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In case you were wondering if a rebrand was the only thing Google was doing to set itself up as a content provider, rest easy. Google's still working at signing those content deals. Today's deal is with Paramount. You may remember Paramount as the company that likes to throw stars at you while you're flying over a mountain. This new content deal brings 500 movies to the Play Store, and surprise! They don't all suck!

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While today's Staff Picks may be a little biased towards today's deal, you can tell right from the main page that this is big for the Play Store's movie selection. Classic movies like the Godfather right next to recent blockbusters like Captain America make the Play Store a pretty attractive rental option. Sure, it's no Netflix, but it's not like content companies are exactly lining up to put their biggest titles on everyone's favorite monthly subscription plan.

According to Google, this makes five of the six major studios that the company has signed deals with, joining the ranks with movies from Warner Bros., Disney, Columbia Pictures, and Universal Studios. It looks like the only company still sitting this one out is 20th Century Fox, though that's likely just a matter of time.

Whether or not Play Movies is worth it is still pretty highly subjective, but it's good to see that Google is working hard at adding quality titles to its library. All we need is a subscription payment option and we'll be golden.

Source: YouTube Global Blog via Phone Arena

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  • oddball

    Until I can BUY the movies and watch them whenever I want Apple still has the advantage here. I hope that changes soon

    • Jake Weisz

      Agreed. They're way too pricey for a RENT, and no option to BUY is silly. It'd be cool if it was 99 cents to RENT, 3.99 to BUY. Or something like that.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

        Sounds great, but nobody out there offers prices like that on new (or popular old) movies. Prices like that aren't even possible for Apple or Walmart, the two companies best known for strong-arming their suppliers into absurd deals.

        I do agree, a lot of those cost more to rent than I'd have to pay at a Blockbuster or other rental shop, so that's not a big selling point. I'm also with you and a lot of other people, they should offer an option to buy the movie...but that feels sorta like putting a camera on a tablet, everybody wants it but only a few people will ever actually use it and not even very often.

        Also gotta add that 20th Century Fox, unless I'm mistaken, was also famously the longest holdout against iTunes. That company just likes to fight against digital distribution however they can. I'm pretty sure they're the ones who are also actively removing content from iTunes from time to time.

    • kam

      i agree. i want a buy option.

  • heavyD

    Hope comes to Europe!!!

  • Jerrod S

    Why isn't Play movies available on the GTV yet?!

    • Joseph

      I agree. Only time I ever wanna use Play Movies is when I'm with my girlfriend using my Revue. I've been using Amazon Instant, could be giving my money to Google instead.

      • Jacob

        Didn't realise Movies wasn't part of GTV yet. That's mad!

    • Uwe

      No kidding! No GTV=no rent, as simple as that. Like I'm going to pay 4 bucks to watch a movie on my 4.6" screen. I rent Amazon movies all the time on the GTV, so if you want a piece of that pie, better get your act together, Google + networks!

  • Christian

    If one could actually use it in countries such as mine (Denmark), I'd be happy-ish..

  • Seth

    Since only one of the half dozen or so Android devices aren't rooted and that's my wife's phone I won't be using Play movies any time soon.

    • TBR_Starkey

      My Galaxy Tab is rooted and I can still use Google Movies. Also, I am deployed to SW Asia and can still rent. So, they get my money.

    • squiddy20

      You do realize you can utilize Play Movies through your computer, right?

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

      There are a couple of apps out there that basically rename 'su' and hide that you're rooted. While in root is hidden, you're supposed to be able to run Play Movies without a problem.


    I just hope this makes the jump to Sweden soon.

  • Nick Coad

    Yet another US only feature. *yawn*

    Come on Google, we're living in a time where you have to think global, not just regional.