Earlier this month, Engadget got word that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Nexus S should resume its rollout "in the coming weeks." This go around, the update is rumored to be rolling out to the Nexus S 4G on Sprint, as well; those rumors appear to be realized with today's leak obtained by Brief Mobile: a fully-flashable, seemingly final build of ICS for the NS4G.

The leak appears to be a full ICS ROM, including updated radios, boot.img, bootloader, recovery, system.img, and userdata.img.

This is for the Nexus S 4G ONLY.

In order to flash this file on your device, you'll need a couple of things:

Flashing this will completely wipe your device!

Once you have all the required files downloaded, you're ready to flash.

  • Extract the release keys from above
  • Fire up Odin and turn off the NS4G
  • Enter "Download Mode" by holding Volume Up+Down and the power button
  • Connect the NS4G to your computer -- once Odin recognize the device, you should see "COM#" populate the first box.
  • Click on Bootloader and navigate to the folder where you extracted the release keys. Select "SPH-D720_IMM76D_KE1_BOOTLOAD_signed.tar"
  • Click PDA and select "SPH-D720_IMM76D_PDA_signed.tar"
  • Click Phone and select "SPH-D720_IMM76D_LC1_Modem_signed.tar"
  • Click Start
  • Wait for Odin to do its thing

After it's finished, the device should reboot, and you're done. Congrats, you're now running Android 4.0.4!

[Brief Mobile]

Cameron Summerson
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  • DM

    Does anyone know a method where I can unroot but still be able to keep all my app data?

    • Andyy

      Follow the instructions above (First back your internal sd card, everything will be wipe) and it will give you everything stock and unrooted.

    • David Fleishman

      DM, you can backup yourself, of if your using GMAIL account,, it will backup everything more or less for you. When I upgraded, and brought my phone backup, It auto installed everything that I had I checked off to auto update. SO if you don't have your apps to auto update, I would suggest that you do that 1st, allow your phone to sync. Then when you do the install, it will Sync your apps back up. It also reinstalled all of my picks.

  • Rblacula

    Try backupwondermachine if you're on ICS. I'd rather just clean out my gramlins and start fresh on ICS but maybe it's just me...

  • Travis

    I updated and found that if you use a wireless network that doesn't broadcast the ssid then forget about connecting to it. It will not recognize the network even if you go back and edit the network and or forget it and then add it again

  • David Fleishman

    If this is the final version, there are still problems with the volume settings, still can’t really hear the alarm, there are also now issues with the WIFI signal,
    I’m only showing poor or fair signal strength, where before the ICE 4.0.4 I had great signal strength, and no.. it’s not an issue with my router, because ever other device I
    own, is showing I have excellent signal. Other then these 2 issues, I really like the new update. Layout is great, new options are great. All in all, I would recommend everyone updating.

  • ns4g

    Hi, can anyone tell me if root is required for this update? Thanks!

  • the1who


    When I flashed the IMM26 4.0.4 I lost Wallet because of the rooting step that was necessary to flash it. Anyone have experience with this to restore the Wallet if you go this route?