Last week, we got word from a Best Buy tipster that ICS updates would be rolling out to the Droid RAZR/MAXX on April 4th and the HTC Rezound on April 6th. If you've checked the calendar lately, then you're probably aware that today is April 5th - one day later than ICS was supposed to hit the RAZR Twins. Still, that OTA is nowhere in sight (soak test details for the RAZRs did surface yesterday, but it wasn't ICS).

Now, we've received word from another source at Best Buy (and verified with several more) that according to their internal employee news system, the ICS update has indeed been delayed for the RAZRs, but should still be on schedule for the Rezound.


Unfortunately, there's no word as to when the ICS update may actually begin rolling out to the RAZR twins, but hopefully Rezound owners won't have to suffer the same letdown. Good thing we're only a day away from finding out.

Thanks, Brocephus!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Ryan

    Figured as much. Best Buy 'employee news' is Not the best source of reliable news. Garbage.. Good job best buy

  • Thach

    The soak test didn't start yesterday. They sent a email yesterday saying it would start this morning. The soak has been delayed for unknown reasons though.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_GotHeeem Eric

    Its because Matias Duarte hates locked bootloaders :) but on a serious note i never really bought much stock into it with the "announcement" coming so close to April Fools Day... when the time comes itll be here.

    • Leo

      Kinda like things work until they don't, huh?

  • Nathan

    This roller coaster ride is getting insane over ICS. Motorola is getting on my nerves with this mess and its making think about going to HTC.

  • Reph

    I just got the OTA update and its not ICS. Just an update.