a lot of Champ 2, which is no bad thing.

    Just a shame it eats battery life, but that's hardly a surprise or your fault :)

    Keep up the good work :)


    • http://www.sigames.com Marc Vaughan

      Really impressed with this first version of the game for Android. reminds me quite a lot of Champ 2, which is no bad thing.

      Cool - glad you're enjoying the game.

      The intent was to try and make a game which got back to our 'roots' - the kind of game we created around 2001 or so, something a bit faster and more 'fun' to play than the PC game is today.

      Just a shame it eats battery life, but that's hardly a surprise or your fault :)
      I've tried very hard to minimise the battery drain from the game, but unfortunately some modern Android phones have fairly limited battery spans, my Galaxy S2 lasts around 6-8 hours when idle ... let alone when playing a game :(

      I will however be looking to further optimise the battery usage and I'll shoehorn what I can out of the systems.

  • MarcVaughan

    Just to keep people up to date on the games on-going evolution; the first update for it is in development at the moment with the aim of having it released early next month (May).

    This will include various improvements and a new skin for larger resolution devices.

    A real-time list of the update in progress as its worked upon can be found at:

    Hope this helps,

    Marc Vaughan - Sports Interactive Ltd

  • Knotty05

    hi guys i bought this game for my galaxy s i have just bought the galaxy s 3 is there any way of re downloading the game without paying again