The famous red-and-black accents and the kickstand seem to live on in the HTC EVO One (or so we think it'll be called), according to these photos of Sprint's upcoming One X variant. The device, which looks to be a test unit, was obtained by one of DroidLife's readers, who then forwarded the snaps on for all of us to enjoy. You are enjoying them, aren't you?

Now, don't be too hasty and judgmental, take your time to examine these. The back of the unit we're looking at seems to have a busted top area for some reason - it kind of looks like it was mauled by a hungry tiger before posing for the camera. Or as if a small EVO was inserted into a large EVO's body, but that's just an optical illusion. Sorry you can't unsee it - I should have warned you. The front also has a chunk sticking out. While none of that really matters for the end product, together with a white piece of paper that is most likely covering up the serial number, the flaws are certainly taking away from the initial impression. But take a deep breath and try to ignore the imperfections - it's not looking so bad after all, right? Although compared to the European One X, the EVO One is not something I would call breathtaking.

So, the big ticket items worth mentioning:

  • Red-and-black accents, just like the original EVO 4G and the EVO 3D (the EVO Shift 4G and Design 4G don't have the accents, but I don't even consider them to be true EVOs anyway - they're more like bastard children).
  • The kickstand is back! That's definitely a +1 in my book. Or is it +One? Just make that +5.
  • The screen measures 4.7", just like the One X and not 4.3" like it was rumored by some random source elsewhere at some point.
  • Android 4.0.3, Sense 4.0 (duh), Beats Audio - no surprises here.
  • It's unclear whether the CPU is going to be a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3, like on the European One X, or the dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, like on the AT&T variant.
  • There's a button on the bottom right of the EVO One. This button does not exist on any other variants of the One X, and the only reason I can think of for putting a button there is for the camera. It's the most natural position, and it will make me squeal with joy if it turns out to be the case.
    In fact, looking back at yesterday's leaked press shot, we see the button is present there too, though it was so subtle, none of us noticed it. Sprint branding is indeed missing from the front. The fact that these fine details match adds some serious credibility to both leaks.

We should know everything about the new EVO in just about 12 hours - the joint Sprint/HTC event starts  at 5:30PM Eastern time (that's 2:30PM Pacific). Do I hear screams of excitement in the air? Or are those groans of indifference?


image image

image image image

And the earlier leak showing the button bump on the bottom right:


Source: An.Droid-Life

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  • FootInTheDoor

    I don't know if this is news, but my sources say the One X will release on May 6th.

  • Shad0wguy

    It's nice, but as long as it's got that crappy sense skin covering that gorgeous stock ics its a no go for me.

    • https://plus.google.com/116930094233210246792/posts Chris Baiey

      a lot of people, including myself, love that crappy sense skin. Keep in mind the launcher can be changed (I'm not a fan of it) but everything else about sense polishes Android. While I know that ICS is a big step forward with design it's not perfect, and the new Sense 4 seems to improve upon that while scaling back quite a bit

      • reala

        If the wont let us turn sense off. HTC will stay at the back of the pack. Sense was cool in the beginning, but it is unnecessary now; especially if they just want to make it look like ICS. A few of the sense widgets are cool, I only need the clock and calendar. Screw the rest of it. Ill wait for the GS3 or hopefully the note 2.

      • reala

        Looks ugly as hell. Isn't this the reason HTC made the One series anyway? Looks like an evo, mixed with an incredible, mixed with a desire mixed with a 3d and just a tad bit of HD2.

        I say it look like sheite I wont be picing this one up. The first Evo looks more next gen then this brown stain on the mattress. Should have let HTC stick with their original design.

        • Ron D

          Don't know why people judge a phone by it's looks. How well does it function and what features it has are much more important to me.

          If I judged by looks, the iPhone is one of the ugliest phones. Just a flat square rectangle with a fragile glass back and exposed antenna band around it that degrades the phones performance.

        • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey

          I actually disagree. Keep in mind that the Evo is an Evo to most customers it's not an HTC ONE X. Sprint made the right move and they made the new Evo have the same abilities as previous ones. This version will have a kickstand (I couldn't care less) and expandable storage (which is more important to me)

  • http://Www.sndplace.com Steven

    I, am a Sammy fan myself. My wife has the OG EVO. But i am a fan of Sprint and if this is there new flag ship from HTC I love it. Great job Sprint for bring back the Kickstand.

  • crzycrkr

    Why does Sprint always insist on a redesign on phones? HTC makes a sexy, curvy, sleek phone, and Sprint has them turn it into a brick. I wonder if the external contacts are under that paper or if they had them eliminated too. Sprint is really getting on my nerves with their design choices, and HTC needs to put its foot down.

    • Billy Kent (facebook name)

      I don't know but I for one am glad, I prefer the squared off corners vs the rounded ones, like that on tmobiles or at&ts. The rounded corners just makes it look cheap, like a toy for my 2 year old. jmho.

      • http://www.reactwithin.com Skullshank

        agreed. i like my ladies curvy, but my phones squared off. i dont think many electronics should be rounded...a round cornered tv? no thanks. round cornered tablet? no thanks. round cornered a/v receiver? nah. i'm really hoping this will be my upgrade come november when i'm due for one. i love my og evo, but i'd love a lil' more real estate, screenwise. :)

    • https://plus.google.com/116930094233210246792/posts Chris “Xcom923″ Bailey

      Couple reasons, 1- Camera button FTW, 2- to make it fit with the "Evo" brand (besides the galaxy class phones it's the biggest android brand out there) 3 - expandable storage. I wasn't going to get the "one" till I saw that my version would have micro-SD (rumor? yes but knowing sprint and seeing the non-uni-body phone I can agree with it)

    • Koven

      crzycrkr, I completely agree with you. This looks terrible. I can care less if they make it look like and "evo". The One X looks amazing! Evo One looks ugly as f---.

    • swazedahustla

      Well, when customers start complaining about bigger battery, removeable SD card, kickst and and other stuff...the only way to accomodate those things is to have a slight change in design. If those things could have all fit in the same design as the UK versions, I would think they wouldn't have changed it then.

  • Drodzand

    I must say that the original design looks much better than this. Especially the backside of the phone...compare this:http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2012/04/htconexreviewlead02.jpg to what we have in this article. It's a downgrade in terms of apparent quality in my book.

    I also like the rounded off corners of the original more: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2012/04/htconexreviewlead04.jpg

  • Awesome Sauce

    this is absolutely HEINOUs!!! why would you take a phone that is one gorgeous curvy piece of next gen material and turn it into a black brick that looks like its 5 yeras old!??! UGGGHHH! they are literally driving me to a galaxy nexus. they better announce some major shit with this phone if they ruined it that much. If i were HTC i wouldnt even allow them to call it a One.

    • Koven

      If it does look this bad, it is a deal breaker. (even with how much I love the kickstand)

  • crzycrkr

    Well, I'm glad some people like it. I think this new design looks extremely cheap and brick like. If they used plastic then I'm definitely out on this phone. What a waste. HTC designs a Ferrari and Sprint turns it into a Yugo. Judging by the outrage in many of the forums, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  • Jonhern

    If this is only dual core then it's a fail. This is the Evo they should have released last year. If they had sprint would still have me as a customer. Instead I am enjoying LTE on my RAZR.

    • z0mghii

      You enjoy having 2 hours of battery life?

      • Jonhern

        I get good battery life with smartactions. And just like the og Evo, I just keep a charger around I am already used to that.

    • drksilenc

      um that dual is faster than the t3 quad...

  • crzycrkr

    Maybe Sprint was afraid the One X was too pretty and would steal sales from the iPhone, so they had to ugly it up

  • z0mghii

    This seems like a prototype of the phone and there's a possibility that the released one will look completely different. I would say, sit tight tight and we can start judging once the phone actually hits the market

    • Koven

      I hope you are right z0mghii. Please be right.

  • Idle Time

    Count me in as one who prefers the squared off corners. The OG Evo is extremely attractive even to this day. But that's not a deal breaker for me (like for some nutty ppl here). What's important is the specs, screen size real estate, etc.

    • Koven

      "What's important is the specs, screen size real estate, etc."

      I don't have to time to argue, but the Evo One and One X seem like they are going to have the same specs. So it boils down to what you think looks good. (less the kickstand) Also, I agree with you about the Evo 4G, it still does look great. But this new One X has so many lines breaking it up in to different sections, smoother the better imo.

  • crzycrkr

    Its not just specs when the specs are the same. Would you rather have a Ferrari, or a Yugo that has all the same mechanical parts and can do the same speeds? This is a year or two old design. Its old, tired and cheap looking.

    • swazedahustla

      Yes.....which is why I love the option of choice. Don't like it, then you have the choice to get something else.

  • reala

    2 tone rear? Yuck!

    • reala

      Sorry tri color rear? double yuck! Evo line is dead.

  • isidhu

    Looks are hideous. its not just the lines but the two tone effects and all arejust not cool. I will have to pick either this or the GNEX cos one of my OG Evo is totally wasted. I hope this is just a screwed up prototype.

  • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    4 hours.

    Wait 4 hours until you pass judgement. We don't know if this is a prototype or whatnot.

  • cody

    I think these pictures are fake to be honest. But wr will find out what's with everyone believeing these are real pics? Just because it is the day of a announcement. Psh

  • isidhu

    I hope these were leaked just to make whatever is coming look better.

  • jeff donuts

    haha bastard children. made me laugh