Last Updated: June 2nd, 2012

The hits just keep on coming today, as Android 4.0.4 begins rolling out to the WiFi Xoom. The update carries with it a few new features, including quicker screen rotation, the ability to immediately lock the device when you press the power button and more. Users can check out the rest of the changes in the full press release below.


Thanks to some clever XDA members, the update is available for download now, if you don't feel like waiting. We've gone ahead and created a few mirrors for you here, or you can hit the source link for more info before downloading (which you should do anyway).


And here's the full press release, for those wondering what else is new:

Android 4.04 (IMM76) Software Update for the Motorola XOOM™ WIFI users in the US

We are pleased to announce a new software update for the Motorola XOOM™ WIFI in the US. This Android 4.04 (IMM76) software update by Motorola includes numerous enhancements. Upgrade today for peak performance.

For more information on Motorola updates and product support, please visit us at: www.motorola.com/support

Who Can Use This Release
ALL Motorola XOOM — US WIFI users

After downloading and installing the software release, you will notice:


Quicker screen rotation
A new setting to choose whether the power button immediately locks the device or not
Microsoft Exchange improvements with additional EAS policies
Better phone number recognition
Camera and image quality improvements
Improved stability

This update upgrades the WiFi Xoom to 4.0.4 from the device's previous version of 4.0.3. Meanwhile, LTE users are still stuck on Honeycomb with no word on when the Verizon-branded "Google Experience" device will be seeing its own update to the latest and greatest. According to Motorola's official upgrade list, the Xoom 3G model is still in the "Evaluation and Planning" phase, so don't get your hopes up Xoom owners.

Not that there ever was much hope. Just a fool's hope.

Source: XDA, via Droid-life

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  • skitchbeatz

    It's pretty obvious that you don't even want to buy a carrier branded Nexus device as you won't see updates for a long time.

  • jm

    PSA for Xoom LTE owners: do yourselves a favor and set your tablet free.


    • http://androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft Eric Ravenscraft

      I plan on setting my Xoom free on Craigslist.

      • jm

        Right on! You show that Xoom who's boss! Stupid Xoom.

        • Tim M

          *shrugs* I love my Xoom. Its heavier than my TF201 and my battery life has taken the express route to hell(I suppose it might have to do with having over 300 apps installed...), but I use it most days. It feels a whole lot sturdier than my TF201(Which I feel like if I looked at it wrong, it would break in half), and I cannot tell any performance differences between the two.

          I understand different strokes for different folks though.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        I loled.

  • Peter

    I wonder if non US Xooms will ever get ICS.

    • Battousai

      I'm getting board waiting for my UK wifi Xoom to get ICS... Four months after the states is taking the P***
      but since all brands are the same when it comes to updates theirs no point in moving to another brand.. :(

  • Raghavan

    when will the XOOM FE (bought in US but activated and used in India) get the update ?