There's definitely no shortage of ways to turn your $300 smartphone into a $20 alarm clock. What there is a shortage of, however, are elegant solutions to this age old quandary. Enter doubleTwist Alarm Clock, a new way to wake up from the guys who brought us the doubleTwist Player.

As soon as you fire up dT Alarm Clock, one thing is apparent: this thing is pretty.  It's dark and classy looking, and the interface is intuitive. There are so many alarm clock apps out there that over-complicate the hell out of waking up -- thankfully, this isn't one of them. It offers just the right amount of useful features and leaves all the superfluous garbage offered by its competitors curbside. 

As soon as the app opens, you're greeted with a simple screen displaying your alarms ide- tap on an alarm to edit or delete it. Here is where you'll change the alarm time, occurrence, label, and alarm tone (if you wish to be awoken with a song, then it's worth noting that you'll also need the freely available doubleTwist player). If the alarm is one based off of Sleep Cycle methodology, which takes timing into consideration to wake you when in the lightest state of sleep, then you'll also see a list of suggested bedtimes - a very nice feature to have. Maybe this will remind me to start going to be when I should, instead of about three hours too late.

2012-03-30 13.12.24 2012-03-30 13.14.02 2012-03-30 13.14.13

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The Settings menu is short and sweet, again only offering what is needed and not a slew of nigh-useless options. This is where you'll change the duration of the snooze window, your default alarm and volume, as well as an option to display dT Alarm Clock in the notification area if you constantly want to be reminded of how early you're going to have to roll out of bed.

2012-03-30 13.14.55 2012-03-30 13.15.10

Lastly is the alarm screen itself, which is pretty cut-and-dry -- it shows the time in either flip-clock view or with an analog clock, both of which enter 'dim mode' when tapped.

2012-03-30 13.15.23 2012-03-30 13.15.36 2012-03-30 13.15.47

Overall, doubleTwist Alarm Clock is a useful, intuitive, and dang good-looking alarm clock application. The first 10,000 buyers will get this little gem for $0.99, after which it will jump up to $1.99. Hit the widget to grab it!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Jaxidian

    Since there isn't a demo version, I'll ask here. Are any of the following features available?
    1) Quiet alarm gradually getting louder over time
    2) Won't allow me to turn an alarm off without completing some sort of challenge (math?)
    3) Limit to the number of times I can snooze before the previous feature is enforced upon me

    • Cameron Summerson

      1 - Yep, it does this by default.
      2 - No.
      3 - No.

      • Jaxidian

        Thank you, sir!

        I have a TERRIBLE habit of turning off my alarm clock without having any memory of doing so. Even simple challenges aren't sufficient. Apparently I can do trivial multiplication/division in my sleep. :-P

        My solution used to be setting 3-5 physically different alarm clocks, one of which wasn't even in my bedroom. I am SOO not a morning person!

        • emdot
        • Randy

          I use "Alarm Clock Xtreme Free" which as features number 1 and 2 mentioned above. you can even set the difficulty of the math problem. Or you can enter a capcha to stop it. And it's free.

        • http://about.dmonzel.com Dan

          Gentle Alarm has all these features and more. Has never failed to wake me up in over a year.

        • sriracha

          ZDClock. certainly my favorite alarm app. developed by the same folks that brought you ZDBox.

  • Jon Butler

    I'm a massive Alarm Clock Xtreme fan, but this is definitely gorgeous. My favorite feature of ACX is the almost full-screen snooze button that allows a blind "slap" while I'm still asleep. I don't see any screenshots of the snooze screen here ... how does it compare?

  • Dave

    Gentle Alarm FTW

  • Macaulay McCulkin

    Gentle Alarm indeed, Sir.

    1. Check
    2. Double-Check and
    3. CHECK!

    • jeff

      Yes, Gentle Alarm is the best!

  • http://dorkitude.tumblr.com Evan

    My only issue is with the persistant notification. Android already has an alarm icon that can be displayed with the clock/battery/signal icons. Apps like AlarmDroid use it...

    I think it is a waste of screen space to have a persistent notification for something like confirming that my alarm is on. I've sent in a feature request for them to use AlarmManager in conjunction with/instead of the giant notification. Hopefully this will roll out in the next version.

    • http://www.boidapp.com Phil Oakley

      You can turn the notification off in the settings :)

      I really hope something like CyanogenMod can find a way to integrate the app's alarm with the standard alarm notification thing. That would be awesome.

      • http://evanpassero.com Evan

        Yeah, and I have turned off the notification in the settings.

        I just got an email back from their support and they said the feedback will be passed along to the development team. I think it will be nice to have that deeper integration with the base OS.

  • doug

    What does this offer me over the standard alarm clock included with Android.

    • sootie

      Did you read the review?

      All the sleep cycle stuff seems to be a pretty major difference

  • Zalastax

    Can this be integrated with tasker? Using stock alarm I can do events when the alarm goes off to check if I got up from bed, can I do that with this one?

  • d3adpool75

    In order to use a custom sound I have to install another app and then install one on my PC then sync it? Wayyyyy too much work to pick it off of my phone.

  • MrYuzhai

    looks beautiful! love the ics look and feel! however.. NEEDS WIDGET!

  • jeff donuts

    thank u touchwiz . turn it over and it mutes. genius. especially cuz im not a morning person. love that feature

    • Enes Taşdemir

      Turn it over and miss the class/get fired :D

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

    I kinda just love the look of the clock on a huge 10.1" display...

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/applaudable?feature=mhee App-Laudable

    I've just done a full review of the Alarm Clock by Double Twist guys - see how it runs before you spend your cash - it has a weird feature that tells you what time to go to bed for optimal sleep.