JRummy, the developer behind Root Browser, Ultimate Backup, BusyBox Installer, and a handful of other awesome apps, has put ROM Toolbox on sale in the Play Store for just $2.99 (a cool 50% off its usual price) and plans to donate half of all the sale's revenue to the Testicular Cancer Society.

For those not familiar, ROM Toolbox is a rooted user's dream app, combining the best parts of SetCPU, Root Browser, Font Installer, Terminal Emulator, ROM Manager, and a ton of other root tools into one 3.7MB package, providing a truly impressive array of features which allow users to control just about every aspect of their device from a single app. You may remember our coverage of ROM Toolbox back in August, which looked a little closer at its insane list of features.

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The app is extremely versatile, and – dare I say – a must-have for all root users who like to tweak, mod, or micro-manage their devices. If you're not already a fan of ROM Toolbox, now is the perfect time to check it out and support a great cause at the same time.

Thanks to JRummy16 for the heads up!