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Remember the InPulse smartwatch? Looks like the crew behind that nifty little device learned a lot from their initial watch creation, and now they've hit Kickstarter with a new project called Pebble.

Pebble is basically an upgrade to InPulse, as it offers quite a few enhancements over its predecessor. It has a 144x168 e-ink display, Bluetooth, a vibrating motor, and three axis accelerometer; it's also fully compatible with Android and iOS.

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It doesn't skimp on usefulness, either. Since it connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth, it can alert you of incoming calls, emails, and SMS/MMS messages; control most popular media players (like Pandora and Google Music), and has support for proprietary apps.  Of course, even will all of its bells and whistles, Pebble is still a watch at its core - a watch with a seven-day battery life (thanks to its e-ink display, no doubt).

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If you're a runner, cyclist, or golfer, Pebble has some great offerings right out of the gate for you: a bike/running computer, as well as a rangefinder for all the golfers. These were the first apps designed for Pebble, but there are many more in the works (if you're interested in developing apps for Pebble, check out the SDK.

While Pebble may be a Kickstarter project, it hit its $100k goal while I was typing this up (in fact, I watched it jump from around $60k to $85k, and then to $110k+ in a matter of minutes. Amazing stuff!), so it looks like this incredible little project is going to turn into a retail reality.

For more information, as well as a way to further contribute to the project, check out Pebble on Kickstarter.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • blargh

    there goes battery life with this!

  • Jan Bergemann

    I dig it. If the battery really does last as long as they say, this could be a rather stylish watch. Though I've stopped wearing wrist watches since I got my smartphone.

  • Skillit

    Men if only i have 130 dollars to spend on something like this !!!!

  • spydie

    7-days and you guys are excited? geez... e-ink should last for months. My kindle does... and my ipod nano, which is mostly a watch, lasts for weeks. And it's not even e-ink. No real functionality here that I can see that will cause me to spend any money unless it's cheap... you didn't even talk about the projected price.

    • Zac

      They project the cost to be $150 in the text. Your iPod and Kindle don't have an always on screen, Bluetooth running, and they are also larger so you can fit a much bigger battery. Just fyi.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

      You're missing a lot of points here. First, they say right on the site that it's going to retail for approx $150.

      Second, the Kindle is a WAY different beast. It has a substantially larger battery and not likely to do even as much work as the watch. The Kindle also only changes what's on screen when you change pages, that's the only time it uses energy, the watch's screen is changing every second (if there's a second hand on the watch face) or at least every minute. The watch is also keeping a relatively constant Bluetooth signal going whereas the Kindle only fires up wifi or 3g once or twice a day (and on demand, of course). I can't see why it should be a big deal to recharge the watch once or twice a week (most likely every night when you go to bed).

  • jeff donuts

    this one actually looks like a winner unlike the others *coughmotoactvcough*. im kind of tempted cuz its not big and bulky

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

    Bluetooth 2.1? For both the watch and phone battery life this should be using 4.0 (BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy).

    I like the idea (I've always wanted to adopt products like this), I just hate that they always look like calculator watches. I wish somebody would manufacture something that lends itself to (gawd I'm gonna get flamed) good style. Let me explain... :) The watch looks nice by itself, but it doesn't fit with very many styles that are current or fashionable. Show me a watch that is more similar (indistinguishable at a distance) to a Tag Heuer, Citizen or even Movado and I'll have buy two.

    Dare I remind the manufacturers; a group that's very prone to foolish overspending is the nightclub crowd, all of which are carrying around top-of-the-line smart phones and love fashionable gadgets and accessories...but they are not well served by what's available now.

    Disclaimer: Before flaming begins, just remember this is my taste and style, I'm not suggesting the existing smart watches shouldn't exist in their current look/style, only that there should be at least some that serve other styles.

  • Lou

    Now if I can have the option to make it look like the Pong/Asteroids Watch, but knowing that the system is Open, I am sure someone will develop an app to make this happen!

    Looks like I might be buying this after all.

  • Jordan

    I'm sold if they add support for WP7

    • useriousbrah

      ewwwww, windows phone? Why on earth would you want to use that?

  • daVinster

    The watch is a great idea. I could do without some of the features though. I'd just like to be alerted with ID on calls and be able to read text messages and see "From and Subject" for email. Calendar alerts would be good too. Perhaps in the future they'll make models with fewer features and a lower price.

    • Nik

      How about they make a model with the same features for a lower price? Wouldn't that be preferable?

    • Zac

      I doubt it would be much cheaper. Only thing they can really take away to make it cheaper is the accelerometer and vibrator saving a few bucks, everything else is software.
      Plus you may not think you need it but I'm sure there will be an app that you would want sooner rather then later. Isn't that how tech always works?

  • Tim M

    Backed and now the waiting game starts. Since they are almost at 1000% of their goal and it has only been 1 day, hopefully they'll be able to get them going on the fast track. I want mine before September! :p

  • CoolCustomer

    I do like the look of this product and am considering getting one but I get the feeling that anyone who has taken or is currently taking a shop class would likely just make their own.