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ASUS Transformer Pad_TF300_RED_575px

We first heard about the all-plastic brother of the ASUS Transformer Prime, the Transformer Pad 300, back at Mobile World Congress at the end of February. While we were given the bulk of the details (including price) at that time, we were, as usual, left without one important detail: a release date.


Thanks to a bit of new information that made its way to Google Shopping last night, it looks like the TF300T could be right around the corner. The device showed up at retailer J&R, but has since been removed from the Shopping list. However, when The Verge contacted the J&R, they were told that the company expects to have both 16GB ($379) and 32GB ($399) models in stock "in about a week."

On a similar note, if you live in France, the tablet is now available for pre-order from Tablette-Store for €499, though the release date is nowhere to be found.

Either way, if you've been waiting on a killer Tegra 3 tablet that won't break the bank, it looks like time is drawing near.

[The Verge]

Cameron Summerson
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  • rudejamaican

    Hhmm, can i trade in my prime.

  • ChaosKiller

    Wow... $399 or €499... That's a $255 more for the europeans... We are getting screwed...

    • Kuroshima

      The french price includes the dock. That's $150 you need to discount from the difference in price. Add the VAT, and it sort of adds up (more or less)

  • Sam

    Ohh no microSD slot.

  • Sam

    Official site lists a micro-sd slot under the Interface section:


    • Sam

      Who are you Sam? :P Duplicating my identity :D

      • Sam H

        Lol I didn't notice that cus I was quickly typing it at work.

        Im waiting for this tablet myself, had problems with the prime with screen burn and dead pixels. Im hoping that because this is a normal IPS panel that i'll have less issues with it.

        Really want it in red with the keyboard dock, hope the UK doesn't get stuck with only 1 model. Storage space isn't an issue for me.

  • Cheerful Charlie

    Finally, someone gets it. Only a $20USD difference between the 16GB and 32GB versions, not the $100.00USD that everyone else charges.

  • Rob

    I thought this was supposed to be a nice cheap tablet?

  • Lewissd

    I might have to just get the 16gb and buy a 64gb microSD for $80!!

    • Tableter

      What for? Those guys @Transformer Forums has no idea for additional extra space and they think your well done with the stock 16GB, a member said, "you are worried about nothing". Since there is no app for installing games and whatever into sd card because of 'Android Limitation', I wonder why bother buying additional space for a tablet running Android.

  • Sam

    Music, Movies? .......

    • Tableter

      Of course...you didn't get my point. It's not that hard to find a game like the Sims free play. Its update totals almost 700MB. I just used this game as an example you can name others as you like but the thing here is, how worth is it to own extra storage space if I can't select or even manage what to put in there? I have more than seven different games, apps etc. 16GB is not enough for me and soon or later I'll have to do some housekeeping .

  • Brandon

    Any confirmation that the 32gb model will be available in the US? I didn't even think there was supposed to be a 32gb model, they certainly don't list that on their site.

  • paul r

    I can only hope they built up stock and tested it! No point releasing something if there is sod all stock or cannot ramp up production to cope with demand. The prime issues and stocking resulted in a big balls up!

  • Masters

    I wonder if there keeping the prime around?

  • Will

    So... no GPS on this one?

  • Himmat

    Hang on. So this is basically EXACTLY the same as the original Transformer Prime, except for the fact its purely made of plastic?

    If so, USD400 is pretty good!

    • Rosh

      Actually no, It has a IPS screen, not as bright as prime's super ips + screen, and a 1.2 GHz cpu, prime has a 1.4 ghz cpu
      that's pretty much the difference !