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Last Updated: April 10th, 2012


Update: The winners have been chosen!

Ultra Capsule:

  • Michael
  • Keyan X
  • Dai Nguyen
  • Mojahid Ali
  • Brad
  • Brian

Neo Hybrid:

  • Angela
  • Ilya Stepaneko
  • James Lee
  • Victor
  • Ashish Bogawat

Congratulations! You will all be contacted for your shipping information in the near future!

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You know what time it is? Time for another case review. And we might as well give away some of the cases, too, so stay tuned for that after your regularly scheduled review.

If you've been reading AP for a while, then you probably know that we're big fans of SPIGEN (SGP) products. I've reviewed a tablet case, leather cases, and even a portable charger from these guys, and they were all top-notch. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the a couple more cases for the Galaxy Nexus from SPIGEN: the Ultra Capsule and Neo Hybrid.

Ultra Capsule

wm_2012-03-29 11.55.32

This isn't my first go with the Ultra Capsule case. In fact, I reviewed it for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 several months ago, and I loved it (still do).

The Ultra Capsule is a one piece form-fitting case made of thermoplastic polyurethane and designed specifically for the Galaxy Nexus. However, there's a catch here: it was designed for the GSM variant of the Nexus. As you may already know, the LTE Nexus (the one I have) is thicker than the GSM variant. That actually keeps the case from fitting the LTE GN the way it was designed to fit the GSM GN, but you know what?

I love it.

Seriously - I love how this case fits the LTE GN. Instead of wrapping all around the bezel and creating a slight lip, it sits flush around the edges (except at the bottom, where it actually does create a small lip). This makes it look as it if it's actually part of the phone - it's super-smooth looking, and an absolute pleasure to use. Of all the colors offered (black, pink, green, blue, white, and yellow), the white one is by far my favorite. In fact, from a top view, it makes the device looks very similar  to the white Nexus, thanks to its low profile. The black case, however, gives a seamless look - it's very, very black, so it blends in nicely with the bezel. If Batman had a case on his Galaxy Nexus, the black Ultra Capsule would be the one.

wm_2012-03-29 11.59.42 wm_2012-03-29 11.59.53 

wm_2012-03-29 11.51.59 wm_2012-03-29 12.00.15

The feel of the case is no joke, either. It's nice and "grippy," but not tacky (like silicon) - it just adds some nice grip to the device, so you don't have to worry (as much) about dropping it.

The colors are also vibrant and dang good looking. As I stated earlier, the white is my favorite, but it doesn't matter which color you choose - they all look fantastic.

wm_2012-03-29 11.53.35 wm_2012-03-29 11.54.00 wm_2012-03-29 11.54.52

wm_2012-03-29 11.56.14 wm_2012-03-29 11.58.00 

In a nutshell, do I like the Ultra Capsule (as if you don't already know)? Heck yes, it's fantastic. Everyone should go buy at least one right now. Really, you won't regret it (as long as you're looking for minimal-ish protection, of course).

Neo Hybrid

wm_2012-03-29 14.59.52

So, you remember how I said that the Ultra Capsule was designed for the GSM Nexus? So was the Neo Hybrid. However, unlike the UC, this one didn't fit the LTE GN very well. In fact, I couldn't get it on mine at all (while still allowing the device to function properly, anyway). With that said, I'll just give a brief overview along with some images of this case.

The Neo Hybrid is a two-part case similar to many others that we've seen, which includes a silicone underlayer and a polycarbonate frame. How it differs, though, is in thickness (or lack thereof, I should say) -- this thing is crazy-thin. I really wish I could've gotten one of these cases to fit correctly on my GN, because they're damn sexy. Like the Ultra Capsule, the colors are vibrant and shiny, but the NH also has that dark underlayer that adds a nice contrast, especially with some of the brighter colored shells.

wm_2012-03-29 14.56.47 wm_2012-03-29 14.57.30

wm_2012-03-29 15.00.53 wm_2012-03-29 14.58.34

Since I wasn't able to actually use this case, I can't say how well the fit and feel is. However, given the superior quality of other SPIGEN products, I feel completely confident in recommending it to GSM Nexus Owners.


There's a chance that you may win the giveaway below, but you should still buy one.

Ultra Capsule ($16.99): SPIGEN | Amazon

Neo Hybrid ($24.99): SPIGEN | Amazon


Okay, okay. You read through all of my banter to get to the swag (and if you skipped right to this part, shame on you!). Here's what we have to give away:

  • 6 Ultra Capsule cases
  • 5 Neo Hybrid cases

That's 11 cases total (if you can add, you already knew that) for 11 lucky people. You win, you pick the color. And it's as simple as that.

How to Enter

As always, we'll keep this simple - just leave a comment letting us know which case you want and why. That's pretty much it.

The contest begins immediately, and will run until Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST, after which we'll randomly choose and notify the winners.

This contest is open to users across the globe, so enter away. Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Jordan Tristan

    The green ultra capsule would do just fine for me, gotta keep my GN looking clean

    • Chris Mckechnie

      red hybrid case

  • Keyan X

    Yay First, (if it last haha), but I would love the ultra capsule case (white or pink) because it would trick me into believing I have a white nexus (or pink) and it would protect my baby, since I've dropped her already :'(

  • Stefan

    I would like to win an Ultra Capsule as it would make a perfect gift for my friend who has a GSM Galaxy Nexus and his birthday coming up!

  • Haseeb

    I would like the spg neo hybrid and I like it.

  • Blake

    That Black Neo Hybrid is very slick. It would allow me to protect my GN without compromising style.

  • duRin90

    I would like Neo Hybrid Case as I own GSM Galaxy Nexus and I like its design more than Ultra Capsule.
    Also, I like trains.

  • Ankit

    Really liking the white ultra capsule. Looks very nice and seems to have good coverage of the buttons

  • Ben

    I'd love either but if prefer the neo if it had to choose. it looks great and would've stopped my phone getting scratched when I dropped it the other day!

  • Karnaj

    I would love the Neo Hybrid because I need a new better case and I love how they look.

  • Pete

    Red Neo Hybrid case b/c its a giveaway. Plus, my Galaxy Nexus will be more protected & look even better.

  • dnlsmy

    I want to win the Reventon Yellow NeoHybrid case, because it reminds me of my dream car, the LP640.

  • Eric

    My GNex could use a little bit of sexy. I'm thinking the white Neo Hybrid is just what the doctor ordered...

  • GergS

    Black hybrid would be baws.

  • Matt

    The Neo Hybrid would by my choice case since I have a GSM GN, and I am on the search to try out something better for a case.

  • Clint P.

    The red/black Neo Hybrid case. Honestly, it's gorgeous. Why haven't I ever heard of these cases before now?!

  • MikeF

    I'm an aspiring Batman and I KNOW that the black Ultra Capsule would match the batarangs perfectly! I mean really how am I supposed to fight crime if I can't find my way without Google Navigation

  • Joshu

    I want a white ultra capsule. They just look so shiny and neat.

  • Jimmy L

    White Ultra Capsule please!

    Help me protect and stand out on the job site!

  • K2theizzo

    I would the black Ultra Capsule. My GN is brand new and I need a case to protect it.

  • Karl Fischer

    I want the Ultra Capsule because it looks very slick ... I think it would slip in and out my pocket with ease.

  • Victor

    thanks for giving us a choice to pick, I'd like the yellow neo hybrid case. Why? because its better than this POS that VZW sold to me on the day of purchase (still can't believe I didn't know better that day). It makes my Nexus look like a tacky tank. The neo hybrid adds just the right amount of flair/color and gives it an edgy sleek look without looking tacky. If not yellow, the red one works too :)

  • Chuck N

    The black Ultra Capsule would be nice on my nexus that should arrive on saturday

  • Shaun

    White Neo Hybrid would be perfect.

  • Eddie Rodriguez

    I'd like a neo hybrid because it would help bring about plans to end apple's evil empire.

  • Clayton

    I would love the silver Neo Hybrid, for when you guys send me a GSM Galaxy Nexus from your other contest *wink wink*

  • Tomas Ocadly

    I want white Neo Hybrid because i love white and because i could not get white Nexus AND! because i am from Czech Republic and you didnt ship a prize to this country, yet ;-)

  • Sleeepy2

    If I had a either I might actually put a case back on mine. I would like the Neo Hybrid more but either would work.

  • Nick

    Would like the ultra capsule, looks nice.

  • Jimmy C.

    I would like the black on black hybrid because I have a gsm galaxy nexus here in the states and I think I'm batman sometimes and like the dual layer cases on my devices.

  • jason

    White ultra capsule. I love being able to have a different colored case and change the look of the phone.

  • Steve Throm

    I want to yellow neo hybrid case. Its a good looking case and a nice yellow.

  • Max

    I would love a silver of black Neo Hybrid case, with my 2-day old Nexus I'm still very careful about damaging it, so a case would be wonderful. Even better, a good looking case such as this would make my day.

    • Max

      *silver or black

  • Brian Getchel

    The White Ultra Capsule, I like the way it looks on the LTE phone, and it's the only one of the 2 that will fit

  • GerstlS

    I've never used a case before on any of my previous Moto phones...but this Nexus is getting beat up. Ultra Capsule in black or white.

  • Rajesh Pandey

    Got a Galaxy Nexus last week after I broke my SGS2. Was using a Neo Hybrid with my SGS2 and I absolutely loved it. Would love to win one and use it on my Galaxy Nexus. Yellow color!

  • Christina Cooper

    Green ultra capsule pretty please?!

  • john

    Sgp Neo hybrid please. It would look nice for my GSM galaxy nexus.

  • Akash Sharma

    A yellow Neo Hybrid case ... Because it looks trendy along with offering ultimate protection for the phone. Will be looking awesome on the phone too! :-)

  • Jason

    I want the Neo Hybrid. It would look awesome on my GSM Galaxy Nexus. The silver one looks best but black isn't bad either.

  • Stephen McDonald

    Neo hybrid for me. Mainly cause my buttocks have exploded.

  • Graham S

    I would like the Ultra Capsule because it will fit on my LTE GNex.

  • Brad

    The ultra capsule, black please. I always have my friends asking me what case and if they should get one, so I would really like to test this and be able to give them a good case recommendation.

  • Matt

    The ultra capsule looks sexy on the gnex. Me want.

  • Jeremiah

    ultra capsule in white would allow me to have the "White Nexus" look whenever I want.

  • Alonzo

    The ultra. I Cuz I can never have enough cases for my phone!

  • Rob

    Blue Ultra Capsule case please, because if I win a Galaxy Nexus from your other giveaway I'm going to need a case for it, aren't I? ;) Plus blue's my favourite colour and that's a lovely blue!

  • SDL

    I would like the Neo Hybrid, the color wouldn't really matter. I'm more in it for protection. If need be, I would probably wear a purple bulletproof vest. Lol.

  • Nick

    i like either of them, in black preferably. i like the simplistic look and minimal bulk of the cases :)

  • Nick H

    Would love the black Ultra Capsule. I'm on a second warranty replacement and that was due to dropping it. Would love a sleek case to protect it ;)

  • SChen

    I like the black Ultra Capsule case from SPIGEN. It looks so cool!

  • Sun Joon Baik

    Wow, the red one looks sexy. =]

  • Cole

    I would love to have a white ultra capsule. I really need a case on my Nexus and the white would be a nice contrast to the black face.

  • David Toste

    I want a black ultra capsule because it looks awesome on the phone and offers some protection as well.

  • iammodo

    Just sold my Motorola defy and got a galaxy nexus. But so worried I'm going to damage it so this case would be rather handy.

  • Jose

    As a brand new Nexus GSM owner I would say that I would love a Neo Hybrid Yellow and Black case. I had a white SGP Ultra Capsule case for my Galaxy S II and LOVED IT. Glad to see it getting some love on AndroidPolice!

  • AJKahn

    White from the ULTRA CAPSULE, or BLACK of the NEO HYBRID!

    Why not you send me all... they all look uber-fantastico!

  • Travis O

    I like the ultra capsule, mostly because it will fit my LTE Gnex.

  • http://Facebook/GetJar Geri Galloway

    Just got my Nexus and I need a case! Ultra Capsule in black, please!!! Thank you, Android Police! :D

  • Luca Piantoni

    The green ultra capsule will fit very nice my gsm nexus :D

  • Jodie

    i want the neo hybrid cuz its sexy...in white :D

  • kam

    Ultra Capsule. i always been a fan of TPU cases because you can "grip" them easily.

  • http://www.onecityoneblog.com brandon

    I would prefer the Ultra Capsule case because it is all one uniform color and looks sweet!

  • Michał Ciepły

    Black Neo Hybrid would be perfect for my GN. Please pick me :D

  • Ryan

    The black ultra capsule would look extremely sexy on my phone.

  • Megann

    I really love the green, pink, and blue ultra capsule cases. And the white neo hybrid case. Compared to all the other ones for my Nexus these look less bulky and thats mainly what i like about both of them. And I should probably be protecting my phone seeing as i payed like over $300 for it.

  • yamaha83

    i would like an ultra capsule of any color because they look awesome and the stupid VZW case i got when i got my phone is bulky and sucky! please help me become more awesome by giving me an awesome case!

  • strikeir13

    I'd love the white Ultra Capsule case! Just to prove to my friends that a case can actually make a phone look better

  • strikeir13

    I'd love the white Ultra Capsule case! Just to prove to my friends that a case can actually make a phone look better.

  • Jesse Jenks

    I would like the white ultra capsule because it looks so clean in that color.

  • brendon

    Neo Hybrid for me, I like the matte black back.

  • kalh
  • jessica

    I'd like the ultra capsule. I had a case but it just cracked yesterday!

  • Jesse Perkins

    i must just be commenting to add to the length becuz i never get chosen lol white neo hybrid if i get lucky this time please

    • Jesse Perkins

      actually the white ultra capsule please lol i have an lte gnex lol

  • ed

    The Ultra Capsule White is AWAZING!!!

    I love the Galaxy Nexus and would love to have a case that makes my device shine. Plus I need something that is going to protect it. Thanks Android Police!

    You rock my Socks!!!

  • Teovald

    An ultra capsule would be awesome. I love its style.

  • Chromie

    Ultra Capsule case would be a great gift for a friend with Galaxy Nexus.

  • Matthew O’Sullivan

    Would love a black or white ultra capsule case. Need to protect that precious hardware and not look like a tool while doing it.

  • Kris

    I'll take a Neo Hybrid, in any color really they are all nice... I can't choose which one I like best! My nexus has been naked since November because I haven't found any nice cases... These... Are gorgeous

  • JDo

    Would love a white Ultra Capsule case so that I can have a different look for my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Tanisha Glover

    I would like the white Neo Hybrid case to protect my phone from scratches and my 3 yr old!

  • JoeUninterrupted

    I woul like to have a black neo hybrid. Like to keep it simple but classy. It would be nice if I get chosen because finding a store that sells Galaxy Nexus accessories in the Philippines is hella hard...

  • Trevor V

    Id like the Ultra Capsule please. My Ghost Armor is peeling :(

  • johnathan Higginson

    The red/black Hybrid case is the soo damn awesome. If I don't win it I'll buy. Usually I shy away from cases since the naked device is awesome looking but in this case (pun intended) way better.

  • Thomas Helmer

    I would love to get my hands an a black ultra Capsule

  • Jaymoon

    Black case for me please, because as soon as the GN comes out for Sprint, I'll be picking one up!

  • Claudio

    white case for me please, since it looks like everyone else doesnt want it :)

  • Maciek

    White Ultra Capsule would be nice

  • BrazenRain

    The Neo Hybrid, which I think should be renamed for its carbon-fiber-hood -esque...ness.

  • Dan

    I would much enjoy a white ultra capsule case because my GN is very sad from being naked. (and it's LTE)

  • Michael

    Light blue ultra capsule and i need it because my current case just broke

  • Emre

    Neo Hybrid Metallic Because it's classy

  • Aaron

    I would love the black Ultra Capsule because... I'm Batman.

  • Bogdan

    I'd like the black neo hybrid because it looks very nice and here in Romania you can't find any good looking cases for Gnex

  • Cristi

    The green ultra capsule looks nice, plus green is my favourite color :)

  • Bogdan

    I'd like the black neo hybrid because it looks very nice and here in Romania you can't find any good looking cases for Gnex.

  • john brough

    Wow would love hybird case they look realy smart and sleek would make my nexus look amazeballs #wow

  • foreverywun

    I'll take the white one for science and because racecar

  • Ravi Shah

    white ultra capsule will make a great gift for my dad's birthday!

  • James

    Oh wow, that Neo Hybrid case, shiny, and matt! =O I've got a friend with a GNex who'll love it!

  • Kelvin

    Neo Hybrid case - Black

    In 2 weeks I'm going on a trip to Greek with my school. My teachers told me it was smart not to bring your new phone with you, but how could I live without my phone? Impossible.
    The least I can do for my phone is get some protection to survive Greek :).

  • Gene

    I will take a black Ultra Capsule cases as I like the look better but both cases are really nice.

  • Adam

    NeoHybrid White, because it looks super pretty.

  • amrav

    I will take a Red Neo Hybrid because it just make the phone more beautiful.

  • Alex Kibler

    I would love an ultra capsule case (black if possible)! Thanks!

  • Maggie

    I really like the green ultra capsule. I need a case for my GNex and thats like my favorite color.

  • MattyO

    I would like a chance at one of the Ultra Capsule models. It doesn't say we have to choose the color, so I'll just take any...but since it's a long shot to win anyway, lets even worsen the odds and hope for either black or white.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/adamygriffith Adam G.

    I would absolutely love a Black Neo Hybrid for my GSM GN! Makes the phone look sleek and all black!

  • bikerbill

    I want the neo hybrid please because I have 5 cases and don't like any of them this one I think I could actually use

  • Nightsider

    neo hybrid because they look way better

  • xemino

    i'd love a Neo Hybrid. currently got a cheap one and i'm glad that i did get one, because i used to put my phone in a pouch. it's just so much more convenient to use a small, sleek case, where the phone is quickly ready to use.

  • Benjy

    I'd love the red and black hybrid! Go Gamecocks!!

  • Andrew Jones

    I'd be interested in the hybrid case, I like the idea of some extra protection(insert joke here)for my device. Not to mention, they're dead sexy.

  • Kevin Morales

    Would really like the Neo Hybrid case in white; looks awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/frosty8852 Nhan Than

    I really like the Silver Neo Hybrid case. It doesn't have that glossy feel, which I don't like...a little too flashy and plastic looking. At least with the silver, it looks like there's more high quality to it.

  • Ben

    Having the silver Neo Hybrid case would be amazing because I really need protection for my GSM GNex but I don't want to bulk up the phone too much. It also helps that the case looks great!

    • Ben

      Really though, all the colours for both styles of cases look great :-)

  • Alex

    ultra capsule blue if possible, but would love any color.

  • Vitaliy

    White please, since you liked so much:)

  • samix

    white ultra capsule would be rad!

  • Scott Kaforey

    I would love a white capsule, because even though I LOVE my Galaxy Nexus, I LOVE my kid even more, and my phone is the best way to keep us both happy when I am driving in the car and need a way to entertain him (who wouldn't be entertained by HD video on this gorgeous display?)!!

  • Andy Tu

    I would love to win any of the ultra capsule cases, they look fantastic and sooo slick!
    i've been looking around for cases that can protect and look stylish, guess i've found them ;)

  • Jacob

    Any color Ultra Capsule, I want something that will protect my device while occupying less space in my pocket!

  • SoFloEasycore

    I like the Ultra Capsule (in white) because after seeing how ugly the new Evo is going to be, I've decided to upgrade to Sprint's Nexus instead.

  • greg

    Definitely interested in a black or white ultra capsule

  • Giorgio Aresu

    I like classic colors (white, silver and black) Ultra Capsule, to ensure my galaxy is always protected

  • Betma

    Silver Neo Hybrid. Just because it looks SO damn sexy.

  • Mauro

    Hi! Good luck to everybody!

  • Jeffrey Michaud

    I need one of these cases because I am hard on my phones, and I don't like cases because they are usually fugly. These however are very smexy, especially the hard candy Red Neo Hybrid. Help me save my phone and not look tacky for doing it.

  • Ryan Ibanez

    Wow, great timing. I just got my Galaxy Nexus and I don't have a case yet. Been using a pouch. The black Ultra Capsule or the Gray/Black Neo Hybrid is very slick. I do hope I win, it's very very hard to find SGP cases from where I am from.

  • Tien

    The black ultra capsule is sleek and nice, I would totally want that on my phone

  • http://www.youtube.com/kesselrocks81 Tristan

    this would be great for my buddy who has a galaxy nexus

  • Bud Boggy

    That looks like the case I've been looking for, something that covers the buttons and protects the bezel from minor shocks. Send the white or the black one please--heck, even a brightly colored one will work! Thanks for the chance to get one for free.

  • http://janneinosaka.blogspot.com Janne

    Neo Hybrid for me. Yellow if available. Loks like a great alternative to the too-thin case I currently use.

  • Raymond

    I'd love to have a Silver Neo Hybrid because I'd like to try to keep my phone unscathed! Thanks!

  • nipcarlover

    Would love to win the ultra capsule, want something colourful for my phone.. :D

  • rolltidedad

    I'd like the green Ultra Capsule or the red Neo Hybrid.

  • Luis Gustavo Gonzalez Taboada

    Wow, I'd like the Silver Neo Hybrid, my GNex would be even sexier!

  • Tim D.

    Ultra Capsule, please, because I love TPU cases, and my Otterbox Defender is "teh huge"

  • Ken SU

    Neo Hybrid would help protect my Galaxy Nexus and make it attractive:)

  • Kaz

    There are only a handful of really great looking cases out there for my GNEX. I've had my eye on the Neo Hybrid in red for quite some time, but haven't yet pulled the trigger for some reason. It must be my destiny to win one of these! :)

  • recnelis

    Wow, SPIGEN is on a roll. I thought their leather pouch looked great, but I think that Neo hybrid case takes the cake. I'd rock it.

  • George Anthony Rai

    Well the colors are cool enough to make you drool .......

  • George Anthony Rai

    ultra capsule will do the best!!

  • Chan Jeco

    i want Neo Hybrid cases
    the season is very simple and clear
    it perfectly fit my new galaxy nexus !


    Black ultra Case, Black is the sexy, so is Nexus

  • Hunter

    I would love the Ultra Capsule for my GNex. I'll be doing a lot of outdoor work for my job this summer, and it would be nice to have a case that offers some good protection while still looking nice and clean.

  • https://www.facebook.com/cheko.lokz Sergio


  • Sam Monty

    Liking the "Neo Hybrid" white case. B'cuz it's looks Classy and sexy at the same time.

  • Marcus

    The Ultra Capsule, because it looks awesome!

  • Joediver

    Love that Neo Hybrid in Red

  • jmorgan53

    That all black Ultra looks like a sports car