• MikeGoff

    Done. Hope it lives up to the hype of being better than the iOS version

  • Darkmyth

    wont be free??? count me offf

    • tanknspank

      Where did you get any hint that it wouldn't be free...?

    • Dion T.

      I'm failing to find in this article where it says that this app is gonna be a paid one, where did you get that info from?

  • WilsonNelson

    I can't get the page to work

  • Sam

    Dont really understand the hype behind socially sharing pictures 24x7. Also why sign up when as soon as its released every blog will post about it.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Not everyone follows blogs, and an email notification could be handier for those people.

      As for the value of Instagram's social network, I'm not going into this discussion again, that'd be about 15th time.

    • http://Gthing.net Sam

      Being "first in line" hints that it may be a closed beta for a short period of time. The fact that they're super nervous about their server capacity bares this theory out.

      Also, you don't need to understand it. Some people think its awesome, that's all that matters. You're welcome to shake your fist and tell us to get off your lawn but the rest of us will be busy enjoying the best the 21st century has to offer.

      • sriracha

        if Instagram is "the best the 21st century has to offer", color me suicidal.

        let me direct you to Facebook if you are so impressed by this "modern marvel", or myspace. i'm sure you'd fit right in, being stunned my this "technological triumph" known as Instagram.

        go enjoy, you won't be bothered by my kind there, that's for certain. lol.

  • CatsKill

    Don't really understand the hype behind posting in a comments section if you're not a social person. Your parents didn't love you.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Btw, I see some folks are confused. This form is purely so they can notify you when it's out - not to let you download it before it's available in the Play Store or something.

  • cody

    It tells me my email address is not a valid one. Anyone else having this problem? I for one am excited as hell for instagram on android

  • john donuts

    gay im not an iphone fag and i rarely take pix. damn this media society i freaking hate u. good thing im not on any social medial network

    (yea im going to a party in about 10 min XD loser facebook,twitter, google+ f@gs

    • scott

      Your intelligence and subtle wit is astounding.

    • Logician

      Your nick is john Donut and you are trolling an android news website. You and I both know that you are not going to a party.

    • Cory

      Get a load of this guy!!!!

    • google

      You're a moron.

  • Andy

    I'll just wait for AP to let us know lol

  • demandarin

    add me to the list for this book. I'm sure I could developement something sick with the knowledge inside the book. I would want an email copy.

  • GraveUypo

    so... why is it assumed here that i should want this app, or even know what this app does? because i don't. and that goes for both things.

    what does it do and why should i want it?

    • google

      Ever heard of Google?

  • sabsab

    how do you sign up?!?!?!

  • buffyhill24


  • buffyhill24


  • pooka421

    im not sure how to sign up

  • Lyka

    how do you sign up?

  • nydira

    OMG how do you SIGNUP

  • joseline

    omgg wtf

  • alize

    how u sign up

  • kiara hill

    Looks boring

  • aaliyah

    help me sign up

  • amaya

    how do u sign up!

    • jada-boo

      thankyou dats what im tryin to figger out

  • NiAnna

    dont u suppose to sign up on ur fne

  • prettygurlswagg

    yall some wakk ppl

  • gabriel

    please let us sign up shit it's taken all day

  • coco pumphrey

    how do you sign-up to instagram

  • mhizzii tii

    bababababa sooooooooo kl

  • nyesha

    waz goog

  • jovan

    how do you sign up

    • Chelsea Nool

      kaya nga paano?

  • karina

    not letting me follow me on twitter at 529281able

  • vanesssa morgan

    i love instagram call 9733803551 newark new jersey and instagram rocks for me

  • Hanna

    bitchs how you sign up

  • Faith McLeod

    How do you sing up...?

  • big fat

    how do you signup

  • shaniaboo

    i need help signing up for a instagram

  • [email protected]

    how do you go to the page and add friends

  • noneya

    how do you sign up??

    • shaun


  • noneya

    Hello and how do you sign up on instagram I have no idea

  • shizezlove

    what fuck how do sign up this dumb

  • amany

    how do you sighn up

  • shania

    how do you sing up with instagram?

  • Salina


  • bigk

    sign my ass up

  • serenity

    i need help sign up

  • leonalourice m madrid


  • Sydney

    Some1help me:<

  • jadah

    help me get an insta

    • rodriquesC

      whats up whats your name

  • rodriquesC

    whats up

  • rodriquesC

    whats up

  • rodriquesC

    maya bee what up

  • willberkiller424

    so fuckin b ord how the fuck u sign up in pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lalaaailyah

    hey larissa

  • Amber

    how do u sighn up for this?

  • Joanna

    Help sign up

  • Iverson Pelas Dela Roca

    how can i sign up???

  • Iverson Pelas Dela Roca

    I can't download instagram because i do not have (the white shopping bag icon)... What should I do???

  • carolina torres

    help meeeee




    help me sign up