Some owners of the original AT&T Galaxy S II may have been left feeling unwanted when Ice Cream Sandwich leaked for the GSII Skyrocket a couple of days ago, but now they have their very own version to download and play around with.

This morning, RootzWiki posted a leaked built of Ice Cream Sandwich for the original Galaxy S II, and looking at the build.prop file alongside the screenshots of the build, it seems to be the real deal from Samsung, just like the leak for the Skyrocket.

ro.build.description=SGH-I777-user 4.0.3 IML74K 117 release-keys
att-sgs2-ics att-sgs2-ics-longhold-home att-sgs2-ics-settings 

If you're running Windows and have a copy of Odin on your PC, then you will be able to go ahead and use the one-click installation file available at the source. The Heimdall files are also available for those running different software on their computers.

Disclaimer: Android Police isn't responsible for any harm to your device - proceed at your own risk.

Source: RootzWiki

John Thompson
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  • protozeloz

    and why do we have that task manager again?

    • Akbar

      To get rid off chrome beta or other beta apps when they crash like a bitch.

  • http://androidpandora.blogspot.com/ Myself

    from what i've seen, whcih i confess is not much, it looks ugly, horrible, cartoonish

  • Ethanmc12

    Workin great for me

    • Doublepawkitty

      I think my Samsung galaxy S two epic is awesome too

  • Brandon

    I agree with "Myself" above. Very ugly. Not like Google's ICS experience at all. Even the Gingerbread version of Touchwiz is more acceptable than that. Looks like I will be waiting on CM9...

  • jeff donuts

    i dont care about this.

    on a side note theres a kang version for the tmo gs2. *sniff,sniff* tears of joy on my face. its a miracle

  • Kari

    why is everything so big and ugly?!?!

    Samsung has been really going down hill since the sgs2 came out. When will we get updates for the real issues?

    -better battery life
    -heating problem
    -radio (dropped calls) issue
    -spotty 4g connection

    If anyone @ samsung is reading this..please fix above issues. These are critical issues which need to be addressed before you work on making a phone look "better"

  • MoMo Hamza

    Just anyone who doesn't like the TouchWiz UI, just download Nova Launcher. It replaces a lot of it.

  • http://praveendath92.blogspot.in/ Praveen Kumar Pendyala

    ICS update video review. The most stable ICS presently. No broken apps. Gud battery life.
    Thumbs up if you find this helpful. Thank you.

  • http://praveendath92.blogspot.in/ Praveen Kumar Pendyala

    Apex launcher seems to be better than Nova for ICS.

  • Jose

    I just flashed this Rom and for some reason it continously turns off my WiFi and I can't seem to find the Google Play app, can anyone offer any insight on this please?

    • Ipe

      Yea, Same here I just flashed my att s2 i777 whith the leaked ics, and its almost constantly needing the wifi reset, whats up?
      Has to be something simple right?

  • Doublepawkitty

    I love my Samsung galaxy S two epic. I say u get what you pay for four

  • Mrchantman

    what about sprint galaxy s2 when do they get the ICS update?

  • Imsound85

    how do i get it