Your down time is Zynga's bread and butter. Between Words with, Hanging with, and Scramble with Friends, Zynga has a pretty big monopoly on your social gaming. Today, the casual gaming giant is building out new territory in your world with a paid version of Scramble with Friends. This version removes those pesky ads and also doubles your token-earning fun. These tokens, by the way, are not the worst thing in the world.

scrambled1 scrambled2 scrambled3

If you're unfamiliar with how tokens work in Scramble with Friends, you earn one token, required to play one game, every twenty minutes. While this is annoying, especially for a paid app, it does also kind of force users to take a break. Some may object to this type of nanny behavior from a paid game, but this is Zynga we're talking about. It's at least nice to see them trying a model that's not "Consume your whole life, every waking minute of the day."

Head to the widget if you want to remove those ads. Or if you're a Scramble crack baby that needs his fix.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Jon

    I paid for no ads and then it said there was an update, so I updated and now have ads back, whats up with that ???

  • seriosbrad

    It got boring after the first couple of rounds. You can see instantly into the future what you will be doing with this game and it's a tedious future.

    - Start game
    - Wait on other player

    Rinse & Repeat.

    I'll stick to the "Draw Something" app for tedious fun that is actually fun.

  • Michał Ostrowski

    Special effects for Tegra? Really? When almost all other GPUs are faster? Come on, it's not like it's impossible to actually add "Tegra effects" for different hardware, just look at Beach Buggy Blitz...