Last Updated: April 22nd, 2012

Last month I reviewed of the a-JAYS One+ earbuds, and came away impressed. For $50, they packed quality sound and impressive bass into a sleek, attractive form, in addition to a trick control button/mic built into the cable. Coupled with the JAYS app, the button controls your phone and music player, allowing you to play, pause, change tracks, adjust the volume, and take calls - certainly making usage more convenient than typical earbuds.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  1. Joseph Adkins
  2. modplan
  3. Koolaide
  4. Vishal Sheth
  5. KeNgKrUpS
  6. Jeff Trusty
  7. dplowden88
  8. ken (r2)
  9. Rudy Zambrana
  10. Stephennepz

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

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The Giveaway

Now, we've teamed up with JAYS to give away 10 pairs of One+'s. As always, entering is easy as can be: simply leave a comment below and be sure to include your email in the email field so we can contact you should you win. While you're at it, check out the JAYS site - its sleek, simple, attractive, and functional site matches the companies products well.

The contest is open to everyone and anyone. The contest is open until Sunday, April 15 at 11:59 PM PST, and winners will be chosen and notified by email shortly thereafter.

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  • Romain

    I want those Jays! :) fingers crossed.

  • Ratzil

    I want one of those Jays!

  • http://about.me/craig.lambert Craig Lambert

    Spin that random wheel on me please! I can always use a new pair of earbuds. :)

  • Simon

    I want it!

    Wish me luck:-)

  • Panky

    Lost 4 giveaways.... really heartbroken :(
    Hope I win this one at least :)

  • myo win

    Always been androidpolice fan. Always will be..

  • MikeNatsy3

    Fingers, toes and eyes crossed! I want these!

  • Keith

    They 'sound' awesome!

  • Imran

    why not, I can win.

  • Marcel

    I'm in a market for new headphones. :)

  • steveo031986

    Crossing my gunfires I'll hear what good headphones sound like! :)

  • Matthew Dobson

    I need these since my current earbuds SUCK and occasionally give me electric shocks inside my ear! Save me from searching for a better set!! :)

  • Janish Aggarwal

    So want the Jays!! Love Music.

  • Kish

    Could really do with a pair of these....it will be a definate upgrade from the crappy ones i currently own

  • http://debadattabose.host.org Debadatta Bose

    Frankly I cannot afford these now. Would be nice if I win.

  • Nasser

    I really need new ear butds.. And these look sweet as butter :)

  • http://www.askhansen.com AskHansen

    I need some new plugs, I had the beats ones, but was not a fan. Would be nice to win these :D

  • http://learnfree.eu/ lokster

    Don't really need them, but If I win - I'll not throw them away :D

  • Scott

    Oh, Just in time - Guess I can wait a few days to see if I win before I replace by current buds .... Never lucky, but maybe this time?

  • arthur

    awesome! I <3 prize draws

  • WildKarrde

    Those look pretty nice!

  • luciano

    i wish i get a pair of a-JAYS One+

  • http://www.lookedpath.tk LookedPath

    i hope to win that... :D

  • tzeench

    Wonder if they'd drown out the boss at work?!? I'd love to try!

  • nearlyasian

    I'm normally a supra-aural or circum-aural type of guy... but these might be enough to win me over =)

  • Ramon

    I want this!!! Hit me up PLEASE.

  • Sam Nalty

    would love to win a pair of these!

  • Ron

    Will go good with the beats Rom I have installed

  • Iñigo

    I want them! They are awesome!

  • K

    would be nice if i won:)

  • Aldin

    Look's cool. It would be nice to have one. :/

  • Vhero

    They look really cool might buy even if I don't win. Will definetly keep my eye on future products.

  • http://about.me/shawns52 ShawnS

    These always looked really nice, hope I can win a pair! Thanks guys!

  • tdweng

    i'll take one please

  • Scott

    Hey! I'd like to try a pair of those ear buds!

  • John

    I hate how the Samsung headphones always have one headphone that the rubber piece falls off of. I'm without headphones for a while :/

  • Robert Husley

    Those look great, would love a pair to have while on campus!!

  • kork

    Love to have a pair!

  • droider

    Perfect, I want one of these

  • Ross

    You can't win if you don't play.

  • David

    Dont mind if I do.

  • Smalls

    I was a bluejay in college, may as well have some Jays headphones because of it, as if I really needed a reason.

  • Himanshu

    I so want these pair of earphones...

  • David Johnson

    Winning this would save me the money of buying them.

  • Matt

    Would love to get ahold of these Jays - Skull Candy just doesn't cut it.

  • Will

    Man I need some new headphones with a no-tangle cord for skateboarding.

  • Tiago

    Want it! Good luck everyone!

  • Ron lukenbaugh

    I want one please. Read where these were good phones.

  • Wakene Bailey

    I would luv a pair...

  • Brent Sensenig

    Very nice earbuds, would love to win a pair of JAYS!

  • Laczyi

    Nice giveaway :)

  • Kim Tyson

    Sure could use a pair of these baby's.

  • Daniel

    These look awesome! Hope I win!

  • Bobdegolf

    I'd fancy a set of those, Please

  • rawveeda

    I am late to the party. I would love some JAYS One+ love. :) I have to check in with Android Police more than once a morning.

  • Eric

    I have been needing some new headphones for a while now!

  • http://www.scsoftdesign.com sc3764

    Cool. Another one.

  • LV23

    Very nice earbuds.

  • Russell

    This is one of the best giveaways on the internet right now! Props to AndroidPolice and JAYS. I'd love one!

  • http://www.alika.com.do Gerard

    In for some cool Headphones...

  • VertigoKeyz

    Sweet buds. Gimme!

  • yeo wee kian

    one of the best ear piece i have ever seen. =)

  • Tim

    I would love to get me a pair of those a-JAYS!

  • Michael

    Well it's a slim to non chance to win, but why not try?

  • Nyamka Ganni

    Nice!! simply love it!

  • BuckeyeDroid

    I need these sooooo bad. The ones I have at work kill my ears after a few hours!

  • Nikhil

    WOW !!! As if all the updates you guys give wasnt enough ... cool earphones

  • jhon do

    i just want to win anything

  • Zdenek

    It would be nice gift for my girlfriend

  • Dustin Hoover

    I need those JAYS!!!!

  • Aayush singhal

    i want to win this giveaway
    i have never won one

  • Kyle L

    These will replace my current earphones nicely.

  • Joe

    These look super slick! I'd love to have some!!

  • Gregor1997

    I need new headphones, these would be perfect.

  • Alex Vidrean

    Really needed a new pair of headphones.

  • Stephen

    That's some fine audio hardware.

  • Damian

    That is very nice of you, JAYS! :-D
    I appreciate the effort. I would be very nice to listen music with One+'s in beautifull Poland! :-)

    sunny regards

  • Robin

    Yes pleeeeease! :-)

  • Setrina

    Nothing better to hear with I need theses

  • pleather

    Yes please and thank you.

  • Kree

    GIVE ME!!!! please :)

  • Maxwell Foxman

    Hope to get a pair myself. Been loving the site thus far

  • Brian Cowan

    Could really use a set other than the ones that came with the phone...

  • Peter Dzhi

    Thanks AP for yet another awesome giveaway!

  • http://none Daniel

    Wow already 14 pages of comments... may the odds ever be in your favor... well mine :)

  • sebvett

    I need a new set of headphones as I managed to severely damage my (surprisingly good) HTC ones by falling on them.These would be a very nice replacement.

  • dragos

    i want them those earbuds

  • Gary

    Comment. Okay a bit longer this time.

  • Sorian

    Worth a shot, would like to own a pair.

  • Honberiz

    After my last pair died last week, I could sure use a decent set for once, lol!

  • Spencer Rosengarten

    I'd much rather have these earbuds and not need them than need these earbuds and not have them...

    Except that my wife inadvertently washed my bluetooth headset with my clothes...so I guess I need them? ;-)

  • Luis

    I'd love to have them.

  • Ryan McFadden

    I need new headphones!!

  • Bayilo

    Yea, Baby! Give it to me!

  • Scotsman

    It will be interesting to compare them to Skull ear buds that i've purchased twice from the VZW Corporate Kiosk at my office complex. Especially since Jays has an App for Android where as Skull does not. Thanks very much for bringing this product to our Android loving attention.

  • Kennyy

    My old earbuds get broken last week,now it`s time to get new ones... :) :) :)

  • Lucas

    I could really use a new set of headphones - so here's hoping.

  • Vitaliy

    Wish me luck! :)

  • mickster1245

    would like to give them a try.

  • David

    mommy I want one!

    no son you already have the ones from your phone

    Ain't the same shitttttttt waaaaaaaaaa

  • David

    I ran my old ear buds through the washer, so I'm looking for a new pair.

  • Ishaan

    I really hope I win these. The flat cable design is really neat.

  • NCSUgolfer01

    I could really use an awesome pair of tangle free earbuds like that for running! Can't seem to get my hands on any that are up to the task.

  • kujon

    I hope the force is strong with me now..

  • PichoGve

    Want those Jays!

  • Brian Getchel

    Nice looking headphones.

  • Khris

    Pass me them jays.
    android police is the greatest

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  • Ericsson

    I'll give it a shot!

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    Jays Please! Thank you!

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    I would love a pair of those Jays, need new headphones urgently! Make me win!!!!

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    I would love these earbuds as I have never had a pair before.

  • Simon

    I want those headphones!!!!

  • Oskari

    Really need new headphones!

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    Looking for some headphones that are a step up from my iPod buds...sign me up!

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    fortune, here I am! :)

  • Omar

    These look pretty neat.

  • Jon

    Worth a shot. Pick me!

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    Wanna simply play some Riptide while listening to a song at full volume with these Earbuds on my hand-free.

  • Faraz

    heyy i want one pair of jayssss

  • Coty Ternes

    These would be so nice, because I can't afford headphones for to DJ with.

  • Alan LaVeau

    I commented, haha. I've never owned a pair but they look like they would be nice!

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    these looks really cool, and I need a new set of headphones.

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    I never won nothing before. I'm waiting the first time. :p

  • Tyler

    I would love to have these with the Galaxy Nexus
    I didn't win.

  • PasadenaGeek

    Nice! I like the look and and bass in a earbud is welcome.

  • Matt

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  • ist

    Cool. But I would not won :)

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  • Hamza Lall Mohamed

    Well thats a generous offer :)
    Some good earbuds are always welcome :)

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    Would be perfect to land a pair of these headphones, my current pair is in slight need of repair. Good luck to everyone!

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    I ride a motorcycle to and from work (30 miles each way). I would love to have a set to listen to music on the road in and out. Please Androidpolice.com PLEASE help a hard working family man out...THANK YOU!

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