Last Updated: April 22nd, 2012

Last month I reviewed of the a-JAYS One+ earbuds, and came away impressed. For $50, they packed quality sound and impressive bass into a sleek, attractive form, in addition to a trick control button/mic built into the cable. Coupled with the JAYS app, the button controls your phone and music player, allowing you to play, pause, change tracks, adjust the volume, and take calls - certainly making usage more convenient than typical earbuds.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  1. Joseph Adkins
  2. modplan
  3. Koolaide
  4. Vishal Sheth
  5. KeNgKrUpS
  6. Jeff Trusty
  7. dplowden88
  8. ken (r2)
  9. Rudy Zambrana
  10. Stephennepz

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

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The Giveaway

Now, we've teamed up with JAYS to give away 10 pairs of One+'s. As always, entering is easy as can be: simply leave a comment below and be sure to include your email in the email field so we can contact you should you win. While you're at it, check out the JAYS site - its sleek, simple, attractive, and functional site matches the companies products well.

The contest is open to everyone and anyone. The contest is open until Sunday, April 15 at 11:59 PM PST, and winners will be chosen and notified by email shortly thereafter.

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Jeremy F.

    I hope I win these

  • kim j

    I need these! thanks for the giveaway

  • Joan Dino

    sleek earphones! i want one ^^

  • Edgar

    Gotta Have These!!!

  • Marilyn J

    Yes these would be fabulous!

  • vibhor

    i want that... very good replace for my stock headphones.bytheway they are made for many

  • Van Gogh

    anyone see my other ear?

  • Samreen
  • Jeff

    Well that's a fantastic way to have a giveaway! I've been eyeing these ones for a while! I enjoy a good deal on good quality headphones

  • Mike

    Please choose me Sir because I don't have earbuds..

  • Kitkat

    this earbuds will fit in my beautiful ears.

  • Kol

    Beautiful! I'd be glad if you will give me one a-jays 1+

  • RBI

    Wow 10 a-jays 1+ for free? Isn't that awesome.

  • Bobby

    this is my dream earbuds. Please make my dreams come true.

  • itai marom

    i want thous
    and i never won anything

  • Munky Kird

    It makes my day a beautiful one. Thanks for this. I hope I WIN.

  • Leslie

    They say BEATS I say JAYS. They say Skullcandy I say JAYS.

  • Kayak

    O my God I just found this one. It's better late the never.

  • June

    i love this a-jays 1+ my friend has this one. I'm so jealous on my friend but not anymore. I BELIEVE you will give me one.

  • Tim

    Simply the best earbuds on the planet.

  • Mans

    I want those amazing earbuds. pLEASE choose me. please....

  • beverlylett

    jays ear bugs they are definitely something i would love to add to my collection hope im one of the lucky one's to get a pair

  • Chee Kai Hsia

    I'd like to win it for my dad.

  • charm

    I love to try this awesome earphones.

  • Ever

    As I stroll all the comments I read this "I need this headphones" Guys this is not headphones this is earbuds not headphones or earbugs. peace

  • What

    FANTASTIC and Great.

  • Jors

    Please pick me for my Teacher in Music. She has no earbuds in listening music every lunch break and we have to listen the Whitney music for 6 3 months.

  • http://www.twitter.com/SEP_Marcos Marcos Amano

    Well I really need new earbuds! =D

  • Dong

    I'm positive right now that you will choose me.

  • Dong

    This is good contest. Choose wisely Sir and choose me. LOL

  • Nick Leith

    Pretty sleek looking!

  • Party

    What if I had this one? Then everything is magic.

  • Kawing

    Let me experience the real earbuds. I have one made in china.

  • Call Me

    The first time I saw the a-jays 1+ with button control it kicked my a**.

  • Blake

    This place is on fire ....... and ... sh** my earphones sucks it doesn't play straight, I need this a-jays 1+ please. I will replace this stupid earphones of mine.

  • http://nowebsite.com caniwin

    Yeah, this is some kick ass headphones, gimme gimme gimme :-)

  • Jenna

    Holy mother of a** I hope I win. I'd love to own a-jays 1+

  • Jenna

    Pick me Sir. I really want an earbuds.

  • Ramona

    I'd like to win it for my gfriend!

  • Jeev

    I would like to get my hands on these replacing my recently broken set.

  • Pearl

    Another giveaway from JAYS. JAYS your number one for me.

  • Fresh

    Love this at first sight. I love this earbuds.

  • Chiz

    I don't like to try this earbuds I like to own this.

  • Duke

    Super Awesome. Congrats to the future winner including me.

  • Dinah

    If someone would ask me about JAYS I simply answered them Incredible like Superman not Incredible Hulk coz I hate green.

  • smk

    Oh well, why not.

  • queeny

    I love JAYS. Hope to win one a-jays 1+.

  • Matt

    Would love these, they look sweet!

  • Bosh

    It's kinda funny reading all your comment and I'm sure this comment will one of them.

  • Para

    My goal is to win this JAYS.

  • carl lenny

    I'd love a pair, they look amazing

  • Julian Passetti

    Would be awesome to win, my awful ipod earphones just quit working.

  • Omkar Gokhale

    Would love to have these, desperately waiting!

  • Vivek Soman

    Awesome! Me or my brother, someone will have them for fix!

  • Melvin

    This would be a fantastic upgrade for me, as I currently use the given HTC earbuds ;).

  • http://jxd1689.tumblr.com Jason D.

    Pick me pick me :]

  • amirbahalegharn

    Wow, This is anothe great giveaway. I'd love to have this awesome a-jays product. it's been a while I was going to buy one , fortunately you are here to help me get it,
    count me in as one of the winners,PLZZZZZzzzz...

  • anDroid

    Me, ME! :D (My Comment was a bit too short, so... )

  • http://www.youtube.com/adleyh2000 Adley

    These headphones can really come in handy at work. They are sleek and have the nice black on black color.

    I love the podcast by the way! :-p

  • Daniel Öhrlund


  • Dinc2Dinc

    please! these are ridiculously sweet.

  • madcapfrog

    I hope i can win 1 of them :)

  • Yuval Goldman

    I'd love to win these, they interest me a lot.

  • Ciaran C

    Lost my last pair of jays, please please

  • Jade

    I could definitely use these. Also, this contest ends on my birthday.

  • David

    Been thinking about buying a pair but I've only seen them at resellers for $60-$70

  • Fersin

    Something special for us fans of JAYS

  • Jennifer

    This is it, I've been looking for this kind of earbuds, the free tangled is the most awesome of this earbuds. Good job JAYS & Android Police

  • Johnnykoko

    I would love to ROCK with these earbuds on my Cappy and also my Touchpad!! Thanks for picking me!!

  • Sean

    Woo hoo! Crossing my fingers..

  • larry J

    These would be awesome!

  • Edward C

    Jays are very hard to find at retailers, hope i win one!

  • lyn

    Gosh I'm too late. I hope I'm still in.

  • Jude

    I can't find these in Ireland :(
    So I want one please.

  • Oyo

    Happy Yeppy Yehhey JAYS. I need one.

  • Lazy

    Summer is in the corner and I need earbuds to enjoy the music.

  • Yoko

    JAYS your the best. You ROCK

  • Tomáš Kvasnička

    My Beats Solo HD are broken and when I have heard the T-Jays three, it's uncomparetible with Beats. I really want to won these pair =) Really love that sound.

  • Ivan

    Hope to hear cool sound. Cool site (JAYS site).

  • Sweet

    JAYS Family you are so Sweet

  • Marky

    a-jays 1+ the iphone earbuds KILLER. Android still the best

  • Lick

    Guys please don't compare JAYS earbuds to your stupid and short live earbuds like skull or Beats. No other earbuds on this planet to ever compare atleast 1 inch to JAYS.

  • Ulan

    I couldn't find any earbuds than JAYS earbuds. Give me one.

  • Mr. Ben

    I'm not joking JAYS are the best earbuds today. If I didn't win one a-jays 1+ I will still buy one.

  • Kime

    Let me experience this beautiful jays earbuds.

  • Bram

    Those look good!

  • Dwayne

    I really like these headphones and love Android police.

  • Moo

    My cat's just chewed mine, thinking it was food :( so I really need some new ones ...

  • Erin Sams

    I Need a pair of those.

  • Erin Sams

    I Need a pair of those one+s.

  • http://na Erin Sams

    I need a pair of those one+s.

  • Juan Pablo Ospina

    Looks pretty good, plus it has all the functions that make it a great earbuds

  • Łukasz Bogacki

    Would be nice to win

  • Winnar

    look awesome definitely want

  • Derat

    It would be nice to have an JAYS.

  • O S

    Hooray! Yes please!

  • Loveron

    I really want this kind of earbuds

  • Loveron

    Oops I have one more comment I love JAYS. Thank you

  • Faer

    Thank you for this awesome chance to own a JAYS

  • Joel

    Wonderful thing on EARTH. Free tangled earbuds. No earbuds can do that. JAYS only.

  • Kaser

    Yes at last I have a chance to own a JAYS this is treasure.

  • http://www.retrochair.com TJC

    I would love to win a pair of these.

  • Allan

    Thanks for the offer, would be nice to have one.

  • Jasmean L.

    I hope to win these. :-)

  • Jasmean L.

    Hope I get these.

  • Ken

    cool They look amazing

  • Nforcr

    Hope to be one of the lucky ones

  • David Tetlow

    Would be cool to win them.

  • Ken

    Love this earbuds. Go JAYS keep it up.

  • Nobi Star

    According to my horoscope "this is my lucky day" oh JAYS

  • Rea_padilla

    Need to try this earbuds it looks amazing.

  • WillieMAN

    10 a-jays1+ free? no other company can beat that. Thanks JAYS

  • Tintin

    I would love to be a member of JAYS Family.

  • Billymarsa

    Don't hate me 'cuz I've got the coolest JAYS'

  • Marian

    J is for JOy and JAYS
    A is for Awesome
    Y is for YOu
    S is for SEXY

  • NSlynneG

    Really sleek design. Just JAYS ME!

  • Danica

    cool.. WINNING!

  • april

    would love these

  • Adam Fursdon

    Yes please. My buds just got broken.!

  • Jesse

    Love this. I hope I'm one of the 10 lucky people.

  • Kimmel

    My ears can't wait for this......

  • Luto

    Wish upon the star :-) love this.

  • Jenall

    I need this my earbuds are made in China I want SWEDEN.

  • JaysFan

    Dear Jays your Impacting people through earbuds.

  • Kolea

    nice review.. Gotta check this one JAYS

  • kala_stars

    I never had an amazing earbuds in my whole life. I hope JAYS would give me.

  • Arsen Gedmishkhov

    I hope I win this amazing earbuds!

  • Jude

    I'm not gonna say pick me...
    Just don't pick anyone else.. ;)


  • Skoni

    I can't wait to get hold of them :)

  • Dorack_uk

    Woo! Potential free stuff!

  • http://gadgetstip.com/ aatif

    Hope i can win this !! ..Heard lot of things about it :) 

  • Stefan

    Just in time, let's hope I get lucky.

  • Vishal Sankrityan

    This is really cool stuff. Thanks AP.....You guys are the only good thing that has happened to the world since phones became smarter than average Jack & Jill!!
    I really need these..... At least i hope to win. In India....these are damm impossible to find!!!!

  • Charles H Smith

    I NEED new earphones. Hook a android fan boy up!

  • Hyden

    Headphones are good but my heart loves JAYS earbuds.

  • Boblert

    Yes! Could do with some decent earbuds!

  • daniel candelaria

    I definitely have to say that those headphones not only look beautiful, but also seem like they'd be great for someone like me, who often spends hours at a time using DAWs like Reason and Ableton Live. I would love a pair. AKA I HOPE I WIN.

    • Danny Candle

      I hope you win too.

    • Andrewbvincent

      I also hope you win.

  • LMFAObuster

    My neighbors loves LMFAO she always play the Rock anthem every afternoon in a loud speakers, I need this earbuds to protect my life in stupid music. Heavy Metal all the way. I love JAYS

  • Danny Candle


    • daniel candelaria

      Good Luck!

  • Javkhlan

    Yes, can I have one, please?

  • Shikoro

    These earphones look awesome!

  • Can Sarac

    I would like to get a JAYS <3 mail:[email protected] 

  • Johnnyone56

    Since my last pair of earbuds broke I... stopped listening music on my phone (theyre pretty darn expensive for a college guy who has to live by himself... food... books...)

    Will you help me enjoy the last album of Kanye on this beautiful a-jays?

    Thanks a lot!

    Happy Easter!

  • Jón Ingi Bergsteinsson

    These headphones look way too smooth! I would definitively want one ! I recently got my HTC One X but the poor HTC headphones won't hold inside my ears. I need a new pair! I would greatly appreciate free ones :)

  • Sean

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • readitodie

    nice design. very insteresting looking wire.
    hope i get it. 

  • LLothar


  • TKL

    I am always looking for good and durable earbuds that I wouldn't have to take off after 15 because of hurting ears.

  • Chunhow_127

    Got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus few months back, the Samsung earbuds just won't hold in my ears. Would appreciate if I got this ! :D

  • Jin

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