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It has been several years since the first rumors of Google's cloud storage service "Drive" started popping up, but for quite a while we didn't see any of them come to fruition. Just last month, however, we saw a leaked screenshot showing off the Drive logo and its interface, leading us to believe that an official launch wouldn't be too far off.

According to GigaOM's sources, Google plans to launch Drive in the first week of April, offering users 1 GB of storage space for free, with a charge for any more storage; rather paltry compared to Dropbox's free 2 GB of storage. One feature that Drive may include could blow Dropbox away entirely, though: an API that allows third party apps to store data within Drive. This may be a key feature in Drive's integration with Android - imagine if all of your apps could back up their data and restore it when you switch to another device?

Remember to take these features (and more importantly, the launch date) with a grain of salt, as they are still just rumors, albeit very believable ones. Google has been taking its sweet time launching Drive, so don't be surprised if we have to wait a bit longer than expected again.

Source: GigaOM

  • William D

    If Google wants to compete, gain and keep Android users, they need to bump up the GBs for users, to 20+GB.

    I use Box, so I have 50GBs and thats all that matters.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Except with the free Box account you have no desktop sync app and a 100MB file limit, rendering it close to useless for stuff you'd otherwise do with Dropbox.

    • http://www.lettersfromdave.com daveloft

      Currently 80GB costs only $20 a year with Google. That price blows away the competition.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    A set of Android APIs for cloud storage would be incredible, since everyone who installs from the Play Store already has a Google account. I can't wait till all my progress is in the cloud.

    • Eric

      yea.. that would be REALLY nice!
      I hope this is the solution for syncing across multiple-devices!

      • Eric

        I meant app data :D

  • gogakhan

    1GB sure is a little too less, but I would take anything right now in terms of cloud storage. Although I did get the 50GB Box, none of the apps use it except TB. Which I'm glad did as soon as the 50GBs were announced for android users. Now all my apps metadata gets stored on Box using TB without me doing anything (except pressing the RUN button, because it can't be scheduled still). However with TB users need to "root" their phones, which is not the case with the average Joe out there.
    The apk would be a welcome addition, but how long do we have to wait until the devs actually make use of it? With Android the devs are really slow to react to Google's changes. Even with the highly touted ICS, major apps took some time to get updated to take full advantage of the full ICS features. Still we have crappy Whatsapp being crappy as always, and Touchdown going crazy when you "Force GPU Rendering"....

  • http://iandouglas.com/ Ian Douglas

    "rather paltry compared to Dropbox's free 2 GB of storage"

    Keep in mind Google's world-wide distribution network, which is likely more vast than Amazon S3 which is where Dropbox stores content. And Dropbox only uses S3 storage centers in America.

    I'd rather have a fast world-wide CDN with a 1GB of space for free than 2GB of "CDN" that will be slow for every user but those in North America.

    I wonder if Google Drive will let us map our own domain names in the URL.

  • Chris

    Google's going to need more storage; SugarSync gives 5 GB free and has Android/iOS/Windows sync support. Plus, you can get additional free storage in SugarSync by doing simple tasks to demonstrate its features.

    Google could get ahead in the features section with APIs for cloud-app integration, but 1 GB is going to get squeezed rather easily between documents and app data. I only sync my documents and images folders, but that's already 62% of my 5.6 GB limit.

  • Jonathan

    If it has an easy desktop sync like dropbox and AN API for app data then i will pay for extra storage.

  • Michael

    I'm just going to leave this right here...


    • Shank

      This! Using it already.

  • leonardtj

    My free dropbox account has 24.8 GB of storage. I love google but for me to switch from my dropbox to gdrive it would need to compare Considering my free gmusic account has allowed me to upload 17,000 songs so far. I am hopeful.

  • http://androidpandora.blogspot.com/ Myself

    1 Gb? I currently have nearly 40Gb of FREE space from dropbox

    I won't even bother try it if it's gonna be only 1 Gb, fuck even Apple gave more with Icloud I think?

  • J-Dog

    If its going to be an invite beta launch (like most of Google's systems are), please allow me to be the first.... "Does anyone have a spare invite they can send my way?" I'll be a good geek & invite other AP-ers as soon as I get invites to share...

  • Jason

    I pay 5 dollars a year for 20gb, which I have not even come close to filling up. I really don't miss the $5, and to have it tied in and conviently located with my other Google services they give for free, not even going to begin to gripe.