Images and details about the upcoming LG Optimus Elite for Sprint and its prepaid subsidiary Virgin Mobile have made their way to the internet, and the only thing I can say about it is this is one confused device, and it couldn't be further from 'elite'.

LG-Optimus-Elite-Sprint LG-Optimus-Elite-Virgin

While this device may not look half bad, under the hood it's the most underwhelming thing that we've seen in many months - save for one unexpected feature on a device like this.

  • 3.2-inch display
  • 800MHz single-core processor
  • 5MP camera
  • Android 2.3
  • NFC

See that last option? Yeah, this thing has NFC. It's unclear as to what market this phone is even for. The consumers who seek the most budget smartphone they can find (read: this) likely couldn't care less about NFC, so they'll probably never use it. However, the geeks among us who desire NFC wouldn't even think about touching this thing, even if the price is right.

Speaking of pricing, there's nothing official right now, but we fully expect Sprint's variant to land for free with an agreement, and Virgin's version to be in the sub-$100 range.

Honestly, I think anyone who picks this up should get paid to use it, not the other way around.

[via Pocketnow]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Clayton

    This is a little unfair, considering this would make a great upgrade from their previous optimus V/S. I know it sounds crazy, but some people don't like contracts.

  • http://twitter.com/CoffeeRoomNews CoffeeRoomNews

    well looks like Virgin Mobile is hitting out this really low end phone cuz they are getting ready for there upcoming booming phone the HTC One V!!!

  • theragtopman

    Agreed - looks like a nice upgrade from my Optimus V.

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeRoomNews CoffeeRoomNews

      This is a upgrade from Optimus V but from the Optimus Slider its,not even worth paying a Dime for it!
      I actually have,the Optimus Slider and waiting for the HTC One V which is expected on late Spring!

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeRoomNews CoffeeRoomNews

      This is a upgrade from Optimus V but from the Optimus Slider its,not even worth paying a Dime for it!
      I actually have,the Optimus Slider and waiting for the HTC One V!

  • Chris

    The One V is hardly going to be a booming phone. Metro PCS has an LTE Dual Core Android phone in their lineup, id like to see VM pull that off as well (minus the 4g radio obviously).

    • http://twitter.com/CoffeeRoomNews CoffeeRoomNews

      well as what Virgin Mobile Android line up the One V will 100% be the #1 phone Virgin mobile customers will go for!

  • Stuart

    This is just barely an upgrade(and I don't think it's as attractive as the V. Looks too generic). I'll hang on to my OV for now and wait for more info on the HTC.

  • Golightly

    Here in Canada, you can get a GNex or SGS2 for $99.99 on Virgin. Even with month-to-month billing and supertab, the pros of those devices outweigh this LG tenfold.

    Scummy providers will use this phone for over-the-phone upgrades, because it has saleable features. Less savvy people will get upgrades, free with a 24-36 month contract extrension, the extension of course is glossed over, and this phone will be their 'upgrade to the future'. I can totally see my mum accepting something like this if a Rogers rep pitched it when she upgrades. "Android? My son likes that. 2.3 Gingerbread? Who names these, but sounds good. 3.2" screen? Bigger than my Nokia clamshell. 5MP? Same as my Cybershot. NFC? What wizardry is this, I need it!" << Hypothetical responses to the sales pitch. 800mhz though, that's a tough sell to anyone but an iPhone user.

    Prepaid should really be a thing of the past. My prepaid plan was the same price as a month-to-month and I got a Corby with it :/ ...for $100. I never once felt 'free' from Rogers on pay-as-you-go. They still managed to steal excess money on my account and make me buy 5-10 dollars more when I wanted to refill because in order to use my plan, I needed to maintain a balance.

  • Aaron

    Its better than my samsung transform :'(

  • Diarrhea Burrito

    If it's from Virgin Mobile USA it will not get updated!

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbie.doll.keri Keri

    Not everyone can afford a high end phone. It might not be the best but it's something. Besides, look what carrier it is going to.

  • DeadWeighT

    I suspect the phone will cost $160 new. That's what the Optimus V originally costed when first released, and that is same same phone the Optimus Elite is replacing. If you haven't notice the Optimus has now been reduced to $100 until the 9th of April. After that I suspect it will be discontinued. In other words Virgin is liquidating their stock. I just purchase two Optimus V because I don't believe there is a huge difference between 200mhz and 2 mega pixals.

    On a personal note, I could afford a much bigger phone with a big contract but I chose the Optimus V because don't like the idea of a two year contract when new cell phones are released every two days. I like the idea of have 95% the same functionality of a iphone but half the down payment and have the monthly dues. Ok, so its not as smooth or elegant as apple products, but as long as its reliable it is easy to get use to. See that we were all using flip phones 7 years ago the Optimus V and Elite represent a huge improvement in the cost to feature ratio.

  • Bri

    I have this phone and it is the best. It has everything that you would want in an android smartphone andit costed 249.00. But it was worth it