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Last Updated: April 10th, 2012


Update: The winners have been chosen!

Ultra Capsule:

  • Michael
  • Keyan X
  • Dai Nguyen
  • Mojahid Ali
  • Brad
  • Brian

Neo Hybrid:

  • Angela
  • Ilya Stepaneko
  • James Lee
  • Victor
  • Ashish Bogawat

Congratulations! You will all be contacted for your shipping information in the near future!

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You know what time it is? Time for another case review. And we might as well give away some of the cases, too, so stay tuned for that after your regularly scheduled review.

If you've been reading AP for a while, then you probably know that we're big fans of SPIGEN (SGP) products. I've reviewed a tablet case, leather cases, and even a portable charger from these guys, and they were all top-notch. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the a couple more cases for the Galaxy Nexus from SPIGEN: the Ultra Capsule and Neo Hybrid.

Ultra Capsule

wm_2012-03-29 11.55.32

This isn't my first go with the Ultra Capsule case. In fact, I reviewed it for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 several months ago, and I loved it (still do).

The Ultra Capsule is a one piece form-fitting case made of thermoplastic polyurethane and designed specifically for the Galaxy Nexus. However, there's a catch here: it was designed for the GSM variant of the Nexus. As you may already know, the LTE Nexus (the one I have) is thicker than the GSM variant. That actually keeps the case from fitting the LTE GN the way it was designed to fit the GSM GN, but you know what?

I love it.

Seriously - I love how this case fits the LTE GN. Instead of wrapping all around the bezel and creating a slight lip, it sits flush around the edges (except at the bottom, where it actually does create a small lip). This makes it look as it if it's actually part of the phone - it's super-smooth looking, and an absolute pleasure to use. Of all the colors offered (black, pink, green, blue, white, and yellow), the white one is by far my favorite. In fact, from a top view, it makes the device looks very similar  to the white Nexus, thanks to its low profile. The black case, however, gives a seamless look - it's very, very black, so it blends in nicely with the bezel. If Batman had a case on his Galaxy Nexus, the black Ultra Capsule would be the one.

wm_2012-03-29 11.59.42 wm_2012-03-29 11.59.53 

wm_2012-03-29 11.51.59 wm_2012-03-29 12.00.15

The feel of the case is no joke, either. It's nice and "grippy," but not tacky (like silicon) - it just adds some nice grip to the device, so you don't have to worry (as much) about dropping it.

The colors are also vibrant and dang good looking. As I stated earlier, the white is my favorite, but it doesn't matter which color you choose - they all look fantastic.

wm_2012-03-29 11.53.35 wm_2012-03-29 11.54.00 wm_2012-03-29 11.54.52

wm_2012-03-29 11.56.14 wm_2012-03-29 11.58.00 

In a nutshell, do I like the Ultra Capsule (as if you don't already know)? Heck yes, it's fantastic. Everyone should go buy at least one right now. Really, you won't regret it (as long as you're looking for minimal-ish protection, of course).

Neo Hybrid

wm_2012-03-29 14.59.52

So, you remember how I said that the Ultra Capsule was designed for the GSM Nexus? So was the Neo Hybrid. However, unlike the UC, this one didn't fit the LTE GN very well. In fact, I couldn't get it on mine at all (while still allowing the device to function properly, anyway). With that said, I'll just give a brief overview along with some images of this case.

The Neo Hybrid is a two-part case similar to many others that we've seen, which includes a silicone underlayer and a polycarbonate frame. How it differs, though, is in thickness (or lack thereof, I should say) -- this thing is crazy-thin. I really wish I could've gotten one of these cases to fit correctly on my GN, because they're damn sexy. Like the Ultra Capsule, the colors are vibrant and shiny, but the NH also has that dark underlayer that adds a nice contrast, especially with some of the brighter colored shells.

wm_2012-03-29 14.56.47 wm_2012-03-29 14.57.30

wm_2012-03-29 15.00.53 wm_2012-03-29 14.58.34

Since I wasn't able to actually use this case, I can't say how well the fit and feel is. However, given the superior quality of other SPIGEN products, I feel completely confident in recommending it to GSM Nexus Owners.


There's a chance that you may win the giveaway below, but you should still buy one.

Ultra Capsule ($16.99): SPIGEN | Amazon

Neo Hybrid ($24.99): SPIGEN | Amazon


Okay, okay. You read through all of my banter to get to the swag (and if you skipped right to this part, shame on you!). Here's what we have to give away:

  • 6 Ultra Capsule cases
  • 5 Neo Hybrid cases

That's 11 cases total (if you can add, you already knew that) for 11 lucky people. You win, you pick the color. And it's as simple as that.

How to Enter

As always, we'll keep this simple - just leave a comment letting us know which case you want and why. That's pretty much it.

The contest begins immediately, and will run until Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST, after which we'll randomly choose and notify the winners.

This contest is open to users across the globe, so enter away. Good luck!

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  • Jerry Hung

    I would love to have the Neo Hybrid, any color is good :)

  • Zane A

    Ultra Capsule - Blue. Kinda matches the blue in ICS.

  • aleksey khivrenko

    I'd like the white ultra capsule!

  • HawkingEta

    I want a black neo hybrid case because they are thin and sexy - just like the galaxy nexus i intend to put it on. Also have you seen the plastic battery cover that samsung put on these things? I have put off getting a case for far too long.

  • DGOG

    Neo Hybrid because it will make my GN look mighty dapper its new outfit.

  • http://www.spanish-soul.com Ali A. Alali

    I would love to have the Neo Hybrid, Yellow please

  • http://www.therotn.com Steven

    I would love the blue Ultra Capsule, perfect look for spring/summer! The Neo Hybrid in white looks pretty nice as well.

  • Steve

    I whant Neo Hybrid cases! It's cool, red and not so "yanger style". I can use it on business negotiations and does not look like a young dude.

  • Migs Calleja

    The black Neo Hybrid - purchased the black Ultra Capsule and would love to pair it with a similarly-colored Neo Hybrid.

  • ilovetakuan

    I want a black neo hybrid case because they are thin and practical in terms of full scratch and drop protection. It's like having a SRS Airbag in your car to prevent great force impact. The unique duo protection, not only just for showing it's latest design, it makes the phone itself more ergonomic than ever.

  • Alexander Genvarev

    I want Neo Hybrid because I Like design

  • http://ashish.bogawat.com Ashish Bogawat

    I would love the Neo Hybrid!

  • http://www.danielohrlund.se Daniel Ă–hrlund

    I want the white neo hybrid cover! Minimal protection w. good quality is the perfect protection :)

  • James Lee

    I want the Neo Hybrid case in black one because anything looks good with black!

  • Kevin Baker

    I would like the neo hybrid case in silver one. I really like the thin factor that is like a skin and it looks really sexy.

  • Allen Hert

    Neo Hybrid in white because it is very thin and at the same time it has pretty good protection.

  • Stephen Dsouza

    I'd love to have the black Ultra Capsule case! because its so super super sexy and shiny! would make my Nexus so much more AWESOME!

  • richtyn

    Ultra Capsule, Black (or surprise me) because I have the LTE GNex and I read the review so I know its the only one that will fit my device well. I would go for the Neo Hybrid if it wasn't for the size issue.

  • eric mendez

    I love my verizon galaxy nexus i droped it a couplr of times got a red stain on it so ill take red capsule to match lol

  • http://lateralspin.wordpress.com Jason Gan

    I want the Dante Red Neo Hybrid, because I already have the case, and I simply like having the same thing again. I like how SGP provide a serial number to authenticate online that it is a genuine product.

  • http://gplus.to/AimanF Aiman Farooq

    I would love to get my hands on that Neo Hybrid Case. It would be awesome as I will be running around campus during our Humans vs Zombies game and I'd like my phone to be like myself, heavily fortified and protected without sacrificing any of it's sexiness ;)

  • http://www.DailyDoseOfBass.com Ryan

    I'd rock the Ultra Capsule in green on my G Nex!

  • j4ck86

    I'd like to win the white Ultra Capsule, because I like its design so much!

    Thanks a lot and best regards,

  • Alejandro

    I want the Neo Hybrid case, seems ultra strong! And the color red is... just super sexy! I love it!

  • https://play.google.com/store/search?q=akerskuuug AKERSKUUUG

    I want the Neo Hybrid, because I think the two-tone look is amazing!

  • jb

    Am I too late? Black Neo Hybrid please...

  • guko

    The Neo Hybrid case seems to be the best case for the Galaxy Nexus I have come across. Love to win one.

    Given the phrase: 'You win, you pick the color. And it's as simple as that.' I'll refrain from choosing a color till I have actually won a Neo Hybrid case ;-)

  • Merlin

    I'm for black Neo. Polycarbonate is cool!

  • megan coull

    My nexus needs, NEEDS! one of these sexy Neo Hybrid cases. They are all sexier than the other, it's hard to pick a colour!

    I've dropped my phone a few time but nothing serious...I cringe every time and hate myself for not having a case, help me not hate myself!

  • garyngkt

    I would go for the Neo Hybrid, really makes the Nexus even more sexay!!!

  • michell saunders

    Love the colours specially the green ultra capsule cannot find these covers in australia yet. Cheers M

  • scooi

    Black color neo is cool :D

    I would like to have one.

  • Edwin C

    I'd like a Neo Hybrid (black) case. The case looks really sleek and I like how it's got a matte finish in the back that goes well with the GN.

  • Megan Ann

    Green or blue ultra capsule case please! I love my gnex and wanna make sure it stays good for a long long time and i think having either of these cases would do just right.

  • NemoTheBlue

    Neo Hybrid, to make my GN look like it's fit for a superhero!

  • John Laylan

    Neo hybrid. That dual material look is one to kill for.

  • nathan

    I would like a free white ultra capsule case because... I am an ex-apple iPhone fan boy... iPhone or die... until... I discovered the magic (hopefully soon to be white) unicorn of a device I know call my galaxy nexus. ;)

  • Jake

    Neo Hybrid in yellow! :-)

  • ylh

    A black Neo Hybrid please! Thin case for a thin phone ;)

  • Tania

    I absolutely love the Blue or the Green ultra capsule case as it would make my GSM Galaxy Nexus stand out quite nicely. In fact I quite like all the colors for the ultra capsule. I love the glossy feel and I saw a couple of videos on how it fits around the Galaxy Nexus as well and it seems perfect for me! Would love to have one!!!

  • Adam

    I want a black neo hybrid case because I need to take care of one of the coolest most badass devices I've ever owned!

  • Maria

    The Neo Hybrid ..Red,, although is not my favort colir,but its diffrent and i will know its my phone and not my boyfriend's we both have same phone same cases right now, but yeah want diffrenet and lighter..thanks ..

  • Ben

    White Neo Hybrid please!

    Much obliged d(^_^)b

  • Nick

    I'd love to have the black case, would look great on my phone!

  • Lorenz

    I wanna get the Yellow Neo Hybrid. It looks cool xD

  • brian walsh

    I want the black or white ultra capsule case ....pick me bc I never win lol thanks

  • Steven

    Neo Hybrid case in red because it looks like a case that won't stick in my pocket when i try to pull it out and is my college team's colors.

  • Elaine Chang

    I wanna get the Sporty Red Neo Hybrid Case.

    I adore the case because:

    Neo Hybrid Case not only protects my device efficiently, but also preserves the original design of my device. The Body part of the case is high polymer coated Premium Silicone case, and the Frame part is UV coated Polycarbonate Frame.

    I chose red as it is my lucky color and red reflects my vibrant personality!

    Thank you for your generous giveaway!

    Elaine Chang

  • Jason

    Ultra as i need maximum protection

  • Harp

    I would love the Neo Hybrid White case for my SGN. Thanks

    Great Review.

  • Preeti Mandrekar

    I would love the white capsule case, as the back of my White Galaxy Nexus is prone to some real dirt.

  • Mohammed Abeen

    Black Ultra Capsule Case coz you know once you go Black there no turning back :D

  • Dewind

    Blac Ultra Capsule, cause it looks so darn cool!

  • Julian S.

    i want neo hybrid because its awesome :)

  • Jason Blomgren

    I would love a case, being naked I think is getting to be to risky.

  • Dai Nguyen

    i would like a white ultra capsule

  • http://150waystowin.tumblr.com/ krzaq

    I would like SGP Ultra Capsule because my wife just is a bit careless and her phone need as lot protection as it can have.

  • Ron Simissen

    Neo Hybrid the white version :D

  • Logan Edwards

    The black or white Ultra Capsule would be awesome! I''m always looking for a way to protect myself from going back to my dying droid x.

  • IseWise

    One black Neo Hybrid please. My incipio case from launch day is getting old and tired.

  • YAHmil

    I'd like to have the white Ultra Capsule I like the look of them & it's hard to find cases for the galaxy nexus I hope they work with the extended battery :-) as we all know the nexus desperately needs lol

  • http://www.jan-joris.be Jan Joris

    I think I just fell in love with the Neo Hybrid. I just became a dad and last week my GSM GN slipped from my pocket when holding my little Mats :-)

  • Luly

    I want the pink Ultra Capsule because it looks so sweet and lovely!

  • Justin Hollender

    I'd like one of the Ultra because I have an LTE Nexus and no case yet

  • http://martinwise.com Martin W

    I would like the Quality of Spigen in a Droid Razr MAXX case. The Regular Razr case looks amazing - but I feel lonely - left out - unloved. Please show me some love - and make me a MAXX case!

  • Micah

    White. Because it's color neutral!

  • Kevin K

    I would love a black Ultra Capsule for my GNex!

  • Serob K

    BLACK ULTRA CAPSULE would definitely add the bold flavor to my ICS NEXUS!!

  • Jeffrey

    The Neo Hybrid please! I've been searching relentlessly for a case for my Galaxy Nexus GSM but haven't yet found one good enough. The Neo Hybrid looks pretty sweet though!

  • shadvich

    black or white of either would look great on my new nexus!

  • Rohit Mandrekar

    The white ultra capsule case is just Awesome. This case is not available in India, thus I wanted it.

  • pauleyc

    One thing is certain - my GNex would look gorgeous in a black Ultra Capsule case.

  • Angela

    The Neo Hybrid Silver would do me.....

  • Yazdan

    I Want to have the black ultra capsule case cause it perfectly fits to the nexus galaxy!

  • Hemant Shh

    Since GSM GN is not available in US, I had someone bring it to me from Hong Kong. I would love to have either case in black to protect my brand new GN.

  • Ilya Stepanenko

    Neo Hybrid white. Just like it.

  • aj34

    Ultra Capsule. It just looks great!

  • Vitaliy

    I'd like to have black Ultra Capsule for my GSM GN. Because MY phone HAS to be black. It's just similar to Henry Ford's cars: "Any customer can have a PHONE panted any color that he wants so long as it is black"

  • YAHmil

    I left a message before I just wanted to come back again I have the verizon Samsung galaxy nexus I do have a case for it but it's boring just your typical black case I'd like the Ultra Capsule case in white to switch things up dare to be different :-D people down white cases say that they don't look good on phones & get dirty fast I'd like to use your case to prove them wrong like a spokesman for your brand ;-)

  • Jonathan Nelson

    Ultra Capsule white to match my white GSM nexus

  • Thomas Ekel

    I like the neo hybrid in white because it looks clean and very thin.

  • Joey Huns

    I want the Neo Hybrid case in black. Black matches to anything and it looks very sexy.

  • William Straton

    I would like to have the neo hybrid silver case. Silver looks sharp and I like the characteristic of thin factor with pretty good protection.

  • Elden W

    Ultra Capsule please!

  • Hector Acevedo

    The hybrid case in black cause it looks great

  • Bruce Shin

    The neo hybrid case in silver! It looks sexy and I like the two separate part match.

  • lacon

    Wow! They look awesome!

  • donny

    I want the red Neo Hybrid case so my phone can have SWAG.

  • John

    I would want any case, honestly. They all seem to be fantastic, awesome cases!

  • sjwilsonsmith

    I would like the Ultra in green. I can find it easily and green = money

  • YAHmil

    This my 3rd time leaving a comment I won't lie lol I just would love to be picked because I really like the Ultra Capsule in White for my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus :-D

  • mexes

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  • YAHmil

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  • Mojahid Ali

    Would love the Ultra Capsule in white, it looks the nicest in colour.

    I already own a Neo Hybrid in white, but sometimes it feels a little bit bulky. The ultra capsule may be the way to go!

  • Marilyn J

    Ultra Capsule case b/c it looks like it fits the phone nicely.

  • Jin Kim

    I'm going to get galaxy nexus in 10days cuz thats when my upgrade status changes so I was thinking of getting a case for it so that I can protect my brand new galaxy nexus right after unboxing! Since I'm one of those people who liked the SGP page on facebook and actually won a mug on their event, SGP came to my mind at the very first moment! so I checked it out on their homepage and I decided to get one of them right away! However, I didn't know which one to get since they all look coooool. But on this page, the pictures show more detail, I guess so I think I'll get neohybrid white! But they all look so professional that I fell love with them<3

  • Jin Kim

    or just ultra capsule white would also be so incredibly pretty aww I can't decide!

  • YAHmil

    Just checking in don't know if you guys posted winners yet or not I hope I can win a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Ultra Capsule in White I'd really appreciate it :-)

  • http://ashish.bogawat.com Ashish Bogawat

    Wow, I'm on the list of winners! Thanks guys!

  • eric

    I want a very colorful one so everybody would think I'm gay. nobody would steal a gay's phone. and if other gays are seeing it maybe I get a date too

  • Victor

    I didn't min the mega millin, but I did win this! Ahhh Yeahh! Sweet! Thanks AP

  • mikeymop

    The Neo Hybrid fits my LTE Nexus just fine. It broke in over time and started fitting even better. The only flaw is that the top lip of the case curls back a little. I noticed giving a little tug near the volume and power keys help get it to fit better.