Last Updated: August 1st, 2012

People living in the US, UK, Canada, and Japan have been able to enjoy renting and purchasing movies from the Google Play library for some time now, and today, anyone living in France can use the service to get their movie fix as well.

If you have a French Google Play account, you will now have a link to purchase movies both online at play.google.com and through your Android phone. To celebrate the French launch, French classics such as 'La Grotte Des Rêves Perdu' and 'Le Bal Des Actrices' have been added to the store for everyone to enjoy.

Upon the launch of Play, Google said that it wants to bring different content categories to as many countries as possible, but didn't specify a timeline for this to be achieved. France is now the 5th country that can enjoy movies through Google Play, so the steady rollout of movies seems to be continuing at a good pace. Hopefully, we'll soon be able to say the same about Google Music, which continues to be US-only at the moment.

You can check out a commercial for French movies on Google Play, which consists of a French man talking over screenshots of the US Play store, below.

Source: Google Play on Google+

John Thompson
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  • http://alldroid.blogspot.com Blizard

    Finally the services are rolling out to other country's!

  • HeavyD

    ETA fol European Union :P?

  • thomm

    never ever never ever......

  • heldros

    It's expensive.

  • http://www.sylogiquemedia.com/ Matthieu Desjardins

    Any news on Google Play Books arriving in France.... with actual french books? And any idea if those french books will be available outside europe.


  • Ni

    Every non french movie I've seen so far on the store are dubbed which is a real shame. No way to see the original movies = useless service :/

    Plus, preventing rooted phone to enjoy the service is really not a smart move from my point of view.

  • Nick Coad

    C'mon, release some of these great features in Australia already - we're always being left til last :(

    • Sootie

      +1 though the mobile internet in Australia might need some work for everyone who is not on telstra

  • http://www.whatupgoingon.com doclloyd

    They really need to get Google Plays Movies as an app for my Google TV.

  • http://www.groehl.ch Hilmy

    Cool. Play content is coming closer to my Home in Switzerland. Only 15 km from my home actualy. So close and still so far away :-x

    Hope doesent take long to go online here to. But actualy i would prefere to get Music first and movies an books later

  • Xspirits

    it's WAY TOO expensive...

    But if videos are rented, can we save them in other folder and then...we got them for ever?

  • Bugs Bunny

    We want Google Play Services in Germany!

    • Babs Bunnny

      and in Luxembourg too, please!

  • Split

    There are no VO movies, no way to search for movie by language, and SkyFall isnt available...come on...we're just going to stick to thepiratebay otherwise!!