Last Updated: April 22nd, 2012

Did you think we were done? Of course not! There are so many fanboys and fangirls out there to dress! Today's giveaway will inform all of the iOS-loving people around you that they may want to protect their gadgets, lest yours devour it for nutrition and tastiness. The shirt says it more eloquently than I do, though. Just like last time, if you don't want to wait to see if you'll win our giveaway, you can use coupon code "ANDROIDPOLICE" (no quotes) over at LOLshirts to get a $5 discount.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  1. Bailey Sandlin
  2. Sheldon (bionic)
  3. Deltaechoe
  4. Nandre
  5. Ben (cookjr)
  6. Jerry Gooch
  7. exso
  8. Jon Amarino
  9. Tommy
  10. Paul (pmbase)

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You guys know how this works, don't you?  To enter, head to the comments and tell us something you love about your Android device that makes it better than any alternatives you may have considered. Be sure to use a valid email address in the email field of your comment. Also, keep it civil. These arguments can be fun, but rudeness can disqualify you. Also, this contest is for U.S. residents only. Sorry to those of you across the pond/border!

The giveaway begins immediately and ends tonight, April 11th, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST. After that, we'll randomly pick the ten winners and notify you that you're getting some free swag.

If you and your device can't control your hunger, you can use the aforementioned coupon code to make with the discount. The coupon code expires at 11:59 PM PST today, so don't dawdle! Also, don't ever use the word dawdle. I'm so sorry.


Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Jerry Gooch

    I've had an iPhone up until the atrix came out. I like that I can tweak just about everything to my liking e.g., the OS, kernel, simple theming, even replacing default apps such as the dialer or messaging app. I firmly believe the iPhone is only for the simple minded. While android is only as complicated as you want it to be. (I make it pretty complicated :-) ) but that's how I like it! That's why I'll never switch to another mobile OS. Not sure if you count customizing a feature but that's why I'm an android user.

  • Spikejnz

    I chose my GNex because it had as close to a vanilla Android build as you could get on a stock Verizon phone. Also because it's just friggin SWEET!

    Why is my phone better than an iPhone?

    Custom Roms
    Native Flash
    You can modify literally ANYTHING
    I have a file system that I can access to manually copy movies/music/books/etc
    I have a file system that can be accessed to upload files to websites
    Not Apple

  • Bill

    I like that I can do things my way. Oh and on the small occasion having to fix things after trying to get my way too often...

  • Christopher

    I love android so much because because of its openness. might sound stupid but there is a huge level of dev support for both apps, roms, customizations, themes and almost everything

    • http://www.youtube.com/ruebarb263 Rueben Burrows

      Yea im going to answer this even though im not in the US so don't COUNT me lol. I love Android so much because of the Development community and custom ROMS/Mods :)

  • Justin

    My Android Eats Apples because it CAN be different: iPhone demands uniformity, my Droid demands creativity.


  • Matt Webber

    Hey, One thing I love about my device is the 4.3" screen. I also love the ability to customize almost anything! I am newer to the Android community and I can't get enough. I subscribe to almost ever android blog and podcast! I have a GS2 and I am patiently waiting for my US ICS update. Thanks for my chance to win this amazing shirt. I would love to wear it around all my Iphone friends. ANDROID FOR LIFE!

  • Steven Golson

    My Android device lets me to customize to my hearts content.

  • Raymond

    I have a Galaxy S II..and I love it.. has more flexibility a 4.5" screen with Gorilla glass and it always gets comments on how clear the screen image is over the apple phone and other phones for that matter...i made a great choice and I am constantly pushing people to drop the apple and go droid!!! it's the way to go..now and tomorrow and on!

  • Richard

    Function, freedom and control, three things iOS doesn't know about

  • Phil LaRocca

    My Gnex loves to eat rotten apples almost as much as he loves ice cream sandwiches

  • Clayton

    My Android lets me have more than one thing happening at once.

  • moin azfar sheriff

    my android device is better than any device out there coz its amazing and has better specs too .. love my galaxy note

  • SeanRinVA

    My Galaxy Nexus allows me to run a fully customized kernel, ROM, & recovery - and crack flash new ones hourly!

  • Kyle Murphy

    Customization is one of the best things about Android. In Google we trust

  • jeff donuts

    i love my gs2 cuz its such a badass phone nuff said. hey it won smartphone of the year for a reason and has sold millions

  • leandro a paulino

    Omg i want 1 so badly

  • Jake Weisz

    om nom nom nom nom nom

  • Kyle Yoder

    Being able to do what I want with my phone that I paid for. The freedom android entitles is amazing and has stemmed into a new hobby!

  • drew

    Every time I take out my Galaxy S2 I get oohs and what kind of phone is that responses.

  • Ofir

    One word - widgets. I love being able to customize these and have quick access to pertinent information without having to open an app to do it.

  • Colby

    Root and running ICS on a 2 year old phone.

  • Joshua Ballard

    I love my Android device because of the level of interaction on the games, the level of dedication on the apps and the pure size of the 7 inch screen, Yes I have a Transformer. Oh and did I mention I love it because of the affordable price?

  • Mitch Miller

    I love that my galaxy nexus has a massive screen so I can actually read documents without touching my nose to the screen.

  • Denenatse

    Send it C.O.D. to Canada ;D

  • Kevin J.

    I love the ease of use my android handset provides, the widgets allow me to get control of my day, with the calendar and gmail widget I can organize and then seize the day (always wanted to say that. After the small learning curve when I got this phone, coming from a dumbphone,i notice I use it more than my laptop, which then got replaced by an android tablet. Oh android, what would I do without you...

  • Dave

    Widgets > ios :)

  • Pamela McKinley

    I love my android because it allows my husband and I to take our ADD son out to dinner and actually have time to eat! The games, movies, it all entertains him, and we don't have to rush!

  • Chris W

    I want to sport that shirt. I think either way I'll get one but free is so much nicer.

  • http://www.denebun.wordpress.com DeNebun

    Being new at this android I can't say much but:
    I had a Nokia X6. That one I bought to satisfy my boinky love for the nokia brand. It ended up in an ugly divorce. Fucked it up badly and turned it to my father.
    Now I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and still manage to fuck this one up from time to time.
    I love my Ace mainly because it is simply a smart phone. And the more complicated reason is: I love my android device because he makes apple users seem old, boring and plain.
    By not saying much I meant saying it all :D
    Now stfu and give me my tee!

  • Trina

    One of these days, and 1k comments later, I shall WIN!

  • Ryan B

    Where do I begin? I love how I can....
    -truly multitask
    -replace the battery
    -replace the ROM
    -expand the storage
    -have choice of carrier
    -have choice of hardware
    -enjoy the benefits of massive 3rd party plug-ins
    -get to enjoy hardware innovation before Apple fans do
    -have LTE already
    -deep integration of other Google services
    -turn by turn navigation

  • Michael Grasser

    Customization! Big screen! Open Source!

  • Jon Amarino

    Nom nom nom... My Atrix 4G devouring my wife's 4S. Everything is better with Android!

  • dave

    i enjoy how customizable my phone is, i also enjoy the fact that i don't need to use itunes to sync music onto my phone.

  • VenumX

    I like being able to have custom roms to customize my experience and better my device! Also wireless tether has saved me in a few situations.

  • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon

    I love that even though at first I was sad my G2x didn't have an LED notification light I was able to, through the awesomeness of Android, turn the Capacitive button LEDs into a Notification LED!

  • Justin Hollender


    I love my Android (gNex) because I can do whatever I want. I have the freedom to install different roms, themes, kernels, and use it however I like. Apple's got nothin on Android.

  • Jeremy

    Multitasking, custom ROM, Widgets, its your phone you can do what YOU want with it not what the manufacture decided you want or can do

  • http://mariser.wordpress.com mariser

    the best thing about my Android is that it is not an Apple product.

  • Matt

    Biggest thing is open source. I also like the customization, widgets instead of just icons to apps, I can take the battery out of my device...

  • Drake Hand

    I like that my android lets me have the freedom to control every aspect of my phone, not wrap chains around them, like apple does

  • http://www.bevonfindley.com Bevon Findley

    I love my android because of roms, being able to customize it how i want and especially side loading without having to jailbreak

  • Poorna

    Android Phones are not 'evil'

  • Evan O

    Opps, there it is...

  • http://bionic.tavishandmolly.com Sheldon

    One word: Widgets. I love them and I can't see how anyone can live without them.

  • Steve

    I like customizing to my liking

  • Michael Gerberich

    I am so happy with my Toshiba Thrive for the fact that it can do certain thing that no other tablets can do out of the box. It may be bulky but with full size ports it is one of a kind plus it does everything any other tablet can do.

  • JDo

    I love my android phone(GNex) because I can customize it how I wish and also the hardware suits me(large screen etc).

  • Cory

    My android (LG Thrill/Optimus 3D) may not eat apples, but it's still an android, this shirt is freaking awesome.

  • Virgilio

    Android gives you more freedom to do whatever you want with it

  • JustReboot

    The ability to have a my phone not a iPhone. I would create a list but I'm limited to only 1000 characters :)...

  • Jim L

    Why android? Live wallpapers and widgets...did I mention I love scrollable widgets?? :)

  • James

    I like my android because I can customize it how I like, unlike apple where they tell you how you like your phone.

  • Jonathan

    I love my Android phone (Motorola Atrix) over other phones because:
    -Not Locked Down
    -Great Apps
    -Updates and Upgrades on Software
    -Webtop (Number 1 Reason)
    -Great Community
    -And Much More

  • XzinteR

    The customisabilty and the development which allows it to be even more personal

  • XzinteR

    The customisabilty and the development which allows it to be even more personal.

  • https://plus.google.com/113106022275581205965/posts/DcrgXoixdJD Ken Wolf

    Freedom to do just about anything my way on my Sony S tablet. I own it, not Apple!

  • Josh Schinagle

    I love that I can customize my device how ever I want. The new features in ICS such as face unlock and beam are awesome as well.

  • Tommy

    My phone is huge!!! And Cuddly!!!

  • Matt

    Unlocked bootloader on my gnex makes a world of difference!! I love these shirts, so pick me!!!

  • Tanner Jacobson

    A lot of people here are saying it, but the sheer level of customization and general freedom to do what I want with my phone is what I enjoy most, not being forced to use it in what someone else deemed best.

  • Jeremy Harris

    My Android does everything and manages nearly all aspects of my life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/THEadamlewis Adam

    I truly love my HTC Sensation because it is ALL that and a bag of chips!

    Being an Android user since the G1, I love the endless possibilities this OS offers including those that begin with rooting your device...and the gaming on my Sensation is absolutely sexy.

    If I win, I'm prepared to wash this shirt every night to wear every day.

  • stalemate

    Besides all the excellent points concerning the flexibility of the Android platform already listed, here's one for hardware:

    If I want to swap out my battery without voiding the warranty, I can.

  • duplissi

    why do i choose android?

    freedom to use my device how i see fit.

    control over all things on it just like my computer'

    speed 4g is faaaaast.

    versatility unrooted/unmodified android can achieve far more than unmodified ios.

    expandablity sd cards anyone?

    size having a 4.3 inch screen seemed absurd at first, now it is a minimum.

    oh yeah i wants another shirt AP! make it happen!

  • Jon

    I love my Xoom
    1. It's Android so its more open than OSX
    2. Since its Android, it uses the Linxu kernel which I like. Go Linux!
    3. Google Experience device
    4. Custom ROMS that I can use are awesome
    5. Customizability

  • Eric D

    All the fun learning of how to unlock bootloaders, root my Galaxy Nexus, and do things like making my boot animation the boot animation of a Game Boy Color have inspired me to become a Computer Science major!

  • SteveDoes

    From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep my Gnex is in my hands. I've been an IT Professional outsourced to clients all over downtown los angeles. Especially in the fashion district. You can imagine how many people related to fashion have the iPhone. Every time I'm on their to work and sometimes add mail account latest greatest iPhone 4s I just don't get it. It is so bland and boring and small. I always like showing off my Gnex next to it. I have Google Reader and currently subscribed to Android Central, Android Community, Droid Life, Droid Matters and the best Android Police. I love posting on my wall problems with the iPhone. Recently I just posted the class action lawsuit from Canada and how its Siri feature DOESN'T WORK how it's advertised. Just make me laugh that's the feature everyone purchased the 4s for. The Big difference between that and the 4 and nobody even uses it. ahhh apple people are just retarded and you can't convince them otherwise. That's why I need this shirt so I can walk around downtown wearing it into these sheep’s office at the fashion district :D

  • Matthew McNair

    I love my Android device for it's customization. I can do whatever I want with it how ever I want without being fenced in by the likes of Apple!

  • hassan h

    It has face unlock and an amazing UI

  • Trevor Barnes

    I love my Android device because of the customization it offers and the freedom of the platform. I enjoy the community which is always looking to improve the Android experience.

    Open Source for the win!

  • Dandy Vo

    I chose the MyTouch 4G Slide, the best tmobile phone that has a hardware keyboard. Unfortunately it had mysense which didn't look that great, so I rooted it and flashed ICS on it. It runs like a beast! <3

  • Ben

    I love my Droid because it "just works"...exactly the way I choose for it to

  • http://www.anykeyatikokan.ca Rob P

    always with the US only contests.... totally killin my buzz guys

  • http://www.facebook.com/index.php?eu=wLJ49zTZdmc_kBoUI4wKUQ#!/profile.php?id=1280289646 Timothy Roberts

    I love my Android even more than my own children!

  • Rocky

    I love my android because i dont have any restrictions on any level of customization.

  • http://www.zeekthegeekonline.com Jon Bair

    The thing I love about my current Android is I haven't found a reason to root or hack it yet. It does everything I want! I also get ICS soon!

  • kirk hayes

    I love that I can make my android device what ever I want it to be. My phone has a custom rom and the look is unique to me. My tablet has a stock rom but also has a unique look and feel to it. Lets see your apple do that!

  • Jason

    I was supposed to consider another phone? I chose a Galaxy Nexus because of freedom. With Android I can do what I want with it. I've used iPhones and always found them to be far too restricting.

  • Phil Fernandez

    Because I can use my Java programming skills to write cool Android applications.

  • Josh

    I love that you can customize nearly everything about Android. Don't like something? Replace it!

  • Mark

    I love my HTC thunderbolt, I waited 4 months for the first 4g LTE android phone to come out, and had to wait even longer because Verizon didnt want its release to coincide with their Iphone launch. I bought my thunderbolt on release day and ran circles around my freinds with Iphones.

  • Sam Monty

    I got a first generation Android Phone. Just love the open Eco system and flexibility of rooting to suit personalities.

  • Dustin Carney

    I never win anything, PICK ME! =D

  • http://www.joshuatly.com/ joshuatly

    My galaxy nexus is better than your galaxy note. Cos I GOT ANDROID 4.0 BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Ice

    I love the 4G speed on my HTC Rezound the keyboard on my Droid 3 and the touch pad on my motorola Citrus =D

  • Tyler Cooke

    I love my Android tablet becuase it does tons of things that I love that an iPad can not do for a fraction of the price.

    Live Wallpapers - iPad users are stuck with static wallpapers that just don't have... FLARE! My Mario LWP almost keeps me as occupied as any of my apps!

    Removable Storage - Lets face it. iPads aren't cheap, and neither are the models with more storage. I can buy a high end Android tab and expand the storage to 32GBs with SD cards and still come out less than a 16GB iPad.

    Gamepad support - This is probably one of my favorite features. Using GP's to play AAA titles such as Shadowgun, GTA3, and Riptide GP is such an enjoyable experience.

    Android does!

  • GoodGuyGreg

    More so than any other OS - Android is like an electronic toolbox. If there's something I need to do, someone has written an app for it & it's usually free.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_GotHeeem Eric

    WIDGETS!!!!!!! WIDGETS!!!!!!! WIDGETS!!!!!!!

  • Bailey Sandlin

    I love the customization of android and as far m HTC Evo Shift goes, the devs are great but I wish I had a better android, that wh I love my Asus Prime

  • Jordan Coleman

    I like Android 'cuz it's not Apple!

  • http://www.reviewedbyandy.com Andy

    I love the screen size, and better resolution than any phone out there; I also prefer the customization, and modding that can be done.

  • Brian Pessolano

    The variety of devices and more free apps!

  • http://www.cresta.gr badirontree

    iphone sucks . Android Rules :)

  • almir

    My iPhone endeavour lasted for about two days. I've acquired a nexus phone (Galaxy Nexus by Samsung on Verizon), and have had it activated for about a week. I love the way the ICS interface allows me to put all the shortcuts into a folder, where I don't have shortcuts all over the homescreen. Something I wasn't able to do on the Iphone. I don't like all the apps on the screen, since there are apps that I use all the time and some not as often. I missed widgets on my phone, I don't need to click weather to see weather, or to click on Google Voice to hear my voicemails. After two days, I had to go back to my Android phone, so many possibilities...and I don't think I have been able to get to the full potential of the Nexus yet..

  • Bidisha Banerjee

    I love the greater screen size, and comparatively better resolution of an Android device than any normal phone out there. I also prefer the customization, and modding that can be done.

  • Bidisha Banerjee

    I love the greater screen size, and comparatively better resolution of an Android device than any normal phone out there. I also prefer the customization & modding of the Android device.

  • aj34

    I love my GN because of ICS

  • michael

    My Android device lets me customize, and has more free app than apple.

  • Ronnie

    4.5" screen > 3.5" screen and custom roms! I also love how everyone has a unique setup on their device instead of just an app tray :)

  • Chris

    My android device has given me freedom from the overlord...

  • sipsik

    customization and modding

  • Sebastian

    Samsung Galaxy S2 (TMO US)

    20 Mb/s during today's speed test.

    Need I say more?

  • Mihai

    Why I Love Android ?
    -because of all the open possibilities.
    I love my Galaxy i9000 especially ...Why?
    it runs on galaxy nexus Rom and modem is from Nexus S.

  • Kevin Yang

    HTC Thunderbolt . . .
    LTE, custom ROMS, wifi tether, sideloading apps

  • andddlay

    Samsung galaxy s 2 epic 4g touch
    Two things that I particularly love about android is the ability to flash custom roms, and the ability to make apps like overskreen!

  • mynameisj

    I love my android because i can customize the hell out of it, and I never get bored of it!

  • Jay Branyon

    Love being able to totally customize my android.

  • Dis

    Cuz my prime has totally replaced my laptop :)

  • http://internecine.webs.com Nandre

    I actually love the community built around Android and the possibilities that come from rooting a device. No other mobile platform gives this kind of community and flexibility!

  • Gixxerdude36

    I absolutely love the fact that I can fully customize my Android--the G2:)

  • http://plus.google.com/u/0/109815852798460673402 Charles K

    The biggest appeal of Android is the customizable and open platform, obviously. iOS won't let you change the theme, much less the whole operating system!

  • pman

    android allows for a lot more user freedom, has a lot of free apps, and comes out more advanced but cheaper than other options

  • Jesus Otero

    I love Android because of all the porn!
    That's why Android was made right?! :D

  • http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/578402_3001077141601_1102490669_32206745_1053363435_n.jpg Tom Johnson

    I love my Droid Bionic, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, HP Touchpad, and Transformer Prime because Android is fast, the customization is endless, hacking it is fun and it does things that WinPhone7 and iOS can't even fathom. In fact I'm wearing my Android Eating an Apple shirt right now while downloading some new tracks, streaming a movie, and checking my email on my Droid Bionic while using it as a wifi hotspot for my laptop. AWESOME.

  • http://truefreethinkers.org Jonathan

    Mine makes me truly creative ;)


  • SharlzG

    I have a the Xperia Arc (previously the X10, & will get Ion when released) Love the screen res, video quality, & camera quality/functionality. Sony may have been slow with os upgrades, but the phones themselves are super impressive & the brilliant camera is perfect with Google+ auto upload/share. Plus the widgets look great on the HD screen.

  • Gera Pedraza

    I recently went from a HTC G2 to a Samsung Nexus S
    I know its not a big improvement but i really love all the development the nexus s gets and the super AMOLED screen is just beautiful
    My nexus s with AOKP is like dreaming!

  • Jodie

    rooting/roms and how customizable :D and cuz its better than being "mac-tarded" lol

  • A Davis

    I love that I can do anything I want on my phone or tablet EXACTLY the way I want.

  • law

    Nexus S with stock ICS, enough said.

  • Robert Husley

    GNex, AXIOM MORFR Rom enough said!!!!

  • David Zhang

    I love how I can do SO MUCH MORE with all of my android phones compared to iOS which everyone in my family and most of my friends have. Time and time again I impress them with some new feature I discover. Oh, also I live in the google servers and no other mobile OS offers as much sync capabilities as android.

  • Ron

    I love my Evo 3d and Android because Im smart enough to use a real smart phone

  • Johnforamerica

    I love the ability to "share" via so many apps!

  • GBGamer

    I bought my Galaxy S II T-Mobile because it was the only Galaxy S II that supported my 4g bands at the time. It is now better because it has Skyrocket ROM's as well, it is fricking fast as HELL, it has one of the biggest screens on the market today, it has NFC, it has near LTE speeds, it has ICS (if only a leaked version from the SR), It's easily hackable, it is REALLY EASY to get free tethering on, it has 3 versions of CWM, it runs on T-Mobile, it has a lock button on the side. Man, I love this phone :).

  • Wr3ck

    I can haz shirt?

  • james flanagan

    My android device is the best because I have never owned an apple and I never will!

  • DoomsDave

    I prefer my GNex over any "Other" non-android device, simply because it is android, and i have became a fanboy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/haseeb.shaikh7 Haseeb Shaikh

    I love the fact that you can root it and install custom ROMs and that face that you have different phone sizes and vendors to choose from unlike other OS's

  • Samuel

    It's moddable, it's open source, and best of all you don't have to join "The Cult of the Apple"!

    Android--Not for sheep!

  • Chris

    I chose android due to the high customizability, ability to load custom roms, install software from stores other than the "stock" w/o having to hack the hell out of your phone and it's just so damn pretty!

  • Brian

    The customization and variety of the OS is definitely the best part of Android

  • landon

    I love the hackability of my android phone!

  • brianna

    I like how I have a better screen, more personalization, more responsive screen, and the ability to get a free paid app off the amazon app store. Unlike apple =)

  • Stacy

    It is all about the widgets.

  • jeff Bilello

    Why do I love android? Because it integrates with my google account (my life) perfect!

  • Deltaechoe

    For me? Android is the top choice just because I can flash a kernel that I have compiled on it.

  • Chris Webstee

    Eating an Apple a day keeps the hipsters away!

  • Jay

    Complete customization and a great developer's community!

  • MJ

    I would never consider Apple products because of it's one size fits all mantra, personally...

    Own a couple of Android t-shirts here but I have room for more. :-)

  • Eric Johnson

    I love my Android based Kindle. The apps are so much easier to install than they were on my itouch. Gimme dat shirt. Please.

  • Piyush Parulkar

    i love it because there's a hell lot of development for my lg optimus one as lg is very slow in updates so devs make awesome roms which makes my phone work super smooth n fast!!!

  • Elden W

    I love widgets, customization and ICS

  • http://zurce.tumblr.com sergio solorzano

    i want that shirt to wear it in my iOS development class in my university xD!!

  • JakePhantom

    I love the fact that my Razr eats Apples and craps BlackBerries.

  • Casey

    Fruit is nice and all but it will never have the balls to become self aware and enslave humanity. Robots > Fruit.

  • Daniel B.

    I love my Captivate because it has been through thick and thin with me and it is just starting to show its age. I'm just holding out until the Galaxy S III comes out!

  • Robin Gupta

    This one is for Mr.Ice Cream Sandwich

  • BrungerM

    I love my XOOM because:
    -Google Experience Device: I hate skins
    -Access to the filesystem
    -Ability to install custom ROMS
    -Ability to pair peripherals to my device such as bluetooth keyboard and xbox controller
    -Integration with Google Services, namely free voice Guided Turn-by turn navigation

    I could go on, but im sold on Android