Google Maps just received an update that brings a few awesome enhancements along with it. For starters, the navigation home screen has been redesigned for Android 4.0.x devices, bringing a more useful and intuitive interface. The four main options - speak destination, type destination, go home, and map - are now larger, more touch-friendly buttons and a list of recently navigated locations are directly below. A quick swipe to the from right-to-left will display all contacts with addresses, while a swipe from left-to-right will show all starred locations.


If you also happen to be running a device with a  high pixel density display, then you'll also notice that the maps just got a lot sharper. When zoomed in, the amount of labels have also been reduced, making everything less cluttered and street names more visible.

Screen shot 2012-03-28 at 2.25.22 AM

Left: Old, Right: New

Lastly, you can now set your preferred transit method, as well as route options. This means that you can not only choose between the bus or subway, but also the quickest route, one with the fewest transfers, or one that keeps the amount of walking to a minimum.

Screen shot 2012-03-28 at 2.27.37 AM

The update is live now in the Play Store, hit the widget to grab it.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Vanick

    gorgeous ui update :D

  • Havoc70

    Too bad it only applies to ICS devices.

  • Marco

    Can't download it on my lte nexus. Shows me an error message "Your order is processing,your item will be available in a few minutes."

    • Hal Motley

      Yeah that error is a real bitch! What you have to do is go to Settings > Applications > Running (or On SD Card) > Google Play > Delete App Data

      This happened to me once my Galaxy S II and it worked like a treat!

      • Vilkku

        Doesn't work for me, unfortunately =(

        • Hal Motley

          My apologies I think was the cache. I get confused sometimes!

  • JS

    I had the same problem. So, I went to Google Play website and install Google Maps from web to my phone. It works.

    • Keith

      This worked for me, thanks