Last Updated: April 9th, 2012

This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see How Do You Follow Android Police?

Pretty simple one this week - hopefully, one that requires little description. Which keyboard do you use on your phone? Stock - and if so, stock Android (either via the Play store or preinstalled) or stock manufacturer? Third-party - like SwiftKey or Swype? Or do you have a phone with a hardware keyboard? Sound off in the poll below, then share via the comments.

Which Keyboard Do You Use On Your Android Device?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Aaron Gingrich

    Personally, I think the stock ICS keyboard is great.

    • Terance

      Ai keyboard is awesome that or swiftkey

    • Alex

      Stock ICS is the best keyboard ever, especially on the gnex...

    • spydie

      You didn't even list the best one on the market, Ultra keyboard. I've tried all the others including the new Swiftkey3 Beta and always go back to Ultra because they all lack some feature I want/use/am used to. There's only one feature none of them have that I'd love...I want more space between the spacebar and the bottom row of letter keys. That way I wouldn't be hitting the spacebar or "period" key when try trying to type "N" or keys in the bottom row.

    • Hal Motley

      I agree, but the convience of Swype is unmatched on small screens when used in portrait.

      Landscape typing works best with Beansoft's Thumb Keyboard.

    • CJ2456

      I use the ICS keyboard in my 2.3.4 device

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com Silver Fang

    Is there no longer any love for the venerable physical keyboard? :-(

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I have no issues with physical keyboards, I just haven't seen a compelling device with a physical KB in years =\

      • http://www.boidapp.com Phil Oakley

        DROID 4?

        This comment is too short and has been detected as spam.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/dextersgenius deX

          Unfortunately, Motorola isn't an option for many, because of their locked bootloader policy.

      • Stefan Seidel

        myTouch 4G Slide. Speed wise you can hardly find anything better, but I have to say the keyboard isn't as good as the original Droid.

    • http://www.fejskorici.com Krste

      Physical Keyboard is the best keyboard.
      Xperia Mini Pro user here.

    • steveo031986

      Thats what keeps me buying a droid ;)

      • CJ2456

        there are even more reasons to buy one ;);)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I think it's fairly obvious we're curious what software keyboard you use because you still need to use a keyboard in portrait mode. Asking which hardware keyboard you use is pointless - it's either one that came with your device or not if it doesn't have one.

      • steveo031986

        If it were obvious like you said, they wouldn't include it in the survey. And I do not you a keyboard in portrait mode. I do not like the keyboard and I use the physical keyboard if I need to type.

  • SoWhy

    I used Swype for a while but with SwiftKey I discovered that I could actually type faster than I could swipe, so I use that now.

  • http://razvanbucur.ro Razvan

    Stock Android... I like it more & I type faster than with Swype.

  • http://androidexpress.wordpress.com/ Nate Kimmey

    Since the SwiftKey 3 beta that's been my main keyboard. Not having to use the space bar is extremely convenient, not to mention really fun to show off.

  • Arjun y

    If you haven't tried Swiftkey yet I highly recommend it! You can get the beta for free, you just need to register for their forums. http://vip.swiftkey.net/

  • Bucky

    Was using SwiftKey... just started using GO Keyboard.

  • tidirr

    Lovely lovely Swiftkey and it's lovely lovely multilanguage prediction that allows me to use english and catalan seamlessly!

  • http://www.boidapp.com Phil Oakley

    Stock ICS keyboard.

  • http://www.boidapp.com Phil Oakley

    DROID 4?

    Comment is too short...

    • http://www.boidapp.com Phil Oakley

      Ugh, stupid commenting system.

  • http://justreboot.wordpress.com deidein

    Huge fan of Perfect Keyboard. Was surprised it wasn't listed.

    • sriracha

      here, here. i really like swipe up from the space bar to open the arrow row, and using the volume rocker to move the cursor left and right.

      wish swiftkey put these features in, or perfect keyboard implemented a similar personalization feature.

      • Tashlan

        Indeed. I'm in it for the Dvorak layout. Surprised so few support this.

  • http://ifaisal.com Mint

    GO Keyboard
    so far , so good ..

    but sometimes , Swype

  • Jon

    I love the keyboard provided by Asus on my tf201.
    It looks good. And has the numbers on the top. The dock is still in the mail.

  • daniël

    MessageEase has beaten out my many attempts at finding the perfect one, which included Swype, 8-pen, Swiftkey, Go, and so many more I can't even remember them all. I still use Swype a bit.

  • e

    Stock Galaxy Nexus kb is nice for me

  • koniczynek

    Why there is no GO Keyboard in this poll? You covered it in Android Police already http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/04/06/the-go-dev-team-is-on-fire-go-keyboard-hits-the-market/

    • http://about.me/povilasg Bomber

      And it have MANY languages. I mean, ok if you write in english, there are many keyboards, but for other languages are just simple stock keyboard. Or you could use GO keyboard witch has so many features and easy to use.

      Btw, I've used GO Keyboard until I've updated my ROM keyboard to sense 4.0 keyboard, because I couldn't live without swype input.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Meant to include it, just forgot to. Whoops!

  • http://@_eliasalberto Elias

    Swype. Tried SwiftKey and SlideIT, but they're both awful in pt-br.

    • Eric

      I prefer "tap" keyboards.. and IMO Swiftkey does a really good job for pt-br.. or maybe I'm saying that by lack of options :\

  • http://ainstower.com/ Aincalandorn

    Multi-Ling Keyboard (I need it so I can type stuff in Japanese). Works wonderfully (most of the time...)

  • http://facebook.com/mattabyte.tech Mattabyte

    Better Keyboard 7 on my GSM Galaxy Nexus.

  • http://bit.blog.hu steindani

    I prefer AnySoftKeyboard. Highly customizable, there are themes and it has a lot of layouts.

  • Adam

    Thumb Keyboard (on a Thrive), but I also use a USB full size keyboard from time to time.

  • João Batista

    I really like the stock ICS keyboard, but the Portuguese dictionary isn't available yet (4.0.4 OTA Update) so I'm constantly switching between SwiftKey and Swype (neither is perfect).

  • Slighter

    Swype on the phone, A.I.type Tablet on the transformer - for the split keyboard.

  • Danny365

    Wow, how come noone really uses SlideIt? I've never had any problem with it. Although I use SwiftKey since I've bought it for $.5, but SlideIt is my 2nd favorite.

  • Nick

    i actually swap back and forth between stock ics keyboard and swiftkey. if i need to type one handed, i'll swap to swype just to make it easier. i don't type any faster, but it is safer (less likely to drop it, etc).

  • http://android.sketaful.se Sketaful

    I use a pirated version of Swiftkey my stupidity made me try it. Now I can't buy it cause it says I already have.

    • http://turbofool.com TurboFool

      Uninstall it. Then it will let you buy it.

    • Kelemen Krisztián

      you only need a pc with chrome browser :) it worked for me, i used the amazon version, not pirated, but it did the same effect, i can't buy it in the play store... here is the workaround:


  • Kuroshima

    I use Graffiti, but I had been using Palm devices for many years before coming to the Android world

  • http://turbofool.com TurboFool

    SwiftKey. In the early betas of the original I hated it, partially because of how it would overrun the hardware keyboard settings on the Epic 4G. Eventually when I stopped using that awful hardware keyboard and when the beta of SwiftKey X came out I switched back and I haven't left it since. Nothing faster. And SwiftKey 3 is even better. Resolves the only remaining issue I had with it.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/dextersgenius deX

      What was the issue?

  • Hov A

    I use Flex T9. Seems to be more accurate than Swype.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

      I think Flex T9 is the best of the swype-style keyboards, which I prefer that type over tap keyboards. I thought Swype was terrible (great idea and first to deliver it, but had a poor word guessing engine). Slide IT is almost as good as Flex T9, but Flex is much better at guessing words that might be missing a letter or misspelled.

      I've switched to SlideIT more recently because I read Nuance was planning to abandon Flex T9 and release something entirely new (not sure how accurate that news was though).

      • SK

        I used Flex T9 too. It does swype-style, does decent prediction if you just tap away (like Swiftkey) and has excellent voice recognition (Nuance is still be best in that).

        It does feel a bit abandoned though. And for whatever annoying reason, it doesn't have the "long press for other character" option when run in a tablet.

  • Jaymoon

    I used to change keyboards every time a new one came out.

    Yet, once I found Thumb Keyboard, I haven't switched bet to anything else. I love the customization, being able to re-map special keys, and it's quick. A winner all-around in my book.

  • Branimir

    I use multiling because of dictionary and it's amazing :-)

  • Matt

    swiftkey.. really? never gave it that much of a chance. ics stock has treated me nicely, but i did like swype in the small amount of time i used it. interesting. i thought swype would have been way out in front..

  • LayZee

    No one using Siine? :)

  • Michael

    I use FlexT9, and I love it

    • Dan

      FlexT9 is great, surprised more people don't use it!

  • Dan Monzelowsky

    Stock ICS on the Galaxy Nexus. Thumb Keyboard 4 on the Xoom.

  • Adam Sablich

    For virtual keyboard on a tablet, Hacker Keyboard is amazing. Adjustable height and a full number row, plus tab and arrow keys.

    For a phone-sized device, I won't buy one without a hardware keyboard. I have big thumbs, and it makes tap-typing an awful experience. Swype is the best alternative I've used, but it is still not great (and that damn language button constantly switches me into Spanish mode) Still using my HTC G-2.

    I would absolutely buy a device with a Palm Treo keyboard, in a heartbeat. It was the perfect size for one-handed TOUCH typing. Horizontal hardware keyboards are horrible for one-handed typing.

    • Dmwhittley

      May I suggest you give MessagEase a try. I've been using it for a year and a half and will never go back to a qwerty keyboard. I average 40 words a minute with messagease and even enjoy coding on it as all letters, numbers and sybols I will ever need are available from just 9 keys. If you give it a week to learn you will not turn back. I promise.
      David W

  • Dmwhittley

    I almost started by saying how surprised I was that you did not mention 'MessagEase'. But I'm not surprised, as no-one seems to write about the markets best kept secret.
    I swear by this keyboard. Admittedly, you do need to give it a couple of days or a week - depending on how much you write - before you can even write at your normal speed. After that, however you will be writing so fast that the word prediction will not keep up with you and in fact become nothing more than a spell checker.
    MessagEase is better than any qwerty keyboard I have tried in so many ways I don't really know where to start. So I will instead start with what is fundamentally wrong with the querty keyboard.
    To start with it is 150 years old and was originally intended to be used with two hands! It does not belong on a mobile phone where most text input is done with one finger or two thumbs. A querty should not, in my opinion, be found on anything smaller that a tablet.
    Another beef I have with all the querty keyboards I have used is the fact that so many everyday characters are hidden. There can only be used by first pressing another key (sometimes more than once) or by long pressing a key. This wastes time.
    The set up I currently use - it is very customisable - allows me to enter any one of more than 110 different characters, including letters - both upper and lower case, numbers and symbols from just a small a 3*3 grid.
    I never have to first press one key and then another to get an uppercase character, a number or a symbol. This allows for substantially faster typing.
    The makers of 'MessagEase', Exideas, advertise it as ‘the worlds fastest touchscreen keyboard. ’ If you care to read on you will start to understand why.
    From the center key of my keyboard (as I have it set up) all others keys (and all 110 character) are within 1-1.5 cm. If you were to write "Android Police Rocks " on a normal qwerty, using a standard 4" screen in portrait, you would need to move your finger approximately 44cm. To write same with MessagEase requires you to move your finger just 17 cm. Distance waste is time wasted. Imagine how many meters and how much time you would save if you were to write a two page article.
    MessageEase is not for everyone. It is, however for everyone who wants to write quickly and accurately and can invest a little learning time to save a lot of typing time.
    by David Whittley

    • dax

      Im with you mr. whittley. Message ease is the way to go. They also have a game that cycles you through the ways of message ease, and you are ready to roll. I actually switched the keyboard on my wife's phone (she doesn't know how to change it back), after about a week of hating me, she now demands messagease on any phone she touches.
      It is funny to me that people will carry the future in their hands, and refuse to spend some time learning a keyboard designed for the way that we now interact with our technology. Do these folks miss the quill and ink bottle?

  • Ryan B

    I use SlideIt in my Verizon GNex. I had a qualm or two with how the other tracing keyboards worked, and the points against Swype stacked as it was a hassle to set it up again after replacing a ROM. It just became much easier to get one from Google Play, so it's always there waiting for me after I ROM/ replace/ upgrade. Wherever my refurb Transformer arrives (Thanks for that tip AP!), I'll likely favor something that's designed to operate with two thumbs.

  • Dan

    I really like the keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

  • James

    I've used swiftkey, swype and a few others but always go back to thumb keyboard.

  • say it

    Stock ics keyboard is the best so far

  • Ian

    TouchPal or Swiftkey X when I don't want to Swype. Why does no one ever mention Touchpal? It's like a marriage between Swiftkey and Swype.

    • Elimentals

      I love touchpal as well, esp the blind type feature, can text without looking at my phone. Its like Switkey+Swipe rolled into one. Predictive tap/swipe FTW!

  • Syed Humayun

    Just way simple to use and very helpful while typing. Auto correct option is far better than any other keyboard in the market right now.

  • DEF

    I use the hackers keyboard.

  • Rob

    I use the stock ICS keyboard that someone ported to Android.

    • Rob


      Well wasn't that comment proof that men shouldn't multitask...

  • Brian Jones

    Swype on the GNex, SwiftKey Tablet X on the TF101.


  • Kenneth

    I like swiftkey but I use Swype because its king for 1 hand texting on my nexus s

  • Ed

    I use Go Keyboard.

  • dbareis

    I use Swype except when I need to copy/ paste between my computer and phone or do a lot of typing then I use a wifi keyboard.

  • Rogue2204

    Still rocking my physical keyboard on the Epic 4G, now with ICS thanks to the guys at XDA.

    As far as soft-keyboards go,


  • Chye Huat

    Multi-Ling Keyboard would be my first choice, for Oriental languages as well as for handwriting capability. Alternatives would be TouchPal Keyboard and Go Keyboard in that order, for the same reasons.

    Other considerations would be keyboard layouts (for thumb or stubby fingers) and different layouts between different orientations (for more precision typing).

  • Deltaechoe

    I have a galaxy nexus and a transformer prime, so on the gnex i use the stock ICS keyboard (although i do have a license for swiftkey and if the next version of swiftkey is good i'll use that) and the keyboard dock for the tprime. The stock ics keyboard is awesome but is still no replacement for a physical keyboard

  • Matt

    Swype on my phone and Thumb Keyboard on my Transformer Prime.

  • http://www.marklaflamme.com LaFlamme

    Swype. The problem is, I think, that once you learn to type swype-style, it's hard to go back. Might give SwiftKey a try just for giggles, but I remain skeptical.

  • Risk

    Normally I use an ICS keyboard, but trying out SwiftKey 3 beta, and it's amazing. I will be buying this once it's live.

  • Mike Niccum

    FlexT9 on my phone. It combines Dragon Speech to text with their own swiping and predictive text options as well as tracing.
    On my tablets I mainly use thumb keyboard.

  • Rafael

    SwiftKey is the best there is. Specially that new v. 3and is long space bar. Simply put Awesomeness

  • Jacksmith

    Seriously guys. Use MessagEase. Using qwerty keyboards on a touch screen phone just doesn't make sense. The small time investment needed to use a keyboard fully designed for touchscreen phones will come back in time savings ten fold.


    I type faster on this thing with my thumb then I do one handed on the full physical keyboard.

  • going_home

    TouchPal keyboard free in the market

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    I like the stock 4.0 keyboard the most. It's not quite the same running 2.3.x + 4.0 keyboard from the market.

    However, I do need chinese input so I use Go Keyboard for the handwriting. For English only, stock!

  • Daniel M

    You should add TouchPal keyboard to the list. It is by far my favorite software keyboard.

  • L boogie

    Since my devices are rooted, I use keyboard manager to switch between swype, slideIT, FlexT9, ICS keyboard, swiftkey X & hacker keyboard. Now I'm gonna try messagEase, touchpal, thumb, multi-ling, and eventually add them to the keyboard squad

  • http://www.marklaflamme.com LaFlamme

    I've been tooling around with Swiftkey for the past couple hours. The predictive powers are amazing. But I find it hard to keep my eyes on the suggestion pane. I imagine people who have been using it a while have probably got a rhythm down. I just can't make the adjustment. Been Swyping too long, I guess.

  • Yusuf

    Wow look at that! Go Swift

  • musashiken

    What? No mention of Smart Keyboard Pro? I use it because there's Chinese and Japanese support. Not to mention skin support and smart dictionary etc...

  • http://www.grantbarker.com Grant

    I recommend going to http://www.grantbarker.com/android_keyboards.html to see a selection of some of the keyboards available.
    Personally I like the HTC keyboards from HTC Sense 3.5 or 4.0.
    AItype keyboard Free is also cool.

  • http://mysite.verizon.net/zmyaro Gamer_Z.

    I actually use multiple. I use the ICS keyboard (downloaded from Google Play for my 2.3 phone) in portrait if I have two hands free, Swype Beta if I have one hand free, and the physical keyboard in landscape. I voted for landscape though because that is definitely my favorite.

  • Beez1717

    I use SwiftKey 3 beta. It is so awesome!

  • GBGamer

    I really wish they (samsung or sony) would come out with a good quad core 4 inch phone with a hardware keyboard.

  • cvdvds

    Perfect Keyboard. And to all the guys that said SwiftKey. Why do you like it? Is it any good even if you don't use autocorrect and that fancy stuff?

  • Kostas Gerontis

    I would use ICS stock keyboard, but unfortunately Nexus S doesn't support greek input. So I'm using my trustworthy Multiling keyboard! :D

  • cyclothunder

    There should be an option for Touchpal beacause it's free and awesome :p

  • TomVal

    On XPeria Pro, I use its hardware keyboard, on Acer Iconia A500, I'm using Hacker's keyboard. I'd like to use a bluetooth/usb keyboard with my tablet, but since I'm not using an English layout, I'm out of play currently

  • tyler walles

    Tried swiftkey for a while and didn't find it any better then any other keyboard... I never use the predictive text anyhow.... I prefer my physical keyboard but occasionally use swype when I don't need to look at my phone to reply to text... but on my transformer , I use thumb keyboard when not docked in the keyboard

  • Si Fudge

    We have 5 Android devices in this household, and all the mobile phones use stock keyboard, but on my tablet I use the Thumb Keyboard. It works great :D

  • MarkG

    Swiftkey X on the Xperia Arc S, hardware keyboard on the Asus Transformer.

  • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

    I use Ice Cream Sandwich Keyboard that is on the store because Samsung removed the stock keyboard from the Galaxy note ICS build. >_O

  • http://www.twitter.com/slycon slycon

    A.I. Type Keyboard Plus. By far my favorite of the Android keyboards. My only complaint is the occasional nag screen to vote on the app.

  • Todd Smith

    Personally, I like Google Tap. You can tap it in the morning, you can tap it at night, you can tap it in the bathroom.

    It's a dot and a dash. To have a conversation with the world.

  • Manny Calavera

    The HTC Sense "trace" keyboard is very good - since it's practically the same as Swype (only with better language support).

  • http://lonestudio.net Albert Van Otto

    Google Tap, I can tap in the morning, night, kitchen, bathroom, see-saw.

  • David

    SwiftKey beta 3 on the G. Nexus is really grand. Switched from perfect keyboard.

  • http://Pastorgadget.wordpress.com Glenn

    Swiftkey was well worth the cheeseburger I skipped so I could buy Swiftkey. It is uncannily accurate with autocorrect, and the onscreen keyboard layout is nicely configurable.

  • Adondo

    I use Swype... but... the latest beta version. My phone is rooted, so I can delete the OEM Swype, and that leaves the door open for the much better current beta.

  • GraveUypo

    on gb i used a mix of stock and swype.
    stock when i was focusing on the phone and had both hands available, swype for 1 handed action.

    now im trying CM9 on my phone so stock only.

  • http://www.playtogetherstaytogether.co.uk Steven Thomsen-Jones

    Smart Keyboard has proven to be the most accurate for me, and using a HTC Desire with my sized fingers that's good work! Also the ability to swap languages on the fly is a real plus point.

  • http://none Lynn

    From the original Palm days... I prefer Grafitti... with practice I can 'write' as faster and more accurately than I can 'type' with any other Android keyboard.

  • SWilk

    I prefer ETAOI.
    ETAOI is a great keyboard which covers only a little bit of screen. It consist of only 5 fields and you get a letter by swyping your finger.

    Just a few hours of training and you can write without looking on keyboard! A few days and your speed is unbeatable!

  • http://cafe-ti.blog.br Alroger Jr

    Perfect Keyboard is the only way to go in landscape!

  • RBI411

    Thumb Keyboard for my Tablet. Swiftkey on my phone.

  • Rasmus Høher-Larsen

    What's wrong with people?
    Smart Keyboard is waaay the best keyboard, I dont understand how only 3% can vote for this! :O
    Smart Keyboard have pretty much everything.
    * Customizable
    * Skinsupport
    * Smart Dictionary
    * Calibration - calibrate the keyboard to know your own typo's!! - GREAT feature
    * No bug, problem or slowness - speed of light!!
    * Choose size of keyboard - Bigger or smaller, your choice. (makes it much easier to hit dat button!!
    * Other advanced functions!
    * Control cursor with volume vup/down button - really nice!!
    * Shitload moar stuff

    And yes, I've tried many keyboards incl. all in the poll and I dont doubt that Smart Keyboard is superior in every single way!

    Give it a try - Please!

    • Nklenchik

      It's just not accurate anymore, man

    • http://youtube.com/2Bunny2012 Channel 2012

      If it's so great and calibrated to compensate for your own typos, then how did you manage to spell the word "typos" wrong?

  • raindog469

    Physical keyboard on my Epic, Hacker's Keyboard on my tablet. If I have to use my phone while it's closed, I usually use swype.

  • Sam Eum

    I would love to use swype if i was given the option to assign specific keyboards to specific languages... swype just isnt useful in korean

  • http://twitter.com/Mercetron Dan

    Nice little sea of spam botters in the comments, it seems. The only thing missing from their posts is the trademark symbol.

  • James Kendall

    personally im happy with the Samsung keyboard. I do also use a secondary keyboard when im using apps like connect bot. for SSH my favourite keyboard is the open source hackers keyboard i need my function and control keys