The extremely popular photo-sharing app Instagram, just days after hitting the Play Store, has received another update, this time bringing some pretty awesome changes.

Perhaps the most significant change the app's update to version 1.0.3 brings is compatibility for tablets and Wi-Fi handsets, meaning users can now share photos from all their Android devices with ease.

Besides the added compatibility, Instagram's latest update allows users to install the app to their SD card, thereby freeing up a little internal storage.


If you're one of the scads of new Android-using Instagram fans, or if you've been waiting to use the app on your Android-powered tablet, just hit the widget below and grab the update.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Patrick

    I have to tip my hat to the company that makes Instagram. They have put out a number of updates since they first made the app available earlier this week. I wish more developers were on the ball like this.

  • watson387

    They can update all they want, it's still a pointless app. It takes small photos with fixed-option filters. There are plenty of better apps for Android that give you way more options for your camera/photos and can upload directly to your social network of choice. I think it's hilarious that the iPhoners thought they had something special with this. lol

    • Matt Peterson

      Whether or not it's robust or practical, it's the userbase behind the app that makes this valuable.

    • Patrick

      Why would you read an article, and then take the time to write a response, for a app you clearly don't like?

      • watson387

        I do that sometimes. I comment on apps I do like too though. lol

    • http://twitter.com/#!/dextersgenius deX

      Um, I think you missed the point of the app. It's not about taking HQ photos or applying special filters. It's about the social network. It's like twitter, but for pictures. It makes no sense right, for twitter to limit characters to 140? Well, it's the same logic for Instagram as well. Quick small-size photos with limited filters, so you can share your moments instantly.

      Of course, there's no rule that you should use only use Instagram for editing your photos. You're free to edit in any app and then share using Instagram. A lot of professional photographers are using it to get instant publicity for their work. People interested in their work then go to their blog/site to view HQ photos, buy them etc.

      But the point is, it's a basically a photo sharing social network app.

    • Kevin

      We could use less people like you. I bet youre the kind that rates an app poorly because the main character on 9mm was a jerk. (true review. I read it.)

      • watson387

        No. I rate apps poorly when they suck. You'll always get an honest review from me on the Market and I don't pull punches. I give good reviews too. The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of apps on Android that do this better only without all the hype.

        • http://ggkthx.org/ Sumatori-kun

          Like what? None of them connect to the Instagr.am.

        • Tkun

          There are ZERO apps on Android that offer the huge photo-sharing (specifically photo-sharing) community that Instagram offers. Prove to me otherwise.

        • watson387

          Streamzoo. You obviously didn't look hard enough in the Play Store.

        • Tkun

          Do you honestly think that Streamzoo has a community even close to being as large as Instagram? There's a reason why there are so many articles across so many websites about Instagram: Because it's popular. If I wanted my images to be seen by the public (and I'm sure I'm not alone on this), I would want them on Instagram, because more people would likely see them.

      • Ray

        A rude review of a bunch of computer code is the worst thing ever, but a rude review of a living, breathing human with feelings is OK? Wherever he goes, please join him.

  • Alex

    ***Your/You're Police***

    Last paragraph contains a violation.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Smacks were distributed.

  • Xspirits

    Still not working on Asus TFT101 + Galaxy Y

  • nullnvoid4prez

    Still no tablet support for my Transformer Prime. No worried though. Android has so many more apps that do the job better.

  • Brian

    I still dont understand what Instagram does better than some of the other android apps like pixlr-o-matic. I installed it and got updates almost every day. Uninstalling it

    • http://twitter.com/#!/dextersgenius deX

      It's primarily a social network app for photos, not a professional image editing program.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      2 words. Social. Network. It is 90% of Instagram's value.

    • augustofretes

      Pixlr-o-matic has way more options, but Instagram is about the social network built around it, not the filters themselves.

      Hell, even Android's built-in filters are more powerful than Instagram's.

  • http://www.kuwaitiful.com Obeya

    I went to Google Play to update but it shows me the latest version is 1.02 on my Galaxy Nexus. Though on the Google Play website shows its 1.03.

  • http://raincitybadger.com Steven Schwartz

    While I am glad that the finally release this app for android, they and apple users really did a poor job of explaining it to us. It really is just a social sharing app for photos. if you really want good photo editing, still use my favs; Little photo, Pixlromatic, vignette, & magic hour. Most Crapple users edit in hipstamatic before sharing with instagram.

    There are still some bugs with instagram which irk me. like you cannot use the full sized images you take with any other apps, WTF? I want to share the image the way it was taken not cropped down by instagram. Two they fix one bug, now I cannot share images from other editors like the above mentioned, only the one in my general camera gallery.
    So if you really want to use a great photo social app that has twitter like hashtags, a strong and active android base and a more feature filled app than instagram, I would go with Streamzoo. Which I probably will till instagram fixes it issues.

    • Jayze

      Instagram shows up in the "share list" from any other app I don't know what you are complaining about?

      Your other points are retarded.
      Their app, their rules.
      You wouldn't walk into McDonalds and expect them to serve you a bucket of fried chicken.

      • watson387

        Ahhh... But if you went to McDonald's and told them you wanted a double quarter pounder, they gave it to you with no catsup and told you you had to like it like that because you couldn't have any, but you really wanted catsup, you'd go somewhere else for your burger needs would you not? That's the point. This app is lacking. End of story. It wouldn't get so much criticism if they wouldn't have waited so long to release it for Android, and it didn't get so much hype from iCrap users, but they did and it did and it is lacking.

        • bml

          Watson387 you spelled ketchup wrong

  • Kevin

    I still can't get it to sync to my FB account. My twitter did, but FB just sits there and says loading.

    • deX

      Works fine for me.

    • Rebecca Thacker

      Mine too, I have a toshiba thrive and when I post to FB it says an error occured (with facebook, not instagram)

  • http://raincitybadger.com Steven Schwartz

    I am not saying it is an awful app. I for one downloaded on the first day and still excited it is finally on android. I also am impressed that the instagram team is working on updates everyday. I am also allowed to honestly critique apps I like. I am amazed really it is a very simple app with very simple functions and yes it is twitter for pictures. But the curtain has been pulled open now that it has left the iphone station. It is not a fully featured or fleshed out app. It generated a ton of hype and the social media douchbag spring break SxSW. It was heavily pumped by apple, and gained a huge following. That fact does not make it a superior app. Just look at how many people bought Chevy Colbalts, not a particularly good or attractive car but they sold loads.
    Better analogy. Take foursquare Vs. Gowalla. Foursquare is a boring location app, nothing pretty, simple and functional. Gowalla was fun, good looking had more features. Gowalla is now no more. People adopted foursquare, even me because more people were using it, not because it was better. The same thing is happening with instagram. Not particularly exciting but everyone is using it. The best is not always the most popular, look at film, tv, cars, anything. We tend to follow a trend, then look back in a few years and say WTF was I wearing and look at my hair!.

  • http://raincitybadger.com Steven Schwartz

    Oh and by the way you ignorant trolls who have to call people names because they have an opinion, you are reasons why we cannot have nice things.

  • iamsra

    I agree with Watson absolutely. Suddenly every body was talking Instagram for Android on TV, Web and not to miss daily news papers. Not to be left behind immediately installed it.
    What a waste of an App. So very limited. I uninstalled it within a couple of days. There are many other apps that can do a much better job.

  • Deechante

    need to make this app compatible for vizio tablet users

  • anne marie darnez

    So...is instagram compatible with vizio tablet or what?