In a fascinating new video titled "Get to know the HTC EVO 4G LTE," HTC explains the ins and outs of Sprint's One X variant, from the conceptualization of its design, to decisions surrounding build quality, materials, and a pretty interesting explanation of the new EVO's soft-touch unibody form.

Senior Director of Advanced Materials Chris Porter details the EVO's soft-touch feel in the video, explaining that the device has a "warm, velvety, soft-touch feel as opposed to a harder, rougher, cold metal feel." Porter explains that creating the effect involves sand/grit-blasting the device's frame, followed by a light chemical etching process to remove the sharp "peaks." The EVO's design also utilizes around 100 custom-designed machine cutters, used to create exactly the right geometry and feel for each device.

Watching the video above, you may have noticed another interesting point – in the video, a dual-camera wielding variant of the EVO 4G LTE appears. Could it be an EVO 3D 4G LTE? The answer is unclear. Considering the video also features a number of other variations on the newest EVO, it could either be a slick wink to the audience from HTC, or just another prototype.

4-5-2012 4-42-03 PM upload

Regardless of whether it hints at a yet unannounced successor to the EVO 3D, HTC's new video is quite interesting, and provides a great look at a small sample of what goes on when a manufacturer undertakes the making of a flagship device.

Via The Verge

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  • http://www.GrantGarrison.com OMGrant

    OMG this video gave me chills. The production is brilliant! I love it and I want it.

  • Will

    Looks great to me, too bad I don't have an upgrade till 4/2013..... Stoopid Sprint.

  • gogakhan

    That asian guy is so impressed by the EVO, he just can't find the right words to say! Nice to see employees so passionate about their products.

    ".. phone to become quiet" During movies??
    "whoa that's magical.." EPIC!

  • chris

    I don't know how I feel about the dual texture back. I always like the complete soft backs of the HTC phones, but HTC is the best no matter what kind of phone they make, haha.

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      As many have pointed out earlier, the glossy half is plastic (for antennae reception) and removable. One can easily see third party replacement parts being made to replace the glossy black cover with a matching flat black one.

  • JC

    All the prototypes look amazing! It's just that the half-plasticky backed ones look a bit cheap compared to a fully textured/anodized one. It also might be a nuisance if the top weighs less than the bottom.

  • duplissi

    i do seriously hope there is an international version!!!!

  • Rockingmyevo3d

    Yes this MIGHT just get me to go back to sprint since they too will have the GALAXY NEXUS. But one thing will have to happen before I do that they will have too have LTE in New York City. The network will have to be up and running with consistantcy on the level of Verizon and At&t then maybe I will return.

  • L boogie

    Luv the video and watching the joy these guys have in their work is great now if they take the time to work on all their products like that including future versions of the Incredible, Flyer, Sensation etc. Would love to see a 4.5/4.7 Incredible version of the Evo Lte with the body of the One X but what are the odds?

    • L boogie

      Would love to a ceramic, snow white version of this evo Lte hell, I'll take it further and attempt to see an ICS-colored version....

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    In regards to the EVO 3D 4G LTE, as posted over on engadget:

    "Well, we just heard back from HTC and the company confirmed that it's not a prototype of any future device. Apparently, it's just an early design when HTC and Sprint were considering carrying over the 3D feature, but it didn't make the cut. Mystery solved!"


  • Cooknn

    This video is so "Apple-esq"! They even have their own Jony Ive! I'm impressed, actually.

  • Rose

    The HTC EVO4G LTE has been announced isn't that was is in the above video? And didn't they show a white one with a white kickstand in the video? I can't wait for the new EVO.

  • G K

    So much commentary on a relatively minor feature like a kickstand.  Quite frankly, I don't care if it's red, or sand blasted, or "super light".  It is so small, the overall effect on the phone is insignificant.  Why not spend some time discussing the challenges in making the case, and why NO BATTERY DOOR exists on this device, essentially making it one step closer to an iPhone?  Having a user replaceable battery was a GREAT ASSET that I'm very sorry to hear has been sacrificed for an aesthetic priority. I would rather the case be another 1mm thick or 2mm longer in order to have a user replaceable battery.