If you were on the fence about whether to pick up the Humble Bundle For Android 2, this should help sway you one way or the other: the bundle creators have added a new game, Snuggle Truck, to the mix. This game puts you in the driver's seat of a truck filled with poorly-secured stuffed animals. The objective is to take what is apparently the least safe route possible to deliver these stuffed animals to their destination without losing too many.

If you already bought the Humble Bundle then congratulations! You can go download your free game now. If you haven't, then this game will be just another part of the package you can download. That brings the total number of games to a minimum of five, six if you're willing to shell out the cash to be an above average contributor. At the time of this writing, the average amount paid is $6.41. Small price to pay for six games.

snuggle1 snuggle2 snuggle3

Additionally, the "uncensored version" of Snuggle Truck is also being made available for Android now. Fun fact: Snuggle Truck was originally "Smuggle Truck." It's the same game, but instead of making a delivery of stuffed animals, your cargo is immigrants and your destination is the U.S. border. This content was, we're told, a bit too racy* for some game marketplaces. If you're really into the idea of immigrants—instead of stuffed animals—bouncing out of your truck, you can go grab it from the Play Store, or get it as part of the bundle. You'll pay $4 for the more controversial version.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, Smuggle Truck is also available in the bundle, though it isn't advertised on the Humble Bundle's main page.

The Humble Bundle is going on for one more week, so if you've been putting off grabbing the pack of games, get a move on. The bundle has already sold more than 80,000 licenses, to the tune of $525,000, in its first week.

* I'll leave you to make your own puns here.

Source: Humble Bundle For Android 2

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  • Matt

    Whoa, this game looks awesome. I may need to try it.

    • Jon Garrett

      Nah, the original version was much better. it was called Smuggle Truck and instead of stuffed animals it was Mexicans.

      A few lucky people were able to get it on iOS before the Devs were forced to make the changes.

      I wouldn't have hanged the game if I was the Dev. instead I would have just made the characters all races instead of just Mexicans--that way nobody could complain about racism.

  • RCK

    does anybody know where I can get the android app of the bundle which allows me to download and update the games?

  • Dandmcd

    When you get your key there is a link on the key site that allows you to download the app. I used Chrome to Phone with this link, and it automatically started downloading.

    • Dandmcd

      ^This was a reply for RCK.

      Anyway, love the Humble Bundle, such great games, I'm still pissed I missed the first bundle. If the whiny devs who run away from Android development because they can't market their apps like they do on iOS try innovative ideas like this, they would be a lot more successful.

  • Joshua

    This game is pretty great - I play it pretty regularly on iOS.

  • KRS_Won

    Snuggle Truck leads to rape van.

  • http://www.wildabeast.net/ Wilda

    Both Snuggle Truck and Smuggle Truck are available to download from the bundle. No need to spend $4 in the Play Market to get the "more controversial" version.

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      Looks like only for Android though. No Smuggle Truck download for the PC.

  • Remigijus

    What the diff between Snuggle Truck and Smuggle Truck?:D Besides letter in title:D

    • http://www.wildabeast.net/ Wilda

      In Snuggle Truck you are trying to get teddy bears across the border and in Smuggle Truck you are trying to get illegal immigrants across the border.