If it runs Android, it can (and will) be rooted. That's the mantra of Android hackers, modders, and developers across the board, and today's root exploit proves it to be 100 percent true. How so? Because Bluestacks has been rooted. Yes, that Bluestacks - the one that allows users to run Android inside of Windows.

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So, why would anyone actually want to root Bluestacks? Three words: Play Store access. By default, Bluestacks doesn't allow users to access the Play Store, and an Android device (though I wouldn't actually call Bluestacks a "device") without the Play Store doesn't provide a very good experience.

So, if you've installed the Bluestacks beta and want some Play Store action, head here for requisite downloads and full root instructions.

Good luck!

[XDA; Thanks, aDroidman!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • benjymous

    Hmm - When I tried it, it gave me the option of installing the Android Market - albeit an old version, (the one with the curved green motif), but it worked. Didn't have to do any hacking or rooting.

    • Jaymoon

      Yeah, I got that too. ...and it had about 12 apps total to choose from (if even that many). :/

  • Golightly

    I'll admit, I haven't looked, but to save myself scouring the internet for links to dead forum topics, is there a way to run Android in Ubuntu? Outside of running Bluestacks in Wine.

    • benjymous

      You could install Android-x86 inside VirtualBox. That won't get you the arm emulation layer that Bluestacks does, but if you just want to play around, it should be perfectly adequate

      • Golightly

        What about QEMU? It can emulate ARM. Installed it, going to play with it later and try myself, just wondering if you knew anything about it. Thanks.

  • Seth

    You don't need to root bluestacks to get the market running. There are instructions in an earlier xda thread. I'm just waiting for draw something to work on bluestacks so I can use the pen on my win 7 tablet to draw.

  • shmaleb

    Oh how I wish they made a bluestacks for Linux. I guess it is still in beta though.

    • devilex94

      you can try WINE to use this app on Linux :P

  • G1987

    So Draw something wont work? That's the only game I wanted to play so I could use my tablet. It goes straight to a black screen. Is there a fix I'm missing? Why would they show this app if it doesn't work?

  • http://twitter.com/aplicacione DownloadMe

    Just to update you Guys about the change of address of bluestacks beta root instructions' blog. You can find the bluestacks related posts at http://apk-manager.com/category/bluestacks-beta

  • Marcus Ong

    Eh, the version of bluestack i downloaded from the official site allows play store access. I just installed adw launcher first and the play store appears.

  • shaman

    is still available in linux ubuntu, i want to install, it is very nice, i really used to my wn 7 only, but also i want to install in my another netbook, but in my netbook i used Linux ubuntu... how can i install it?

  • ChelseaK

    I have upgraded to Windows 8 and now bluestacks wont run, any ideas how to fix it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/snakomhoch Lïñ Ðâ

    Please sent me the link for download bluestack root source .

  • http://www.facebook.com/arcabir Abir Roy Chowdhury

    umm guys...i dont get it.....i m using unrooted bluestacks along with playstore action.....jst sign in with a google account in bluestacks and then go to play store from pc browser and sign in with the same account and download any app.....
    Now quickly go bck to bluestacks....go to notifacation bar( where u can see the download in progress...) jst click on it and YOOOO!!! U R ON PLAYSTORE!!!...

  • huma

    BlueStacks App Player Beta Goes Live With Revamped UI And A Huge Leap In App Compatibility, We Go Hands-On

  • Sheikh Waleed

    plz help bluestacks is not installed in my pc

  • Neel

    Hello there, Will I be able to install the apps in bluestack that were meant for rooted android devices. Apps like dsploit, facesniff etc ?

  • random

    when you first install bluestacks it download the 1mobile app through that install smart launcher and it gives you play store

    • random

      also if you go to appchina.com you can download the app through browser and get cracked apps