No, it's not a gangster game starring the birds from that one CGI movie. Gangster Rio: City Of Saints is Gameloft's latest addition to its collection of "games that are sort of similar to bigger game franchises you know, but aren't terrible ripoffs either." Gangstar's latest sandbox takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and offers the player all manner of weaponry and missions to satisfy their id.

For a mobile game, Gangstar Rio looks very fully-featured. From Gameloft, and after over four months of being teased, we'd expect nothing less. The game includes over 60 missions, a variety of weapons, vehicles, and something called "the Explosive Football." Side note, Gameloft: "Explosive Football" needs to be its own game.  Make this happen.

rio1 rio2 rio3

While we're waiting for NFL Pro Nuclear Edition, though, Gangstar Rio should satisfy your bloodlust for now. The game clocks in at $7, which isn't too bad for a well-rounded game like this. Grab it from the widget below.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • GraveUypo

    love the stupid mexican accent on most characters. when will people learn?

    • http://www.thedilemmacouncil.co.uk BigB

      Would love some feedback from users as to which phones this will run well on. I'm on a Galaxy Nexus. Want to know how well this will run before I drop the seven dollars.

      A note to devs: Demo/trial versions are your friends!

      • Steven

        A GNexus oughta be fine, as long as it is compatible.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

    In my experience, many devices that are marked as compatible often still fail. Out of roughly 6 or 7 games (picked up in various sales) only 2 played properly and only on one of my phones, none worked on my tablet. They don't seem to try to support hardware at all and they've never been responsive to support requests.

  • Jpatn

    is the game on any android phone such as samsung captivate glide