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Featured App


Today's roundup is sponsored by Handy Apps' EasyMoney. EasyMoney is a popular personal finance manager for Android, which has already been downloaded over 500,000 times. In short, it combines an expense tracker, a bill reminder, a checkbook register, and a budget planner.

The app can track your business, personal, or travel expenses, split transactions, provide interactive reports and graphs, alert you of upcoming and overdue bills, monitor monthly budget caps, categorize, record photos of bills and receipts, export data into Quicken (QIF) or CSV, and much more. For security conscious, EasyMoney offers a pin lock option, and for those looking for convenience - a home screen widget.

EasyMoney was included in LifeHacker Magazine's list of the top 5 best mobile personal finance tools in January 2011. The recent publication - Amazing Android Apps for Dummies - also included EasyMoney as a featured personal finance application.

image image

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Cytus was a late submission - it barely made it in time for the roundup, but I'm so glad it did. Yes, I put this game above Temple Run, because it just rocks. It's fun, it's beautiful, it has great music. It's Guitar Hero for mobile done perfectly right. It's free, at least a few songs are, so definitely try it out, even if you don't think you'd like it. I sure didn't think I would, but boy, was I wrong...


Cytus,the most awesome mobile music game. LET’S EXPERIENCE MUSIC ’N ART, BEAT ’N REBOUND.


  • 18+ songs and 36+ variations, including many from famous composers around the world
  • Beautiful hand-drawn art style (as illustrated in the screenshots)
  • Easy, intuitive Active Scan Line system and 3 types of notes
  • Different display modes allow player-friendly previewing of notes
  • Strong beat and rhythms provide satisfying feedback for taps
  • More than 9 difficulty levels for more fun and challenges
  • Various music genres: POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM 'N BASS and many more
  • OpenFeint Leaderboards integration : Challenge fingers from all over the world!
  • Connect to Facebook and show off your Cytus skills

Temple Run

Android Police coverage: The Real Temple Run Finally Comes To Android - Download It Now

Android Police review: [Review] Temple Run (The Real One!) Finally Makes It To Android, Was Definitely Worth The Wait

Temple Run, Imangi Studios' long-awaited endless runner, is finally here, and you've probably already downloaded it. On an off-chance you haven't yet, here is another reminder. Ding!


Run for your life! The addictive mega-hit Temple Run is now out for Android! All your friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores? You've stolen the cursed idol from the temple, and now you have to run for your life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys nipping at your heels. Test your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups, unlock new characters, and see how far you can run.

Gunman Clive

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Gunman Clive Brings Retro Sidescroller Action (And Lots Of Brown) To Your Handheld

Old-school platform action goes west with full 3D graphics. In the year of 18XX, the west is overrun by thugs and outlaws. A group of bandits have kidnapped Mayor Johnsons daughter and are spreading havoc across the land. Only Gunman Clive can bring order to the west and save the
girl. Jump and shoot your way across 16 diverse and challenging levels and fight massive bosses. Gunman Clive is an old-school sidescrolling platform game set in the old west with full 3D graphics and a unique artstyle.

XPERIA PLAY Optimized. Supports Gamegripper and various other input methods.

Star Defender 3™

Android Police coverage: Star Defender 3 Is A Hidden Gem - A $1 Spaceship Battle Through Hordes Of Beasts

Get ready to fight through hoards of alien beasts in Star Defender 3. The highly anticipated game is finally here! The year is 2743 A.D., only two short years since the last war, and the Insectus have already prepared for their next wave, with new tricks to defeat you. Blast through 8 huge missions is the most exciting space shooter game. Missiles are just light fun for kids, but here you'll get mines, lasers, nuclear bombs, piranha, parasitron, lightning, insulator, infector, ball lightning and homing lasers.

Phase 10 Free

The popular Phase 10 card game is now on Android! If you like rummy then you’ll love Phase 10. Race your opponents and complete your ten phases first, just make sure you don’t fall behind.


· The official Phase 10 App for Android
· Available in French, German, Spanish, & Italian
· High resolution graphics
· Over 15 player avatars to choose from
· Three difficulty levels and card speeds

Tower Defense: Lost Earth by Com2uS

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Tower Defense: Lost Earth from Com2uS Is A Beautiful Game In A Crowded Field

In search of resources that are no longer provided on Earth, you followed a probe released by humans years ago in hopes of discovering an alternative planet. Take command of towers with special weapons to hold your defense against endless waves of enemies on the hostile alien planet. Tower Defense takes classic defense games to a whole new world.

+40 campaign and 7 Challenge maps
+4 different game play modes
+9 Towers
+10 Enemy units
+4 Special Weapons
+5 Different World Themes (Mountains, Desert, Ice, Crater, Lava)
+ This game supports English, français, Deutsch, 한글, 中文简体, 中文繁體 and 日本語.


 unnamed2 unnamed3 image


Android Police coverage of the THD version: SoulCraft THD Open Beta Hits Android Market – Experience Apocalypse, Fight Angels, Demons, And Humans From Your Tegra-Powered Device

Soulcraft is finally compatible with more than just Tegra.


With humans on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life, angels and demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materialize into the real world, fight the humans and keep the circle of life intact. SoulCraft lets you play as an angel, demon or human – it is up to you who will win this fight.

Cafeteria Nipponica by Kairosoft

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Kairosoft's Cafeteria Nipponica Hits The Play Store – Micromanage Your Own Restaurant Like Never Before

Kairosoft's new game is here, and how timely, because you've already finished all the others, haven't you?


Don your chef's hat and hit the kitchen! You're the chef de cuisine in this scrumptious simulation that'll have you coming back for seconds... and more. Run your own restaurant, find ingredients, research recipes and spice up your culinary repertoire! Only you can bring your establishment sweet success. Decide every detail of the floor from tables to TVs and do whatever it takes to make your customers happy! After all, their ratings determine whether you're chef...or sap. Score enough points and you'll be able to host a variety of fun events from eating contests to cooking classes, further boosting your popularity. But of course, what's a cook without a crew? Recruit eager faces to build your own five-star team. Play your cards right and you might find yourself running multiple restaurants at once. The sky's the limit in this sizzling new take on restaurant management, incorporating a uniquely Japanese spread that will train your brain and tantalize your taste buds.


SAWS | The Puridium War

The year is 2210, and the world has begun to rebuild after an exploded near-earth asteroid rained down shards of blue all around the globe. Scientists discovered that the crystals that almost destroyed us all, held the secret to clean energy. Puridium, as it was named, emitted pure un-radiated energy when struck with just the right frequencies, and a new age of man was born. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only things interested in the Puridium. The DEVOUR are creature that started to show up all over the world, hunting and seeking out Puridium. They feed off of the crystals, and will stop at nothing to obtain it, and now we have a planet painted blue with it.

You are PFC Lucas 11 of SAWS Battalion E25, and you have taken an oath to defend humanity from the DEVOUR. As a member of the Special Assault Weapons Squad, you will be piloting the latest generation assault suit equipped with some of the most destructive mobile weapons ever created.

Battle Lines

What happens when you combine the concept of Flight Control with weapons and an upgrade system? Battle Lines, that's what.


How long can you hold the line? Air Lane is back but this time it's on the battle field. After directing hundreds of aircraft to the runway, it’s time that you take your skills to the next level. Welcome to Battle Lines. It’s air traffic control in the middle of a battle field. You’re not the innocent traffic controller anymore. You’re part of the battle and how long your airport survives will depend on how quickly you can get friend and foe to the ground. The latter being in pieces of course. As the battle rages on you’ll need to up your game and that’s where the the store comes in(don’t worry. No IAP here). Get upgrades for your weapons and airport. At the end of the day however it all come down to your traffic control skills.


  • 6 Theaters of operation(maps)
  • 3 upgradable aircraft to fight the battle
  • Weapon Shop with 20 upgrade items
  • Each theater features it’s own environment hazard like thunderstorm,fog and more.
  • Air Traffic control Line drawing at its core.
  • Very easy to learn.
  • Separate Tutorial theater.
  • Campaign will follow in future updates.


Android Police coverage: Minibash Brings Strategic Online Fighting With A Colorful, Bloody Twist To Android

Things get much more interesting visually when you knock off your opponent's head and watch the blood/paint pulsate all over the place.


A strategic online 2D fighting game.

Painkiller: Purgatory HD

Android Police coverage: Painkiller: Purgatory Comes To Android, Lets You Relive The Early 2000s, FPS Style

PC Games' BEST SHOOTER of the year is now on your Android Device. Painkiller: Purgatory HD is the most intense, gripping 3D action shooter available on your smartphone or tablet. Get ready to experience the most mind-numbing, blood-curdling 3D battles your mobile device can deliver. Trapped in a dark and unwelcoming world, awaiting purification for your earthly sins, you must fight through an endless number of enemy warriors as you attempt to stop the imminent Unholy War and overthrow Lucifer. But even if you win this insane battle, you must still take out hordes of howling devils eager to avenge their master. You are the angel's only prayer...

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints by Gameloft

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Gameloft Releases Gangstar Rio: City Of Saints, Scratch Your Sandbox Violence Itch For $7

Gameloft's GTA rip-off is finally here. If you want it, that is.


You’ll never experience a better way to discover Rio de Janeiro. The acclaimed Gangstar series is back on Android devices to offer you a whole new place to have criminally good fun. You’ll never experience a better way to discover Rio de Janeiro.

rio1 rio2 rio3

Dungeon Hunter 3 by Gameloft

Android Police coverage: Dungeon Hunter 3 Now Available On The Play Store For Free, Better Late Than Never!

Evil has once again flooded over the sacred land of Gothicus. Face your destiny and enter the endless waltz of battle, victory and glory. 16 massive arenas are waiting for you now. Hero, this is your time to conquer.

Swerve and Destroy

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Hands-On With Swerve And Destroy - A Game With Tilt Controls That Don't Piss You Off [Video]

Swerve and Destroy is an exciting Android arcade game! You control a lone white dot, struggling against hordes of encroaching red zombie enemies. Tilt the phone to control your player. Collect powerups to defend yourself, get rid of your enemies, and earn points! The faster you move and the faster you destroy, the more points you earn. Play in one of three free play modes (easy, medium, or hard), or, if you've mastered those, try the additional bonus levels which vary the game rules and mechanics for additional challenge.


Dance Legend is the only mobile game developed to mimic real dance moves, allowing you to actually dance with your fingers. Show off your favorite moves in the most fun and realistic dance game for smartphones and tablets. Dance along to a soundtrack of today’s greatest dance hits and learn the hottest new moves like the Dougie and the Booty Bounce, while practicing old school favorites like the Running Man and the Moonwalk. From the makers of the hit game Lyric Legend, Dance Legend brings the dance game movement to your smartphone or tablet for a new spin on the music game genre.

- The Hottest Music: Songs from some of the worlds best artists including Lady Gaga, LMFAO and Nelly.
- The only true Dance game: Move your fingers and master professionally choreographed routines using a variety of patterns, gestures, and swipes on your touch screen
- The Best Dance Moves: Learn to Dougie, do the wave, bounce your booty, and many more moves
- Dynamic Difficulty: The better you play, the more opportunities you have to customize your dance experience
- Amazing Graphics: Innovative 3D graphics and environments provide you with the most realistic experience possible
- Kick it up! Show off your dance cred by “Kicking it Up” to activate more challenging dance moves, get the crowd excited and change the environment around you
- Customize your look: Pick your style and customize your own avatar with fresh looks
- GPS Scoring: Test your score against the world or local hometown

Doptrix Evolution

Doptrix Evolution is the sequel to the popular puzzler Doptrix. It is a highly addictive game that turns classic Tetris upside down and inside out. Doptrix Evolution is perfect for those who have played Doptrix and are looking for more or those looking for a fresh spin on the classic Tetris formula.

Doptrix Evolution features four exciting new game modes : Classic+, Reflection, Survival and Challenge. Classic+ improves on the Doptrix's Classic game mode by allowing you to swap shapes, adding more strategy and fun. Reflection is another twist on Classic+ where each new shape flips the board. Survival mode challenges you to last as long as you can in a game where each turn a new block is randomly placed on the board. And finally the most distinctive mode - Challenge, where you are given a limited number of shapes and a randomly generated board. You have to think strategically to beat the levels and get a high score.

* 4 completely new game modes
* 4 board sizes (1 free + 3 in full version)
* Online leaderboards & achievements
* Intuitive and highly customizable controls

Gloomy Dungeons 3D

Gloomy Dungeons 3D for Android is perfect if you're feeling a little bit nostalgic. The first person shooter is arguably the most popular video game genre of all time. If you loved Doom and Wolfenstein 3D and want to go to back to gaming in the early ‘90s, Gloomy Dungeons 3D is for you. The game has so many features that you will be glued to your phone for hours. Watch out for sore fingers.

- Virtual world simulation with 3D visuals
- Different types of enemies
- Travel through immense graphically detailed mazes
- 7 control modes
- More than 5 hours of game play
- Full version contains 25 different shooting locations
- Unlock new weapons, skills and spill more blood
- Optimized to run even on 1st Gen Android phones

Xonix Blast Free

Xonix Blast is the good old Xonix/Qix, but ON CRACK. Watch the video to see why.


Xonix Blast is remake of popular Xonix game. Playing area is divided into two ones: dangerous nominal Sea with several monster-balls wandering inside and safe nominal Land. You control a device, which moved over a Sea with the goal of filling in the majority of this Sea area. Go over a clear Sea area, and cut off parts without the balls. Avoid the balls and don't let them cross the line of the cut. The line of the cut cannot cross itself either. Avoid contacts with the mines. You can move vertically or horizontally. Enemies go diagonally.



Hybris is a Greek concept that can be translated as excess, extreme haughtiness, pride or arrogance. Hybris indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence or capabilities often resulting in deserved punishment. Fight through 8 stages to get the all the orbs. Fight in forests, temples and ruins underground. Solve environmental traps, avoid dangerous challenges, and discover multiple weapons and useful items and magics. You will enjoy this hack ‘n’ slash game.

3D game in HD, with beautifully rendered environments and high resolution textures.
48 different levels.
50+ different enemy types.
A little gore effects, try to do a mountain of corps and fill de floor with the blood of your enenmies.
Multiple upgrades on weapons, magics and items.
Orchestral Music.
8 end level bosses.
RPG elements give depth to the game, with new attack combos and moves.
Big and devastating weapons, magical weapons and weapons sent by the Greek gods.
Subtle particles effects.

Super Daddio Free

Ever heard of Super Mario? You pretty much know what's up then. Surprisingly, the game's done pretty well and should satisfy any Mario cravings you may have on your mobile.


Help Super Daddio save the day in this Free 2d platformer. Run, jump, throw blocks and fireballs in this exciting side scrolling action packed game. Fly high into the sky with a jetpack and come down and stomp bad guys. This game has play control similar to Super Mario Bros. (NES).

Farm Invasion USA by HandyGames

Android Police coverage: [New Game] HandyGames Releases 'Farm Invasion USA', Begs You To Protect Corn From Aliens... What?

This game is really better than its title may sound. From the developers of: Guns and Glory, Guns & Glory, Clouds & Sheep, Super Dynamite Fishing, Townsmen 6, Aporkalypse, Happy Vikings, Panzer Panic, Shark or Die, Cyberlords - Arcology.


Come on in at the wildest hunt for Alien popcorn thieves. Redneck fun of the third kind. The Aliens have arrived! And all they want is your corn! Defend your fields with the old corn chopper and tinkered arsenal to spoil the blue men’s appetite for popcorn! Make Redneck Pops proud and welcome your new friends from outer space… the Texan way.

- Splendidly spaced out runner action with oddball Rednecks and cuddly Aliens
- Wild hounding with thresher and tinkered arsenal
- Countless weapons against Ufos and blue noses
- Little Aliens, hoggish Aliens and explosive Aliens crowd your back
- Tuning upgrades for the hottest and deadliest vehicle in the universe
- Alien and Redneck gadgets for more fun on the fields
- Funky levels for the endless Alien hunt
- Dozens of achievements and challenges for the toughest harvest hands

Snuggle Truck

Android Police coverage: Snuggle Truck Gets Added To Humble Bundle 2, Past And Future Customers Get A Shot At Smuggling Stuffed Animals Across The Border

Snuggle Truck is an over-the-top physics-based driving game where you must smuggle fuzzy zoo animals into a zoo in the least amount of time while carefully guiding your truck over rough terrain. Tilt your truck, catch a fuzzy, drive over armadillos, and rocket your way through hills, caverns, and deserts to save the animals.

Smuggle Truck

Let's see if you can spot the differences between this and the above. I'll wait.


Smuggle Truck is an over-the-top physics-based driving game where you must smuggle your passengers over the border in the least amount of time while carefully guiding your truck over rough terrain. Tilt your truck, catch a baby, drive over armadillos, and rocket your way through hills, caverns, deserts, and even Canada in order to save the people.

Shooting Warrior Plus

Take command of the troops aboard the warship Shooting Warrior and expand the empire by conquering new lands in dynamic castle defense game style. Train your forces in courage, skill, and strategy while you expand and enhance your arsenal, strengthen your heroes, and reduce wave after wave of your enemies to nothing as you claim new territory in the name of the emperor. Charged by the emperor with the great honor of expanding the empire, the war ship Shooting Warrior has set out to stake its claim on savage lands while you defend your castle. But the lands that the Shooting Warrior would add to the empire are not uninhabited. Though uncivilized, the natives are skilled in the arts of war and tower defense. The Shooting Warrior encounters fierce resistance and it's your job to break them down in this exciting android tower defense game.


  • Deploy troops and special items via the shipboard cannons
  • Utilize 3 distinct hero types, each with their own specialized skills, to maximize your attack
  • 9 soldier types provide you with a variety of attack ranges and defensive skills—allocate your resources wisely to use swordsmen, cavalry, archers, and more to annihilate the enemy

Battleloot Adventure

In a land where the only thing bigger than a hero’s heart is his head (literally), Battleloot Adventure creatively blends comedy, turn-based combat and role-playing for a whimsical adventure like no other! Battleloot Adventure will take you on an epic quest into the heart of Kameloot, a wealthy realm threatened by viciously grumpy monsters, ruthless mercenaries, fire breathing dragons and last, but not least, vexing taxes. Swear allegiance to your legendary city of choice, enlist a motley crew of adventurers and battle rival soldiers, magical entities, wondrous creatures and big, ugly, foul-smelling Orcs to win the “Grand Gossip Notoriety price”. Mix and match your gang’s skills and spells to unlock thrilling adventures and totally awesome weapons and equipment.

REC - The videogame

What a poetic ending to this game's description, eh?


[REC] The videogame is the official game of the popular and acclaimed [REC] horror movies created by Filmax. In this FPS (First Person Shooter) you become the reporter Angela Vidal ([REC]) and a G.E.O.S. soldier ([REC]2) to join the building where strange incidents have been reported to be happening. Hopefully you will be able to discover the mystery around the Medeiros Girl. Complete the 27 missions, clear all the zombies before they infect you, and keep filming, for your fucking mother.

Important: This application requires at least 950MB of free space on the SDCARD


This game's description makes me want to punch nearby babies.


Live in the future, NOW. Photon. Exciting disc game! Connect discs - now they are destroyed! Longer chains will impress your friend! Special discs make life hard for you - include them in combos to get terrific bonus points. All graphics are next level! You must have quick brain and fast eyes! Do not panic! The future is here! Play it now for free!

Scramble With Friends

Android Police coverage: Zynga Releases Scramble With Friends Deluxe For $0.99, Removes Ads And Lets You Earn Tokens Twice As Fast

Scramble With Friends™ - The fast, fun word-finding game everyone's playing. The wait is over. Play the deluxe version of Scramble With Friends. Earn tokens twice as fast. No ads.

X-Bugs Lite version

One mistake in a genetic experiment was made in Dr.X laboratory may change the world as we know it, now it’s your chance to rescue your planet. Genetically mutated bugs attack everything, they can adapt and overcome, and they are stronger, faster and possess strange abilities. As you progress through the game, be careful as you will find new bug types to deal with and new moves to predict. Pay attention as the bugs will have new places to hide but you will have new weapons to help you through your struggle. You need to know when and how to use each weapon and you must overcome the bugs by planning a defense strategy.

WordsWorth Free

Strap on a pair of comfortable shoes and hit the trails for an adventurous journey across Dictionaryland - a one-of-a-kind journey for a word game
lover! If searching for words gives you immense joy, you've just arrived at your ultimate destination with WordsWorth.

Calling all Word champs! Experience the thrill of wordplay as you link letters to trace words on a beautiful honeycomb structure. Create longer
words with rare letters to earn hefty points. Earn various bonuses like Line Creeper, Flowerpot and Palindroma! Challenge your friends on Android and become a whiz with words.

Chat with your opponents and discuss about the game. Play with our rapidly increasing community of players and befriend Word Pros from all across the globe. Challenge your friends and family or just select a random opponent to confront. Start an all-out battle and become the new age WordsWorth.

Ice Age Village by Gameloft

Warning: This game looks extremely boring to me personally, but you may find it interesting and it is from Gameloft after all. If you are under 12 years old (or have kids), carry on.


The official Ice Age app is here. Scrat’s hunt for his favorite acorn has opened a crack in the Earth’s crust, sending the animals scurrying for safety. Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid decide to build a new village for their displaced friends. Help them in this heroic challenge and get ready for fun and surprises along the way.

Parallel Mafia

Parallel Mafia is a location-based game that uses your phone’s GPS to put you right into the action on the mean streets. Be the Boss of Bosses. In a crime-ridden futuristic world there is only chaos, corruption, and Mafia control. It is up to you to conquer your turf and rise up through the ranks. Untold power and respect hang in the balance... but only the strongest will survive. From the studio that brought you Parallel Kingdom comes a futuristic take on the Family Business. KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSE AND YOUR GUNS CLOSER.

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