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About a month ago, we saw Lenovo's previously unknown IdeaTab S2109 hit the FCC, providing a glimpse of little more than the company's new 4:3 tablet. At the time, Engadget's tipster claimed it sported a 9.7", 4:3 IPS display, TI OMAP chip, four speakers, and microSD. Turns out they were on point with all of that (though not about the March launch date, obviously), and today, the company has released an official reveal video for the tablet.

Comes with unibody shell and gunmetal finish. It's 8.9mm thin, has an IPS display for a wider viewing angle and has a 1.3 Megapixel front camera for clearer video conferencing. Comes with SRS Trumedia for an ultimate mobile entertainment experience, Quad speakers for stronger bass, Micro-HDMI, Micro-USB, Latest Android 4.0 Ice-cream sandwich for a smooth interactive interface, 10 hour battery life and much more.

The official description fails to mention the microSD slot and Play Store support that's shown in the video. There's no mention of what specific TI OMAP chip we're looking at, nor an official word on resolution. However, NotebookItalia seems to think it'll pack a 1024x768 display (that's 4:3, rather than the normal 16:10 found on most Android tablets), and will sport 1GB of RAM.

While the specs look respectable (and the "S2109" moniker is certainly catchy), it's hard to get too excited when there are higher-resolution, and potentially more powerful, tablets around the corner - namely, offerings like the quad-core Tegra 3, 1920x1200-packing Transformer Pad Infinity.

[Source: Lenovo, via NotebookItalia]

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  • Letroy

    Hah, that's Budapest at the end of the video! My city! :D

  • Rehan Ahmed

    Umm, no back camera?

  • Joshua

    I've been waiting for a solid 4:3 Android tablet for a while now. 16:9 just isn't quite as comfortable for browsing web pages, gaming, or reading - particularly when used with one hand.

    • Will

      the lepan 2 seems to be very well received i´ve been thinking about switching up my advent vega for one, they´re about $289

    • Mark

      The HP Touchpad is 4:3 same resolution to. I have one running CM9 beautifully. Dual boots webos which is kinda kewl.

  • Nirmit

    This will be good product if less then $249

  • Mark

    ...and if you don't follow Android blogs, you would never know about this.

  • shonangreg

    It does look nice, but Lenovo is getting a horrible reputation for what it is still doing with its ThinkPad Tablet. It has been out 7 months now, and still no one knows what is going on with the GPS. Ditto for the micro-USB port and power button breaking. Don't trust me on this; just google:
    "thinkpad tablet" OR tpt broken OR malfunctioning gps OR "power button" OR "micro-USB"

    Lenovo will not fix all the tablets that are out there and many customer support staff are not even being told there are known problems.

    It is too bad. Opening the TPT shows some really nice design elements inside. There is just no leadership at Lenovo when it comes to overall customer satisfaction.

  • Zach

    Is it me? Or did they mislabel the "micro hdmi" and "micro usb" ports?

    • fonix232

      They didn't, that's the Micro USB-B slot (not trapezoid, but rectangle shaped, supports OTG). Nokia used that on many new phones (N8, N9, etc).

  • http://www.droid-guru.com/ Suraj

    I had a Lenovo Ideapd k1 which always lagged in spite of the tegra 2 processor.Since then i have never bought a lenovo product and don't plan to buy them however tempting there specs might look!

  • zee

    Does the 1024x768 resolution makes some apps incompatible?

    There was a cheap refurb Vizio tablet on Woot this weekend and it wasn't clear just how compatible the 4:3 aspect ratio is with current apps.

    (and how many think the Tegra 3 can drive 1920x1200 at a respectable speed? My hand is not raised.)

  • Thtechnologist

    With a 4:3 ratio it's a non starter. All of the other screens in my life are16:9, and I'm too used to it to go back. Can you even buy a 4:3 monitor anymore?

    • Tyler C

      Yes, on Craigslist, lol
      Nah, places still have them, but theres really no point unless you already have another 4:3 monitor and want the resolutions to match for multi-monitor setups.
      But same, I would never buy a 4:3 tablet, even with a *cough*2048x1536*cough* resolution. Get with the times, companies, sheesh. All the important content people would likely view on such a device is likely going to be widescreen, its a step back to choose 4:3.

    • krn

      ...but 4:3 (ratio 1.333) is pretty close to A4 paper format (ratio 1.414)
      I guess that could be the reason why...

  • CJ2456

    The specs are all respectable but still in the middle (except for the superior sound and the (great if you ask me) quad core speakers) but if this thing has a lower price than the average (which means about $400 or less) it will be a real success

  • Ian

    No Rear Shooter!? Not a deal breaker for me depending on the price and internal ROM storage available but why have a front facing and no back camera