Star Defender 3

We were first introduced to Star Defender 3 a short time ago, but it has already become one of our favorites. This spectacular space shooter by Awem Studio really has quite a bit going for it, and if you happen to be a fan of games similar to Space Invaders then this title will definitely whet your gaming appetite.

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In Star Defender 3, you'll come up against wave after wave of alien enemies, but you also have a very large arsenal of weapons to fend them off. All in all, this is a thrilling action-packed game well worth the $0.99 price tag. However, it looks like there has been a mix up with device compatibility. It's supposed to be available for any device running 2.3.4+, but the Play Store listing says it requires 2.3.7+ (basically just Honeycomb and ICS). We hope they get that all sorted out soon because it surely is a great game.

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds. Need I say more? Ever since Rovio took the mobile gaming world by storm with the original Angry Birds, enthusiastic players have been constantly waiting to see what they cook up next. Up until now, new Angry Birds games just consisted of new levels or themes and the concept stayed exactly the same. If you had perfected your technique, you could blast through anything they threw at you like a pig hunting machine.

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While the concept is still pretty much the same in Angry Birds Space (fling irate birds into carefully crafted structures in attempt to exact revenge on egg thieving pigs), they've thrown in something new to test your skills. Instead of launching your birds directly at the enemy, you now have to account for zero gravity and gravitational pull. It's honestly pretty fun to mess around with. Go check it out!

Temple Run

I honestly lost count of how many fake copies of this game showed up in the Play Store prior to the real release. If you're one of the many Temple Run fans that patiently waited, you undoubtedly ran across a few of the fakes with high hopes. Well, the waiting game is over and the real deal finally surfaced just under a week ago, but you probably already knew that.

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Why exactly was this game so hotly anticipated, you ask? It's insanely addictive, that's why. Honestly, this game is so simple that you'll question why you can't stop playing it. All you do is control a character who is trying to outrun some evil looking monkeys and see how far you can get before hitting an obstacle or falling off the path. When you do mess up, you start over and try to beat the previous score, creating a vicious cycle of gameplay that will surely consume hours of your day. Don't believe me? Hit the link below and see for yourself.

Another World

If you don't remember a game by this title, then maybe Out Of This World will ring a bell. The two are actually one in the same, and was originally released back in 1991. It has since seen more than a dozen different platforms and has become a cult classic among gaming communities across the world.

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DotEmu released Another World for Android as a 20th year anniversary, and it definitely will cause a bit of nostalgia if you've ever played. Even if you haven't heard of this game before, don't hesitate to try it out. You play the role of a physics researcher trying to escape captivity after being enslaved by alien beings in another world. It truly is a unique cinematic platformer that will challenge you at every turn. Oh, and it has been completely redone in HD.

Cut The Rope: Experiments

Earlier in March, ZeptoLab released a follow-up game to Cut the Rope called Cut the Rope: Experiments. If you remember anything about the original, you'll know it's a ridiculously popular puzzler in which the player has to cut candy free and feed it to a cute little monster named Om Nom.

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Experiments has the same concept, but has a completely new storyline and some cool new gameplay additions. You'll have to make use of tools like rockets and rope guns in order to ensure Om Nom gets his candy fix.


The past month has been a big one for exciting new games, so we had to make some difficult choices to get the list down to a top 5. If you've been hooked on something that was released in March and we didn't mention it here, let us know what it is below!