• sumyunguy

    There was a better all CYAN version that I like. They did say they were still tweaking it a bit.

  • Sad

    Really sad to see the old logo go. The new design is too simple and doesnt really scream android.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Mine's definitely nay. As in, NO WAY that should be the new logo. I love the old one much more, and if anything, it should have received a facelift.

    Looks like a horribly deformed weird alien baby person thing creature monster clamps. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

    • xhazyx

      Why the animosity?... while I think this new 'rAndy' is not THAT bad, I think there were a few entries to the contest that were a lot better. I

      • xhazyx

        ... I agree with you on the old logo being just fine, and only needed a facelift. That being said, IF this is to become the new guy, it needs a lot of work- otherwise we should #OCCUPY Cyanogenmod

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          You call it animosity, I call it passion :)

      • Tee

        Yes, also I think the new logo is a good move. The skateboard-kind of stuff doesn't hit the older guys (like me) very hard. The whole droid-scope seems to be more or less a teenagers-dream. Which android truly was at the beginning.

        But compare the robot to iOS- or WP-logos and think which one is the least appealing to a 30-40 -year old newcomer...

        I think the android-scene needs a serious facelift as a whole.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

          I'm in my early 30's, I haven't got ANY problem with it at all...but I get the feeling you're more specifically opposed to the skateboard though. I think the skateboard exemplifies CM pretty accurately since it's a soft allusion to the slightly rebellious nature of CM.

          It's worth noting, you're comparing logos belonging to billion dollar corporations to the logo of an open source project. I think it's also safe to say, the logos for iOS and WP are incredibly unimaginative and in the case of WP it's rather unattractive (of course, nowhere near as bad as the new Windows 8 Logo, gawd it looks like it's from the early 90's).

          I can get behind the argument for changing logos (and I understand the real reason that started this), but I find the new logo to be a mess...It achieves nothing in looks, it won't inspire any age group in any way (unless you're still stuck on Close Encounters from 1977), and it's not any closer to fitting in with any corporate culture...

          Also, your use of the word 'newcomer' kinda bothered me...What newcomer is jumping straight into making a phone choice and then instantly flashing an alternative ROM? It's not advised for any first timer to jump straight into flashing unsupported ROMs without logging some time reading and researching.

        • Tee

          @Cody T: You're early 30's and I'm mid 40's. So you could basically be my son. See?

          And by 'robot' I don't mean just CM. Google does have enough of muscles to wrestle with A. or MS.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

          You said 30-40, don't include 30's if you don't mean 30's...and you're not helping to make your point by talking down to me...

          You're still categorizing yourself as 'too old' and somehow excluded by the branding, which you're extending to all Android branding. I can't help but wonder how you see this branding to be so targeted at the younger crowd compared to that of iOS and Windows Phone, both of which have run the great majority of their entire marketing campaigns chasing specifically the young...considering both companies heavily market their game-related services and the commercials are almost completely focused on viewers in the late teens and early twenties.

          Again, I support the argument for updating the branding and look of CM (and Android as a whole), but calling out the current branding for not targeting a given age group appropriately just doesn't make sense (and least not when compared to the given examples)...

    • Lazarus Dark

      I hate it. I mean, I knew even before they showed the submissions I wouldn't like whatever they came up with, but I thought it might be something decent that I could get used to, but I hate this thing. Honestly, I was really saddened by the submissions, not a single one jumped at me as something interesting. I would have thought at least one would have looked decent, but I didn't like a single submission.

      It's okay though. Let the n00bs have this thing and us old-schoolers can still keep rockin the skateboard.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      I love ya Artem, you said it perfectly.

      As I see it, there is not a single redeeming quality to this. First, from a purely branding perspective, this is drab and uninteresting. It doesn't jump out and it will look awful when put side-by-side with other logos (and it will be). It's fairly distinctive, but it doesn't feel memorable.

      The goal of making it look good at low resolution is pointless if it's going to look terrible at high resolution. Considering there's no devices being supported below mdpi (that I'm aware of) and I'm pretty sure CM9 won't be supporting anything below hdpi, the only reason to worry about low res support is if they are planning the logo to be used or seen on really old devices or to be scaled down as a web icon (hardly worth worrying about).

      My biggest problem, this completely removes the fun side of CM. I'm fine that they removed KANG from the official terminology and I don't mind that they are trying to go mainstream and respectable, but there are thousands of brands that remain fun and interesting while being considered perfectly respectable.

      This isn't just a #fail, it's a failure.

      • Freak4Dell

        I would dare to say that Google itself is one of those brands that remain fun and interesting while remaining respectable and professional at the same time. I mean, take a look at the Google logo. It's colorful, it's light, it's playful, it's fun. Yet nobody is laughing at Google and saying they're too unprofessional to be taken seriously. Well...except maybe Apple, but that's a different story.

  • Adam

    I like the new little guy. I want it to be called CyBorg. Similar to Android, Cy(an), and the mascot itself easily looks like one. :D

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

      CyBorg would be a better name than rAndy for sure.

  • Bluewall

    I can understand that they wanted to change, since they want to have a more "professional" ROM. Like a second firmware for most of the devices.

    But the old one was OK with that, the bugdroid with the circle-arrow was good.

    The new one seems to be a new character on a pixar movie :D

  • Charles Beel

    What in the hell IS that thing? This is worse than New Coke. Would someone be willing to kang CM with the original logo if they move forward with this...whatever it is?

    • http://about.dmonzel.com dmonzel

      I almost shot my New Coke out my nose when I read that.

      • Lazarus Dark

        You know they actually just came out with New Pepsi, don't you?

  • Rob

    I think it's terrible, the blue arrow was recognisable enough!

  • jjrudey

    It doesn't seem to represent Android good enough. I'll probably get used to it. But for now, I don't really like it much at all.

  • Ryan

    They are still tweaking it and it this is not the final product. I think it has potential and can't wait to see it finished.

  • rob

    new design looks like an ethiopian child

  • justin

    This is like Coke releasing New Coke. DON'T MESS WITH THE BRAND!!

    Not to mention that new one just looks awful.

  • Ruben

    The old logo was OK, but the Cyan color was terrible. Terrible. I dig the logo OK. I like it as much as the last, but the color, perfect. Black/Grey. Minimal and clean, yet clever. It's not Andy, it's You and Andy's baby, lol. Its you and Andy. Shit, the more I type the more I talk myself into liking it. :)

  • Sam

    OLD one please.


  • jeff donuts

    are u serious ppl? the new logo is terrible i liked the old one

  • Joe Nobody

    hahahhahahahaha what?

    they need to make it cuter and fatter.

    or just stick with the old logo.

  • dave

    It's rubbish - really cheap and generic looking. (I hope it doesn't infringe someone elses IP).

    I don't understand why the competition wasn't open to the public competition with the prize of a rooted phone running CM7.2 (or 9) or something.

    I hope that it can be skinned/themed away from future roms.

  • Freak4Dell

    There should be an option for "I hate it, but I'll rarely see it, so I don't care." That's how I feel. The logo sucks, plain and simple. The good thing, though, is that I really only see it when my phone is booting up, and that can be changed via a custom boot animation.

  • adam

    Ignoring my usual distaste for change...I still think it's "meh". I'd take original over this if it came down to it.

  • Martynas

    Sort of reminds me a starvin' Marvin. Old one is better considering the proposition.

  • Michael

    Just use the open android with the triangle above it - we have all experienced it :P

  • Slappy

    Ron Swanson weighs in on the new CM Mascot:


  • Michael
  • musashiken

    Ugh, rAndy? So we gonna make our phones hOrny or something?

    And yeah, weird alien baby robot does not sit well with me.

    If that's the new logo, I'm done with cyanogenmod and I'll be using other roms.

    • http://ggkthx.org/ Sumatori-kun

      LOL, c'ya then.

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

      You're going to stop using a fantastic rom (maybe one of the best) because you don't like their new logo? That's gotta be the dumbest thing I've heard someone say today.

      • musashiken

        Yes. It's all about choice isn't it? So what's your problem?

        The old mascot was too awesome to be taken over by some weird monkey dude.

        Anyway CM9 is currently not fantastic on my GNex compared to other roms. Wait til it comes out of testing then I'll gladly eat my words. But I'll always cringe at the weird alien robot baby.

        • crueljames

          His 'problem' is that he wants to believe somebody smart enough to flash a rom is also not so fickle and dumb that they would abandon a fantastic rom because of a logo redesign. I'm with him. If you dump CM (Just when CM9 is coming out, too) because you don't like the logo--which is like not Wayne Manor because you dislike the wallpaper--then frankly, you are what economists call an "irrational actor," because they aren't allowed to simply say that you're retarded.

  • dan

    Does anyone else think of Iron Man, looking at the middle one?

  • Jonnyw2k

    Reminds me of sackdude from LBP

  • Aaron

    1. Needs CYAN! As in, CYANogenmod...
    2. Needs to be android. Not that...thing.
    3. The movement of the old logo, like in boot animations, and just the fluidity of the icon is far superior to this prototype. The...thing.. just stands there.

    • TKL

      I wholeheartedly agree with you! This new logo still needs a lot of work.

  • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

    I understand why they'd wanna change their branding. They're clearly trying to legitimize what they do by coming out with an identity that involves distancing themselves from existing Android logos and the like. That being said, I think this design definitely needs a bit of work. I like it if it were a character design for some hip, minimalist videogame... but not Cyanogenmod. We'll see what the new design looks like. They wouldn't have put it out in an unfinished form if they weren't planning on listening to what we had to say. I'm sure the final product will be just fine.

  • Rajath

    The circle in the middle reminds me of Iron Man :)
    I like the new logo..

  • GergS

    The final version will look a like a little "older" robot, with his hands not being open.

    It's already ok, and I'm betting the final will be good!

    Anyways, it's better than the linux penguin ;)

    • carnegie0107

      Okay, first of all, his name is Tux, and I don't care how you feel about Linux, you don't talk that way about Tux.

      Secondly, this... thing... needs to be scrapped. The old logo was good. CyanogenMod intentionally follows the style and function of AOSP. The old logo represented that. I know the purpose of the new logo is to set CM apart, but it should still be apparent that this is Android. It should also be apparent that it's not hideous... and this logo is just plain hideous. Bad, bad, bad. It looks like a mutant alien robot baby Lego.

  • ElSteverino

    The silhouette on the colored circle looks like a sign on a public restroom.

  • Joel Michael

    I have to say I kinda hate it. Just a little. Bug droid needs to stay.

  • Joel Michael

    The new cyanogen logo is lame
    needs more bug droid
    less lego man

  • Jimmy

    I see a robotic African child

    it's just creepy looking.

  • Edd

    My god.. . That's... just... terrible. I'd rather have the April Fools CM duck than that...

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

      Funny, I was thinking the same thing...but I think the duck is kinda awesome.

      I'm not much of a football fan, but as an Oregonian I will take this obvious opportunity to say "Go Ducks!"

  • Matt

    Haters gonna hate.

  • http://android.sketaful.se Sketaful

    Nah... No matter what, we'll all prob love it within a year...

  • Nightsider

    the old logo was purely positive...the new one is simply creepy

  • mymi

    Like it! More sophisticated and mature than the old one.
    Skateboarding Android?! Come on! Kind of embarrasing for such a great rom. Needs to step out of the shadow.

  • drewstiff

    For all those saying they don't understand why they dropped the Android robot, I heard a rumour on the intarwebs that CyanogenMod may be branching out into other open-source mobile operating systems.

  • krn

    I don't know but somehow I don't get why the companies (or in this case CM) need to change or refresh their logos or generally a feeling... For me switching from notoriously recognisable green simple robot to some kind of "little grey/green alien-looking figure" is similar as Apple would swicht from apple to banana... sorry, guys..

  • Vinnie

    Cyanogenmod 7 and 9 roms are intense and work like magic and you want to represent them with a stick figure? And what's up with saying that "older guys" didn't like the skateboard theme? I'm an "older guy" and I liked it just fine. If it has to be changed then how about putting some thought into it and forget the preschool stick man.

  • Bobby Tables

    I actually like it but I really dig the left "Variation 1" with the large head. Looks good.
    On the other hand I never really liked the old one or even the original Android logo. To me they don't look cute but like trashcan with arms.

    After all it's just marketing. Those monochromatic iconic logos are the way to go at the moment (see also win8, apple, Facebook etc.) while rendered pseudo-3d is kind of 2008. If you can't live with the new logo use one of the myriads of different boot aims.

  • http://awesometurtle.com Mr. Cats

    Well, the original was just "Whoa! Let's take the droid 'n put him on a skateboard and RADICAL!!!" and it looks cheesy as hell

    so yes, I love the new design.

  • SCI

    These new "Robots" are the worst looking ones i ever saw. Terrible!

  • Topher

    Good to see the logo no longer looks like its from the 90s. I vote the name cyBorg too! :)

  • Dan

    Alien baby lego restroom-sign fail.

  • John

    Funny April Fools joke. Like CM would ever switch its logo to that silly alien-looking thing.

  • tzeench

    Now if they only animate it so it does the "Dancing Baby" dance... ha ha

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com Silver Fang

    I hate change! Leave the old log alone!

  • Brandon

    I am a graphic designer. The old logo, though a bit complicated, represented what cyanogenmod was. Cyan or blue, Android and the skateboard is a symbolism of being free from the mold of crap that carriers and manufacturers load you down with on your phone. The new logo got one of them…… it’s blue. This definitely needs to be revisited before being finalized. The alien robot thing represents nothing about what cyanogenmod is. The best thing to keep in mind is, if the meaning of your design has to be explained, then you won’t get your point across… basically, someone didn’t do it right. The major point in a design should always be what the company does, not just something that looks cool.

    • Brandon
      • GraveUypo

        huh... no offense but suddenly it becomes a little hard to believe you're a graphics designer.

    • GraveUypo

      new one's much better.

      old one was pretty stupid tbh. always looked like it was made by someone's nephew as a placeholder. It violated like half of the "golden rules" for a good logo, specially as in it wasn't original / unique and wasn't very striking either. the new one kinda fixes that.

      it's now a original mascot, but it's still clearly related to android.

      It gives a lot more freedom for creating variations and animating too, because it wont become another logo if it switches poses now.

      btw, a logo doesn't necessarily need to tell a story. just look at all the logos everywhere. hell, look at the damn android logo itself. how would you guess it's a cellphone OS at all if you didn't already know it? that's one of the major mistakes people do when making a logo, they focus too much on making it 'meaningful and representative of their company', when the logo becomes that by itself when it gets known, SPECIALLY if it's a mascot.

      just look at the damn apple logo. it has nothing to do with anything, yet when you say apple nowadays, people automatically think the company first, and the fruit second. seach for apple on google images - the first screen has 2 actual apples and like 40 apple logos. and that just ONE example.

  • Ron D

    The new logo doesn't have any animation. When I think about animating it, I think of a head and then 2 legs forking out of the head, then 2 arms forking out of the body and then 2 fingers forking out of the arms. Too much forking. In short I think the new log is a forked up.

    When people want to make an offensive alien, they always give them distorted hands with 2 or 3 fingers. It just gives me the 'willys'.

  • Jonathan

    I think it fits nice for CM9 and Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Desarth

    First I thought this was an april fool's joke... But then I read the whole thing and I'm like




  • Simon Belmont

    Keep the old logo. Why dump your heritage and brand recognition?

    The new ones just don't do much for me. I do admire the effort though.

  • CurelessSynergy

    New rAndy kinda reminds me of the little tree spirit things from Princess Mononoke.

  • Laurence

    I think it's cool. It reminds me of Invader Zim.