I love trying new and original-looking Android games, so when I saw Swerve And Destroy in the Play Store today, I had to take it out for a spin. Oftentimes it's the simpler games that end up being the addictive ones, causing you to miss class (you shouldn't do that) and call in sick to work (definitely don't do that), and Swerve and Destroy is no exception. OK, maybe you won't end up playing it for days on end, but it's a fun time-killer.

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The game, created by Bullman Development, involves a little dot that you control by tilting your device, a-la Teeter, except instead of labyrinths, you have freedom of movement and evil red dots zombies you need to destroy - or they destroy you. To protect yourself, you have power-ups - that's actually the fun part. To name a few, there are protective shields (up to 3 at a time), shock shields that wreak havoc all around, pulsating missile launchers, turrets, and a few other ones. The faster you kill the dots, the larger the score multiplier, but the longer you stay alive, the harder things get.

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You can play as long as you want for free on Easy mode, but if you'd like to raise difficulty or get access to levels with actual objectives (as opposed to last man standing), you can unlock them for a $1.99 in-app purchase. That's exactly how I like my games - there's no need for a Lite/Full version split, and I can enjoy it until I decide whether I like it or not. Thanks for getting it right, Bullman Dev.

Here's a quick video of my gameplay on Easy mode - I gave up in the end but could have probably kept going for a while longer:

Grab Swerve and Destroy in the Play Store for free if you want to give it a go: